FLWY – Chapter 4

So, here’s today’s chapter! Am I the only one who thinks that Ying Kai could pass as Jiang Minhan’s mother?
Please tell me if you like the novel or if you have any suggestions.
Enjoy the chapter! 🙂

– Naravil

Chapter 4

Jiang Minhan opened the lid of the box and grabbed a pair of chopsticks, “It’s just that Dr. Ren passed by, so I quickly seized the opportunity and said that my hand was in pain to call him in.”

Ying Kai asked, “Does your hand hurt? If it wasn’t because the crew was careful and decided to put a protective pad underneath, your hand would be broken and not slightly injured. Can you be more careful next time?  People could be killed just by being around you.”

Jiang Minhan listened to Ying Kai’s complaints while eating. Whatever Ying Kai said, he would nod his head and said that he was always right. Ying Kai saw that he was eating without paying any attention to him, so he got tired and stopped talking to him.  It wasn’t a matter of the last two days.

After Jiang Minhan was done eating, Ying Kai began asking about Ren Chenxi. Jiang Minhan said that he had asked for his business card after a friendly chat, and deliberately added that he could ask him any questions in the future. Jiang Minhan also proudly said that the doctor gave him his card because he was good looking. Ying Kai just wanted to beat him up. Could he stop being so narcissistic?

“By the way, the director just called me. Although the process wasn’t that pleasant, your part had been finished. Considering your injury and that you need to recuperate, we won’t celebrate by ourselves. Let’s wait until the production team finishes.” Ying Kai sneered and said, “Do you really need to recuperate here for this kind of injury? Besides, I’m worried that someone will come and see you. Has anyone else come here except for the doctor?”

Jiang Minhan didn’t care much, “Well, it’s nice to have a rest! I have been exhausted for a month. I don’t care. I’ll stay in the hospital for a few days. I need to recuperate.”

Ying Kai looked at him with his arms crossed in front of his chest, “Do you need to stay in the hospital? When we go back to H City, you can live as you like. I’ll ask your uncle to arrange a private ward for you. Is that ok?”

Jiang Minhan swallowed, and with a dry laugh said, “No need, it’s good here…”

“No, it’s just for the sake of the doctor.” Ying Kai frowned, “Can you be a little more considerate? He came here to work. Where does he have the time to play emotional games with you? And you already have his phone, why don’t you wait for a chance?”

Jiang Minhan gave it a serious thought for three seconds, “Ying ge, did you chase my uncle like this before?”

Ying Kai sneered, “You are thinking too much; it was your uncle who kept pestering me.”

Jiang Minhan looked at Ying Kai’s expression and laughed. On the other side, Lin Zedong, who was holding a meeting in H City, suddenly sneezed. The secretary quickly served him a cup of hot tea. Lin Zedong said with an expressionless face, “Continue. Did I let you stop?”

The people attending the meeting had a chill and hurriedly restarted the conversation.

Jiang Minhan thought about saying hello to Ren Chenxi, but after asking the nurse, he found that Dr. Ren had gone out with the leader of the hospital. Jiang Minhan was disappointed, and he could only follow Ying Kai.

Before he left, he didn’t get too see his male god, which made Jiang Minhan a little unhappy when he boarded the plane. Ying Kai noticed his mood, but he decided to read the magazines on the plane and didn’t care about him.

Jiang Minhan was sitting by the window. He looked at the clouds outside. Don’t talk about feelings, just talk about sex? Does the male god only want to have a one night stand? Does that mean that he doesn’t want to have any emotional entanglement? He remembered that his dad once said that many things are bad at the beginning and that you can always get a good result if you work hard. Unlike solving mathematical equations, if one step is incorrect, the final result is bound to be wrong.

The most important thing at the moment is to give the first step, right? After thinking about it, Jiang Minhan finally smiled.

After having dinner with the leaders of the hospital, Ren Chenxi went back to the hotel after saying that he needed to rest. As a result, as soon as he entered his room, he received a call from his bad friend Xiao Ming, What’s the matter?”

“You went to N City?” Xiao Ming said discontentedly, “You didn’t tell me in advance. I originally set up a game for tonight and wanted you to come.”

“It is a temporary thing.” Ren Chenxi walked to the bedside as he unbuttoned his coat. He didn’t talk for a long time. A few days ago, there was a joint operation with the department of neurosurgery. After working for more than half a month, he was temporarily sent to N city to exchange results because of the success of the operation.

“Have your desires been satisfied?” Xiao Ming laughed, “I tell you, just now, countless sisters and brothers have been asking me why Mr. Ren didn’t come.”

“So, do you need my help to get a date?” Ren Chenxi took off his coat and threw it on the sofa beside him.

“Please, there are more than ten people who want to hook up with this young master, but I have an appointment tonight, so I can only refuse them.” Xiao Ming said humbly.

Ren Chenxi raised his eyebrows, “The one from before?”

Xiao Ming said, “Yes, I’m not bored yet.”

“Well, have fun. I have a meeting tomorrow morning. I’m going to bed.” 

After hanging up the phone, Ren Chenxi took off his clothes and went to the bathroom to take a shower.  Recently, Dr. Ren hasn’t had an active sex life. So, when he was in the bath, he thought about Jiang Minhan’s face. Jiang Minhan had bright and clear eyes with an undisguised love in them. Oh, but he just saw him once and said that he liked him. Human feelings are really cheap.

However, that guy is very much in line with his taste. If he is a 419 person, he will probably make him cry.

The disgruntled Dr. Ren stopped thinking about it. Then, he looked at his little brother who stood upright, he frowned, and finally held out his hand.

Ren Chenxi, who had solved his physiological needs, came out of the bathroom wearing the bathrobe of the hotel and wiping his hair. The cell phone that was on the bed rang. Ren Chenxi thought that it was Xiao Ming, but when he grabbed the phone, he noticed that it was an unknown number.

Dr. Ren, I’ll wait for you in H city. ~PS: I found WeChat through the number search. When will you accept it?

Ren Chenxi opened his WeChat and saw that there was a new friend request. He looked at the picture of Jiang Minhan, whose WeChat nickname was Jiang Xiaohan.  Ren Chenxi hesitated for a second, but he didn’t accept the request. However, he returned Jiang Minhan’s text message and saved Jiang Minhan’s phone number.

Wash and wait.

After answering the message, Ren Chenxi put his phone aside. Then, he sat on the sofa and emptied his head. Recently, he had been really tired, and his brain cells needed to rest.

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