FLWY – Chapter 3

I really like Jiang Minhan’s personality, I honestly couldn’t be so straightforward with my crush. I decided to try to upload one chapter per day, so wish me good luck!
Enjoy the chapter.


Chapter 3

“What do you mean?” Lin Zedong said innocently.

“Nothing.” Ying Kai looked down at the ring on his finger and bent his mouth. “You’re right.”

“Darling,” Lin Zedong sighed and said, “I miss you.”

Ying Kai mercilessly said, “I’m going to accompany your nephew. Think about me at home. Goodbye.”

Lin Zedong looked at his phone and smiled. After so many years, he stills hangs up the phone when he gets shy.

Ying Kai entered the room and noticed that Jiang Mihan, who had just whined about the person he fell in love with, at first sight, has fallen asleep. He had been filming for several days, so his lack of sleep led to his poor appearance, which even led to waking up with a fever this morning.

Ying Kai sat on the chair beside the bed, and looked at Jiang Minhan’s quiet sleeping face, “This time your uncle can’t help you. You have to rely on your own efforts. I don’t know if you have a strong backbone, or you are just innocent.”

The only answer was Jiang Minhan’s breath.

When Jiang Minhan woke up, the infusion needle had already been pulled out, and his hands were put under the quilt. Jiang Minhan looked around the small ward and called Ying Kai twice. No one answered.

Jiang Minhan decided to go to the toilet and solve his physiological needs first. After washing his hands, he found his mobile phone and called Ying Kai. It turned out that Ying Kai went out to buy food for him, and asked him to wait in the ward.

Jiang Minhan was supposed to wait. However, when he was about to lie down on the bed, he heard a few voices calling doctor Ren coming from outside. Jiang Minhan ran to the door and opened it. He shouted to Ren Chenxi, who was passing by, “Hello, Dr. Ren.” Ren Chenxi had changed into a white coat, which matched with his high cold temperament. He looked like a holy being, Jiang Minhan felt that his eyes were going to be blinded.

The sudden greeting didn’t scare Ren Chenxi, and he replied without any waves on his voice, “Hello.” Originally, he intended to leave directly, but he didn’t know if it was because Jiang Minihan’s aesthetic was consistent with his taste that he asked, “What can I do for you?”

Eh?  Jiang Minhan’s EQ quickly went online, “Well, my arm hurts a bit. Can you check it for me, Dr. Ren?”

Ren Chenxi was sure that there wasn’t a trace of pain on Jiang Minhan’s face. The guy didn’t know how to cover up his purpose. For the sake of his good looks, Ren Chenxi thought that it would be ok to satisfy the other party, “Yes, go back and lie down.”

“Eh?” The little nurse on the side widened her eyes in surprise. Most of the time, when people talked to Dr. Ren, they had bad intentions, so she had never seen him talk so nice to someone.

While the little nurse was surprised, Ren Chenxi followed Jiang Minhan into the ward, and the door of the ward closed ‘accidentally’.

Jiang Minhan went into the room and laid on the bed to let Ren Chenxi attend him. Although Ren Chenxi knew that he wasn’t in pain, he did a good job checking his arm. Then he said, “There’s no problem. Go back and have a good rest. Don’t perform any vigorous exercise, and don’t lift heavy things with your injured hand. If you don’t listen, it’ll be you who suffers.”

Jiang Minhan nodded his head and cleverly said, “I know, Dr. Ren.” Then he asked, “How are you, doctor? You didn’t hurt me at all when you gave me the injection”.

He clearly wanted to start a conversation. Ren Chenxi sat down on the side, and after considering for a second, he said, “That’s because your attention wasn’t on the needle.”

The person in front of him looks indifferent, but Jiang Minhan somehow thinks that the other side seems to be… ridiculing him? Did he discover something?

Jiang Minhan said with a smile, “I was surprised by Dr. Ren at that time.” A nice surprise!

“Is that right?” Ren Chenxi refused to comment.

Although the doctor didn’t seem to be very patient and seemed cold, he hasn’t shown the intention of leaving. So he should be willing to keep talking? Jiang Minhan thought about it, and then continued to say, “Really!”

Perhaps Jiang Minhan’s expression was too serious, so Ren Chenxi didn’t speak. In fact, Ren Chenxi looks were stunning, so he was used to this kind of situation.

Ren Chenxi didn’t speak. Jiang Minhan continued, “Doctor Ren, can we exchange WeChat?”

“Why?” Ren Chenxi asked.

“Well, I like you. I want to talk more with you and understand you better.”

Ren Chenxi is not a little boy who doesn’t know anything about the world. Jiang Minhan is so careful, how can he not see it? Ren Chenxi doesn’t even want to know why this kid likes him in such a short time. Although Ren Chenxi guessed what Jiang Minhan was thinking, he didn’t expect him to be so straightforward.

Ren Chenxi’s silence made Jiang Minhan’s heart beat violently. Did his boldness frighten his God? Just as he was thinking about how to break the silence, Ren Chenxi suddenly moved.

Ren Chenxi stood up, walked next to the bed, bent down, and whispered, “I don’t talk about feelings. I only talk about sex.”

While Jiang Minhan was distracted, Ren Chenxi opened the door and left.

When Ying Kai returned, he saw Ren Chenxi leaving the room. Does Jiang Minhan move so fast?  He pushed the door open and walked next to the bed, “Jiang Minhan.” In a hurry, he took away the small card in Jiang Minhan’s hand, “What is this?” Ren Chenxi, chief physician of the Cardiology Department, First People’s Hospital of Z Province, is this the name card of Dr. Ren?

“Give it back to me!” Jiang Minhan hurriedly reached out his hand and grabbed the card back, “I’m hungry, I’m hungry.”

Ying Kai pulled out the small medical table and said with a sneer, “You won’t even let me look at it? Tell me the truth. What happened when I went to buy food? Why did Dr. Ren come to give you his business card?”

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