FLWY – Chapter 6

So, here’s today’s chapter! Jiang Minhan’s uncles love feeding us with dog food :'(. Dr. Ren will be back next chapter! Enjoy!


Chapter 6

One time on the sofa, one time in the bathroom, and one time in the bed, when they shot for the last time, the two people hugged each other for a while. As a result, when Lin Zedong wanted to take someone to take a bath, he found that Ying Kai had fallen asleep. This month, he had been following Jiang Minhan to film, so he was exhausted.  Lin Zedong bowed his head and kissed him heartily.

Lin Zedong wanted to pull out and take a bath, but he hadn’t moved yet when Ying Kai suddenly clamped Lin Zedong’s waist with his legs and  whispered, “Husband, don’t go.” 

Lin Zedong’s heart softened. He looked down and kissed Ying Kai’s face again and again, “I won’t leave. Sleep.”

Ying Kai showed a satisfied smile and fell asleep again.

When Ying Kai fell asleep, Lin Zedong looked down at their connected lower bodies and the mess they had made. He was helpless, forget it, it wasn’t the first time. They would sleep like this. Anyway, his wife’s back hole was quite comfortable.

At last, the two men stayed connected and slept like this all night.

The next day, Jiang Minhan woke up feeling hungry. He picked up his phone and saw that it was eleven o’clock, he didn’t want to order food, and he couldn’t cook. His uncle’s cooking was delicious, so he wanted to go upstairs for a meal. However, when he got dressed, Jiang Minhan thought that those two people could do it till daylight.  When he thought about it, he ended up calling the takeaway. 

While he waited for the food to be delivered, Jiang Minhan decided to check his WeChat. Indeed, he hadn’t accepted his friend request. The male god wasn’t easy to handle, but it was also ok to send text messages, wasn’t it?

So he took out his phone and decided to send a message to Ren Chenxi.

[Good morning, Dr. Ren. No, it should be good afternoon. I haven’t slept well for a long time, so I got up late. I’m having lunch. Have you eaten lunch yet, Dr. Ren?]

After he sent the message, he didn’t expect the man to reply immediately. Jiang Minhan put away his phone and concentrated on eating. However, when he finished eating half of the food, his mobile phone rang. He quickly grabbed his phone to see who it was, it was the male god!


Although it was only a word and without punctuation marks, Jiang Minhan was satisfied. Then he excitedly sent a message to the man to ask him what he had eaten, but this time Ren Chenxi didn’t reply.  Jiang Minhan put his phone aside as he waited for a reply.

A few hours later, the two people had already exchanged some short messages. Jiang Minhan was satisfied. At about four o’clock, Jiang Minhan received a call from Lin Zedong, asking if he was going to eat with them and what did he want to eat for dinner. Jiang Minhan told him some of his favorites dishes. Lin Zedong said that it was ok and asked him to go upstairs directly.

It was Ying Kai who opened the door. When Jiang Minhan saw him, he hurriedly raised his hand to cover his face, “Ah, uncle, you are too lewd!” Leaving marks in such an obvious place!

Ying Kai hit his head and said, “What are you talking about? Do you want to eat or not? Come in.”

“Oh.” Jiang Minhan raised his hand and rubbed the place that Ying Kai hit.

Ying Kai closed the door and bowed his head to give him the slippers, “Don’t talk nonsense if you want to eat.”

Hearing their conversation, Lin Zedong poked his head out of the kitchen, “Jiang Xiaohan, if you want to eat, listen to your uncle.”

“All right,” Jiang Minhan answered loudly.

Ying Kai smiled at Lin Zedong, “Go back to the kitchen and prepare the food.”

“Yes, my wife.”

Jiang Minhan once again covered his face, “Ouch, how about you respect the single dog?”

Ying Kai said, “Then hurry up and conquer your male god.”

Jiang Minhan said earnestly, “I’m working on it.”

After eating dinner, Jiang Minhan drank the milk poured by Lin Zedong and watched TV in the living room while Ying Kai went to the kitchen to clean up.  Jiang Minhan was obediently watching TV as he didn’t dare to go to the kitchen and hurt his eyes. He still knows how to get along with his uncle. This time, how could he go to the kitchen and interrupt them?

It has been half an hour since the two men finished washing the dishes. Lin Zedong is sitting on the sofa opposite to Jiang Minhan with his wife in his arms. Since the sofa is for one person, Ying Kai naturally sits on Lin Zedong’s leg.

Lin Zedong hugged his wife and asked his nephew, “Do you want me to investigate your male god’s background?”

“No, no,” Jiang Minhan hurriedly waved his hand. “Uncle, you look like someone from the underworld.”

“Get lost.” Ying Kai laughed and scolded him, “How can you say that your family is part of the underworld?”

Jiang Minhan made a relenting face, “I was wrong. I was wrong.”

Lin Zedong kissed Ying Kai and said, “He’s just a child.” After that, he looked at Jiang Minhan again, “Then I won’t care about you. Do you know what you are doing?”

“I know,” Jiang Minhan nodded.

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