FLWY – Chapter 2

So, here’s the second chapter. I realized that I made a mistake with the link in NU for the first chapter… Oopsie! I’ll pay more attention next time.
Anyway, enjoy the chapter!

– Naravil

Chapter 2

“…” Ying Kai almost wanted to kill him. “You didn’t feel any pain because you were too busy making a fool of yourself. It has nothing to do with other people’s skills.”

Jiang Minhan’s mouth drooped when he heard this: “uncle, how can you say that about my God?”

Ying Kai’s face was full of black lines. How long has it passed since they met? It’s just one man, God, Please, Jiang Xiaohan, can you be a little bit more promising? He should wake up this guy’s brain with a bang, but when Ying Kai looked at Jiang Minhan’s glittering eyes, his heart couldn’t bear it, so he just said, “Yes, then?”

Jiang Minhan naturally and calmly said, “chase him!”

Well, Ying Kai felt like hitting someone again, “do you know who he is?”

“I don’t know.” Jiang Minhan shook his head decisively.

Ying Kai kept telling himself to be calm, “then how do you plan to catch him?”

Jiang Minhan blinked at Ying Kai, his uncle/agent, “Uncle, he’s a doctor here, so you must be able to help me find him. Also, his surname is Ren. I guess it should be enough information for now.”

Ying Kai thinks it’s useless, so he just took a deep breath. Is there still time to kill this guy?

Ten minutes later, Ying Kai was standing in front of the nurse who gave Jiang Minhan the infusion. It seemed like he was comforting the other party and telling her not to be sad, but he was actually looking for information about Dr. Ren. The little nurse has just entered society, so she didn’t know that she was being played by an old fox. 

“To be honest, I was a little nervous. I’m used to the head nurse standing next to me, which makes me feel quite at ease. Today was the first time that I had to give the infusion by myself,” the little nurse said with some discomfort. “I didn’t expect to meet the doctor who was recently appointed. The doctor always works hard. He was right to scold me for being so clumsy.”

“Doctor Ren? Isn’t he from your hospital? ” Ying Kai asked while handing the little girl a tissue.

The little nurse shook her head and said, “No, Dr. Rean is a provincial doctor. This time, he came for a routine visit. It also seems that he will give a lecture to the interns.”

“Wow, that sounds great.” Ying Kai deliberately boasted.

The little nurse nodded enthusiastically, “Doctor Ren is marvelous. He became the chief physician at the of 30. He is the idol of many doctors.”

“Oh ~” Ying Kai’s voice was meaningful.

After a few more words, the little nurse had to leave as she still had work to do. Before she left, she thanked Ying Kai. It’s clear that she didn’t do a good job, and she was even comforted by a family member of the patient. The little nurse was really thankful for their understanding.

Jiang Minhan sat on the bed anxiously waiting for Ying Kai’s news. His mind couldn’t stop thinking about the handsome and cold face of Dr. Ren. Jiang Minhan thought that what his mother said was true. There is always a person waiting to meet you, so he hadn’t met his first love yet because he had to wait for doctor Ren.

“Put away the stupid look on your face.” As soon as Ying Kai entered the room, he saw Jiang Minhan’s crazy face.

“Ying Ge ~” Jiang Minhan changed his appearance in a second. He was very bright as he didn’t have to ask, but his face was telling Ying Kai to tell him quickly. 

Ying Kai stared at him calmly and helplessly said, “Ren Chenxi, 30 years old, single, chief physician of provincial medicine. He is here to learn and communicate. He will go back in two days.”

“Ying Ge, you are the best!”

Jiang Minhan was about to say something else when Ying Kai’s phone rang. Ying Kai looked at the caller, and his eyebrows immediately softened. Seeing him like that, Jiang Minhan could guess who the caller was.

Ying Kai looked at Jiang Minhan and said, “No matter what you are thinking, receive the treatment first. When you feel better, we’ll talk.”

“Ok, ok.” Jiang Minhan nodded cleverly, “You go answer the phone.” He won’t mistreat his body.

Ying Kai showed a satisfied expression. Then he picked up the phone and walked out, “Hello, what’s the matter?”

“In the hospital?”

Ying Kai is not surprised that the other side knows, “Yes, don’t worry, your little nephew has no significant difficulties. He only has a slight bone fracture, but it isn’t serious. Rest assured.”

“How did he injure his hand?”

“Still checking, let Xiaohan report to you later.” Ying Kai couldn’t help but yawn. He had to get up early in the morning and accompany Jiang Minhan to film.  He didn’t expect that there would be an accident. He had been in a state of chaos, and after finally settling down and relaxing, he felt tired.

“Tired?” Lin Zedong, at the other end of the phone, heard his yawn and softened his voice, “You can leave the investigation to someone else. After confirming that there are no problems, fly back first and come home to have a good rest.”

“Ok, all right,” Ying Kai chuckled, and he couldn’t hide the smile on his brow. “It’s you who should rest. The company is so busy. Remember to eat on time; if you get a stomachache, I won’t care about you.”

“Yes.” The grand president behaved like a child in front of his lover.

The two of them talked for a while. Ying Kai thought about Jiang Minhan in the ward, “By the way, I have something to tell you. I don’t know if it’s a good or a bad thing.”

A few minutes later, Lin Zedong said quite speechless, “This guy… Forget it, if he really likes him, then you can leave him alone. He has to experience the good and bad things about love at first sight.”

Ying Kai sighed, “I’m afraid he will be hurt.”

“There’s nothing to be afraid of,” Lin said easily. “It’s not bad for him to get hurt.”

Ying Kai chuckled, “Are you really his uncle?”

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