FLWY – Chapter 1

Hello! This is my first time translating a novel, so please be patient with me. English is not my first language, so there might be some mistakes in the text. If you find any error, please let me know, and I’ll correct it.

Anyway, I hope you can enjoy this novel as much as I do.

– Naravil

Chapter 1

“Ouch, ouch, ouch, ouch, ouch, ouch!”

Ren Chenxi was walking when he heard a strong cry coming out from the patient area. To be honest, the wails that doctors have to hear are many, and they are not scared of it. But maybe because the voice crying was pleasant to the ear; Ren Chenxi couldn’t help but to stop.

Dr. Chen, who was at his side, followed Dr. Ren’s line of sight and saw that the nurse in the ward was trying to insert a needle into the patient’s arm. It seemed that she couldn’t find the blood vessels. Dr. Chen’s eyebrows jumped and hurriedly explained, “Dr. Ren, this is our new nurse, maybe she is not very skilled…”

“Did you let her inject the patient by herself before she is proficient?” Ren Chenxi’s voice was calm, but when Doctor Chen heard him, he felt a cold sweat on his back.

“This… Eh? Any doctor?! “

Seeing that Ren Chenxi decided to enter the ward, Dr. Chen hurriedly followed after him.

“Sister nurse,” Jiang Minhan said with a bitter face, “don’t be nervous. I’m not scared. You…” When Jiang Minhan raised his head to speak seriously to the nurse, he noticed that Ying Kai let a person in. Before he could ask who the person was, he just sat still and couldn’t open his mouth.

The nurse is new. She is actually very skilled. However, this was the first time that she had to inject a patient by herself without the head nurse watching. It was inevitable that she would be nervous. It took her two times to place the needle in the right spot, and also the patient in front of her is afraid of being stabbed to death. He just howled all the time, but he also comforted her, which made her feel embarrassed and guilty at the same time. However, when she was able to recover her calmness and was about to give it another try, the needle in her hand was robbed. She turned her head hurriedly and saw a handsome man.

“Stand by and watch.” Ren Chenxi directly took the medical gloves on the side and skillfully put them on. Then, he took a new needle and put it away to pacify the patient. “I’m sorry. I’m the doctor here. Now I’ll give you the infusion.”

Jiang Minhan: “Oh.” His face was dull.

Ren Chenxi didn’t say much. He tied and pressed the pulse belt skillfully, clapped the back of his hand, and put in a needle. Then he adjusted the infusion speed, “if you feel uncomfortable, call a nurse to help you adjust the speed.”

Jiang Minhan continued to be sluggish and just said, “OK.”

Ren Chenxi took the opportunity to have a good look at Jiang Minhan. He was an absolute beauty. He just didn’t know why he looked a bit foolish. Ren Chenxi silently thought about this, and turned to one side, he frowned and said to the nurse who was already in a daze, “go and study with the head nurse again.” Then he turned around and left.

Dr. Chen, who watched the whole process, was also confused. Fortunately, he was quick to respond and hurried the nurse to find the head nurse and then went after Ren Chenxi, “Dr. Ren, wait, I’ll take you to the dean’s room…”

Jiang Minhan didn’t hear anything after Ren Chenxi left, he just sat on the bed, he didn’t even notice when the nurse said sorry with red eyes.

When Ying Kai returned from paying the fee, he saw Jiang Minhan sitting on the bed and noticed that he was still looking at the door. He walked over and slapped Jiang Minhan’s head mercilessly, “Bring your soul back, what are you looking at?!”

“Yingge!”; Jiang Minhan suddenly shouted.

Ying Kai was startled, “why do you shout? Did you break your hand or your head? Ying Kai wanted to continue harassing the guy, but when he suddenly turned to look at him, he noticed that his eyes were shining. Ying Kai was stunned and swallowed all the sarcasm. “What’s wrong with you? It’s like you are on drugs.”


Ying Kai is surprised. This guy rarely goes outside without his uncle unless it is…

“I’m so happy.”

Ying Kai was still in a trance when he heard Jiang Minhan’s next sentence, “I found it! I found the one who would make me fall in love with at first sight! Uncle, I say I met him! “

“WTF?” Ying Kai responded and rushed up to Jiang Minhan, who was currently excited, “You keep your voice down for me. You are not famous yet, you can’t do this to me.” Ying Kai took a deep breath. “Tell me; I was only away for ten minutes when I went to pay the fees. How did you meet your love at first sight?”

Jiang Minhan was not so excited when he heard his words. He grabbed Ying Kai’s hand and pressed it with his hand. Then, he happily said, “just now, that nurse, she stabbed me twice and couldn’t find my blood vessel. I could hardly keep going, and then, he appeared! I tell you that he was super handsome. I felt no pain at all. He is so handsome! “

3 thoughts on “FLWY – Chapter 1”

      1. Haha it’s probably because Jiang Minhan wants to be like his parents. He only knows that they fell in love at first sight, but he doesn’t know if they had to face any problems. So we could say that he doesn’t really understand what being in love means. It’s also a smut novel so a lot of thing won’t make sense? 😂


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