FLWY – Chapter 5

This chapter is NSFW (18+)

This the first hot scene of the novel! I tried my best translating it, so I hope that you will like it.

Chapter 5

Thinking about Jiang Minhan’s enthusiasm, Ren Chenxi couldn’t empty his mind as he rarely asked himself if it was ok to use people’s feelings like this. In fact, he doesn’t lack a one-night stand object. If he goes back to the gay bar, there would be a lot of ‘0s’ who would come up and beg him to take them. However, he has to admit that he likes Jiang Minhan’s face, which makes him want to press him down and make him cry.

Ren Chenxi felt that his mouth was dry. He wiped his lips with his thumb, then he smiled. What’s the matter with him? He is a man who doesn’t talk about feelings, and he rarely meets someone who suits his appetite as Jiang Minhan does. Also, he already did his duty to remind him. If the little white rabbit still wants to come up and feed himself to him, it’s not his fault.

Ren Chenxi began to look forward to completing the exchange as soon as possible.

When Jiang Minhan received Ren Chenxi’s reply, he was lying on a big bed at his apartment. Ying Kai was supposed to accompany him, but he was taken away by Lin Zedong. Lin Zedong knew that his nephew only suffered a minor injury, so he decided to abandon him. Jiang Minhan knew that his uncle had been holding back for a long time, so he didn’t stop the lovers from getting together.

“He didn’t say when he’ll be back.” Jiang Minhan whispered, he opened his WeChat, “Replied to the message, but didn’t accept the request, humph.” Jiang Minhan thought about it for a second and decided to send a new request. When will he come back?

Still no response.

“Villain.” Jiang Minhan said while he thought about when the male god would accept his request before falling asleep.

On the other side, as soon as Ying Kai entered the apartment, he was pressed on the door and kissed by Lin Zedong. Ying Kai opened his mouth and let Lin Zedong’s tongue in.

Just a kiss and the two people had already moved. Lin Zedong couldn’t wait to take off Ying Kai’s clothes, and the same went for Ying Kai. Both of them cooperated to undress the other.

“Aha…” Ying Kai’s nipple was being eaten by Lin Zedong. Ying Kai unconsciously groaned, “Lubricate…”

“It’s in the room. I can’t wait for it, baby.” Lin Zedong put his fingers in front of Ying Kai’s mouth, “Lick them.”

In fact, Ying Kai couldn’t help it either. He opened his mouth and engulfed Lin Zedong’s fingers; he licked them erotically from bottom to top. When the fingers were wet, Lin Zedong took them out and kissed him. At the same time, he inserted a finger in Ying Kai’s back hole.

The two people hadn’t done it for more than a month, so the small hole was very tight. Ying Kai relaxed to cooperate with Lin Zedong, who soon inserted three fingers. From time to time, Lin Zedong would curl his fingers and rub Ying Kai’s sensitive spot. In response, Ying Kai would hug him and moan sweetly.

Lin Zedong whispered in Ying Kai’s earlobe, “Baby, it’s been almost ten years since I started fucking you. Why is your little hole still so tight?” Ying Kai groaned, “Will my husband loosen it today?”

“Um… Come in… Quick…” Ying Kai turned his head to kiss him. “Husband, fuck me!”

“Darling, your husband will satisfy you.” Lin Zedong patted him on the leg, “Darling, wrap me up yourself.”

“Hum…” Ying Kai gave him a resentful look; then he raised his legs to hold Lin Zedong’s waist, “Come in…”

“Good.” Lin Zedong kissed him tenderly as his lower body entered him fiercely.

Sounds of pleasure were swallowed into each other’s mouths. Saliva dripped down from the corners of their mouths, where some of it was the intersection of the two people’s saliva.

“Aha… Too deep… Ah… ” Ying Kai hugged Lin Zedong’s neck.

Lin Zedong stretched out his hand and held Ying Kai’s foot up to his waist. Ying Kai was too tired to stand on one foot, so his feet were tightly tied to Lin Zedong’s waist. He wanted to hold his penis, but considering his current position, he didn’t dare to let go of Lin Zedong’s neck. “Ah… Husband…” He wanted Lin Zedong to touch him, but his sensitive spot was hit fiercely by Lin Zedong and couldn’t finish what he wanted to say.

“I’m here.” Lin Zedong pulled out half of his penis, and then thrust it in again, he even rubbed Ying Kai’s sensitive spot. “Baby, do you want me to do this?” Then he reached out his hand and grasped Ying Kai’s dick.

“Aha… Yes… Ah…” Ying Kai subconsciously straightened his back and began rubbing his nipples to Lin Zedong.

Lin Zedong groaned, then he let go of Ying Kai’s penis. He held his waist with both hands and pressed him on the door, “My dear wife, don’t touch it. Should I let you shoot, huh?”

“Aha…” Ying Kai was driven crazy by desire. He could only keep pushing hard to make the two people closer. “Then you… Hurry up… AHA… Deeper…”

“Yes.” Lin Zedong showed a charming smile and looked at Ying Kai’s flushed skin. His movements became fiercer and fiercer.

Lin Zedong pressed the man on the door for a long time. However, he felt sorry for the pain on Ying Kai’s back, so he walked to the living room while he held the man in the inserted position.

“Ah, ah… It’s too deep… AHA…” The stimulation he received was too strong.  Lin Zedong kept inserting his cock as he walked. He had plenty of space to move and insert his penis deeper. Ying Kai’s eyes shed tears as he was penetrated, “Husband… AHA… I’m going to break…”

Lin Zedong gently kissed away his tears, “Are you uncomfortable? Baby, shoot if you want.”

“Ah…” After more than ten steps, Ying Kai shot out at once, and the semen landed on the chest of the two people.

When Ying Kai reached the climax, the fierce contraction of the little cave almost made Lin Zedong shoot. He decided to stop and give Ying Kai some time to adjust.

After a few minutes, Ying Kai relaxed after climaxing. He noticed that Lin Zedong’s penis, which was still buried in his body, was still hard and hadn’t shot yet.  Thanks to the posture, Ying Kai only had to move his head slightly to kiss Lin Zedong, so he kissed Lin Zedong’s sweaty forehead and said, “I’m ok. You go on.”

“You said it.” Lin Zedong started walking to the sofa again. “I won’t let you off today.”

Ying Kai smiled, “I will accompany you to the end.”

When they arrived next to the sofa, the two fell on it. Lin Zedong pressed Ying Kai down and began thrusting in and out. At last, when Lin Zedong shout out, Ying Kai gasped.

“Baby, is your husband good?” Lin Zedong smiled and bowed his head to kiss Ying Kai’s red eyes.

“Good.” Ying Kai took the initiative to shrink his back hole several times. Lin Zedong’s penis, which hadn’t been drawn out, slowly hardened again. “Another round?”

“I’d love to.”

10 thoughts on “FLWY – Chapter 5”

  1. That AHA sound tho 😂😂 seems like he found something he is been searching for.
    And whatup with that sexual organ thing, it’s so stumbling to read every time. Straight up say penis or rod or stick or meat or member or cock or manhood or shaft or ANYwords, really, why that? Read it out loud, how do you find it?


  2. That AHA sound tho 😂😂 seems like he found something he is been searching for.
    And whatup with that sexual organ thing, it’s so stumbling to read every time. Straight up say penis or rod or stick or meat or member or cock or manhood or shaft or ANYwords, really, why that? Read it out loud, how do you find it?


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