FLWY – Chapter 8

This chapter is NSFW (18+)

This chapter was longer than the previous one, but I had an easier time translating it. Does that mean that I have a perverted mind? -blush-


Chapter 8

“Don’t…” Jiang Minhan swallowed.

Although Jiang Minhan wasn’t allowed to touch himself, Ren Chenxi, who was still licking his body, stretched out his hand to help him. Ejaculating before doing it would help him to relax.

Jiang Minhan, who had been relying on his hand for so many years, couldn’t stand Ren Chenxi’s provocation, so he climaxed quickly.

It was too fast. It appeared that he hadn’t been touched for a long time. However, Ren Chenxi naturally wouldn’t say anything to hurt Jiang Minhan’s self-esteem, so he just erotically spread the semen in his hand on Jiang Minhan’s body, “Did it feel good?”

Jiang Minhan nodded, then suddenly reached out his hand and grasped Ren Chenxi’s sexual organ, “I, I will help you.”

Ren Chenxi did not refuse. Instead, he held his hand and guided him. After a while, he stopped holding Jiang Minhan’s hand and said, “I don’t want you to use your hand.” After saying that, he suggestively took his penis and placed it on Jiang Minhan’s back hole entrance.

“Well… Moisten and lubricate it…” Jiang Minhan shrank with fear. At that moment, he had a feeling that the man would rush in like this.

It seems that he did his homework. Ren Chenxi thought while he stretched out his hand to open the drawer of the bedside table, “You know a lot.”

It’s theoretical knowledge! Jiang Minhan blushed.

Ren Chenxi unscrewed the lid and then squeezed the bottle. He bent down and looked at Jiang Minhan’s red face. He couldn’t help but bow his head and kiss the corner of his lips, “Relax.”

When the finger touched his back hole, Jiang Minhan was slightly surprised because of the gentle kiss. It wasn’t until Ren Chenxi inserted his finger that Jiang Minhan unconsciously tightened his cave.

“Relax, baby.” Ren Chenxi felt his walls sucking his fingers tightly. He couldn’t imagine how comfortable it would be when his penis went in.

“Aha…” Jiang Minhan looked at Ren Chenxi pitifully, “You, can you kiss me? That way, that way…” I will relax.

Before he was done talking, Ren Chenxi kissed him in a way different from the previous one. This time, it was a kiss with tongue, their lips and tongues were entwined with each other. Jiang Minhan felt that soon he would be out of breath.

Ren Chenxi began thinking that kissing was really useful, so he didn’t regret kissing him anymore. After all, he is a person who doesn’t like kissing people in bed. Jiang Minhan is the first. Ren Chenxi though for a while and then lowered his head to keep kissing him. At the same time, he moved the fingers in the back hole to find Jiang Minhan’s sensitive spot.

“Um…” Jiang Minhan couldn’t stop the sweet moan from coming out.

“Here?” Ren Chenxi raised the corners of his mouth and began to attack Jiang Minhan’s sensitive spot.

“Ah… Don’t…” Jiang Minhan gabbed Ren Chenxi’s arm. “Come in… I want you to… No fingers… Ah…”

“What do you want? If you don’t make it clear, how do I know?” Ren Chenxi pinched his nipple punitively.”Um… I want, want Chenxi’s… Ah…”

The pleasure he felt on his nipple was too strong, so Jiang Minhan said intermittently, “I want your dick to come in…”

Ren Chenxi’s actions suddenly stopped. He really likes when his bed companion says dirty words in bed, so he would often force the other party to do it. However, Jiang Minhan’s actions challenged his self-control.

He couldn’t help it.

“I’m coming in.” Ren Chenxi even forgot to wear a condom. He directly held his penis, aimed it at Jiang Minhan’s back hole, and inserted it to the end.

“Ah… Ah…” It hurts! The fingers and Ren Chenxi’s penis couldn’t be compared at all. Luckily, Ren Chenxi’s foreplay and expansion were very good, so the pain only lasted for a while.

Ren Chenxi observed his expression and knew that he should be used to it. He was ready to move, but suddenly he asked deliberately, “If it hurts, should I do it slowly?”

Jiang Minhan shook his head and took the initiative to lift his legs and wrap them around Ren Chenxi’s waist, “Inside… It’s itchy, move.” Then he swung his ass.

Ren Chenxi was about to explode, “You asked for it.”

Ren Chenxi stopped being gentle and began to work hard. He put Jiang Minhan’s feet on his shoulders and thrust in hard, “Good? Do you like it here?”

“Ah… Fuck…” Jiang Minhan honestly said what he wanted, “Faster… Ah… Chenxi… Ha…”

Ren Chenxi stopped moving for a moment because of Jiang Minhan’s words, but after a second, he thrust in with force, “I will satisfy you.” 

“Ah… ah…” Jiang Minhan moaned and shot out.

When Jiang Minhan reached the climax, he tightened his back hole, which made pulling in and out a little difficult for Ren Chenxi. But at the same time, the walls were constantly compressing his penis, which felt good, really good!

When Jiang Minhan’s back hole relaxed a little, Ren Chenxi began moving vigorously, which made Jiang Minhan get hard again. He groaned and hugged his neck, “Aha… Chenxi…”

“I’m here.” Ren Chenxi kissed him.

When he was about to ejaculate, Ren Chenxi wanted to pull out and shoot, but his waist was tightly wrapped by Jiang Minhan’s legs. He only hesitated for a second before ejaculating in Jiang Minhan’s back hole.

After he finished, his mind went blank for a moment. When Ren Chenxi reacted, he pulled out his dick, which made a loud noise. Ren Chenxi stared at Jiang Minhan’s red and swollen back hole, as well as his semen flowing out continuously. His face was a little heavy. 

“Um…” When Ren Chenxi pulled out, the confused Jiang Minhan groaned and brought Ren Chenxi’s mind back.

Ren Chenxi quickly adjusted his expression, lowered his head, and asked, “How do you feel?”

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