FLWY – Chapter 7

This chapter is a bit longer than the previous one. Ren Chenxi and Jiang Minhan finally meet again! The next chapter will be about their hot encounter 😉


Chapter 7

On the day when Ren Chenxi came back, Jiang Minhan was sleeping at home. A young star like him, who had just started his career and just finished shooting a play, didn’t have many resources. He was just a homeboy.

Jiang Minhan played games until the early hours of the morning. When he woke up the next day, it was already noon. Originally, he wanted to use his mobile phone to see the time, but he didn’t expect to see Ren Chenxi’s message. 

[8 p.m., Zhengyuan hotel?]

Jiang Minhan’s dull brain, which had just woken up, took ten seconds to react before he crawled out from the bed and screamed, “Ah, ah, the male god asked me out ~~.” He pretended to be calm as he replied, “Good, tell me the room number.” Jiang Minhan ran to the bathroom and sang an unknown tune.

When bathing, Jiang Minhan couldn’t stop thinking. It was his first time. He remembered reading that it was supposed to be painful and that it also depended on the technique of the other party. He didn’t know how Dr. Ren’s skills were.  It seemed that he had been with countless people. Giving him his first time, wasn’t it a bit of a disadvantage? No, no, no, this was his male god, there was no loss!

When he came out of the bathroom, Jiang Minhan’s face turned red. He really shouldn’t have thought about that messy stuff.

Ren Chenxi got off the bus and then took a taxi straight home. The dean had wanted to lend him a car, but Ren Chenxi rejected him. He was too lazy to drive for several hours, so he just took the bus.

On the way home, he sent a text message to Jiang Minhan, but the guy didn’t reply. It was one of the few times that he decided to wait for a while, but he still didn’t get a reply.

Meh, anyway, he didn’t want to find other people himself. Ren Chenxi thought about this as he threw his phone away. When he finished cooking his noodles and was about to eat, he received Jiang Minhan’s reply.

Ren Chenxi hooked the corner of his mouth and began to look forward to the evening.

It could have been earlier, but Xiao Ming said that he wanted to have a drink with him. So Ren Chenxi could only meet Jiang Minhan at eight o’clock.

Ren Chenxi went to the gay bar he usually goes. Xiao Ming was already there and was sitting drinking a cup of wine. When he saw him, he lifted his cup and said with a smile, “Chen, over here.”

Ren Chenxi walked in with a cold face. Ren Chenxi and Xiao Ming are famous people in the bar. Everyone has them as their first option for a one night stand. For Xiao Ming, if you take the initiative and are in line with his standards, there won’t be any problem. However, Dr. Ren is not the same. If you want to get on his bed, you have to meet his three requirements. First, you have to be in line with his aesthetics, and then you need to be compatible with him in bed. People who had been in Dr. Ren’s bed had said that despite his cold image, he becomes a different person when he is in bed. He is domineering and ferocious, he has good skills, and he is also generous with his one night stands. The last and third requirement of Dr. Ren is that they have nothing to do with each other after they get out of bed, which has broken many hearts.

Therefore, although many people covet Ren Chenxi, no one dares to take the initiative to talk to him. After all, Ren Chenxi is not only good at medicine, but he is also good at sanda. If he doesn’t like you and you still try to get close to him, he’ll beat you up.

Ren Chenxi sat down beside Xiao Ming, “How are things going?”

“Went abroad,” Xiao Ming stretched out his hand to push away the two people around him. The other party looked at Ren Chenxi and obediently left. “It seems that he went to attend to some seminar with his tutor.”

“Um.” Ren Chenxi replied, “You better not provoke him if you don’t want to deal with emotions.”

Xiao Ming’s expression stiffened for a moment, then he laughed, “I have a sense of propriety.”

Ren Chenxi didn’t bother to care about him. The two men sat together and drank wine. After a while, Ren Chenxi left by himself. Xiao Ming guessed that he probably had an appointment with a beautiful woman, so he didn’t stop him.

Ren Chenxi was originally planning to check in a room and then tell Jiang Minhan the room number. However, when he was at the entrance of the hotel, he saw that Jiang Minhan was sitting in the lobby. With light steps, Ren Chenxi walked to the front desk to check in a room. After he was done, he turned around to see Jiang Minhan, who walked towards him with a smile. Ren Chenxi didn’t wait for him, he turned around to wait for the elevator, and soon Jiang Minhan was standing next to him. 

The two people didn’t say a word, as if they were strangers waiting for the elevator to go upstairs.

When they arrived at the door of the room, Ren Chenxi opened the door and turned around to look at Jiang Minhan, “Is this what you want?”

Jiang Minihan nodded, so Ren Chenxi turned over to let Jiang Minhan in and closed the door saying, “Do you want to take off your clothes yourself, or should I help you?”

“You take them off.” Jiang Minhan’s voice was a little tense; it could be seen that he was nervous.

Ren Chenxi walked over and began to take off his clothes. Jiang Minhan’s stiff body made Ren Chenxi guess that this was his first time. He frowned and wanted to ask if the other side was really ok with it as he wasn’t responsible for his feelings. But when he saw Jiang Minhan’s eyes, he was unable to ask.

Forget it. Give him a good first time.

Ren Chenxi suddenly embraced the naked Jiang Minhan, who was surprised and subconsciously hugged Ren Chenxi’s neck, “Doctor Ren.”

“I don’t mind if you call me something else in bed,” Ren Chenxi said as he walked with Jiang Minhan in his arms. The first time would be in bed. “It doesn’t matter if you want to do role-playing.”

Jiang Minhan blushed.

When Ren Chenxi put him on the bed, Jiang Minhan’s heartbeat quickened. He was quickly pressed down by Ren Chenxi, so he could only reach out and hug his neck. He didn’t know what to do.

“Just lie down and enjoy.” Ren Chenxi put his hand on his underwear, “Help me take it off.” If it was someone else, he would torture him and take off his pants with his mouth, but this guy didn’t.

Jiang Minhan didn’t hesitate and stretched out his hand to take off Ren Chenxi’s underwear. This was his only opportunity. He must not retreat.

“Very good.” Ren Chenxi bowed his head to hold Jiang Minhan’s nipple and licked it gently.

“Aha…” Jiang Minhan was shocked when he heard his own groan. “Ren… Ok… It’s strange…”

“Does it feel good?” Ren Chenxi stuck out his tongue and poked the tip of the nipple that was already standing up. “How do you feel when I lick your nipple?”

“Good, it feels good…” Jiang Minhan said as he bit his lips.

Ren Chenxi chuckled and held his nipple again while he kneaded the other one. Jiang Minhan’s sexual organ was already hard, standing against his lower abdomen.

“Aha… Next… Now…” Touch it. It’s hard. Jiang Minhan couldn’t help but want to reach to touch his penis, but he was stopped by Ren Chenxi.

“Don’t move, or I won’t go in.” Ren Chenxi moved up slightly and leaned over to bite his earlobe.

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