FLWY – Chapter 10

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Chapter 10

Jiang Minhan was subjected to a simple and rough joint trial. No, that wasn’t accurate. His uncle was only watching him coldly as he sat next to his wife.

Ying Kai crossed his arms in front of his chest and looked at Jiang Minhan with a sneer, “So, to get close to your male god, you took the initiative to pretend that you don’t care about feelings. Jiang Xiaohan, do you have a brain? According to his words, he is used to playing. So you went all the way with him, and then let him throw you away when he was done, are you stupid?”

Jiang Minhan unhappily said, “He’s not that kind of person. He is gentle. Besides, I was willing. I don’t feel bad about it, isn’t that good?”

This guy didn’t bother about the fact that the other party doesn’t care, but Ying Kai felt his chest burning with anger, “You…”

“All right,” Lin Zedong suddenly stood up, pulled Ying Kai with him and interrupted his words, “Jiang Xiaohan, you have been an adult for a long time, so I believe you can make your own decisions, but you should consider the consequences before you do something as there’s no medicine for regret for you to take, do you understand?”

Jiang Minhan nodded earnestly.

“Why are you pulling me away? I haven’t scolded him enough. You protect him too much.” After entering the elevator, Ying Kai was still angry. He felt that the cabbage that he had been raising was suddenly eaten by a pig.

Lin Zedong smiled and rubbed his head, “Well, you said that he doesn’t understand, but it’s the first time he likes someone, so he isn’t calm. Besides, didn’t you say that the man was a scum? Once Jiang Minhan realizes this, he will stop. Who hasn’t met a scum? Even if he did, later he will meet someone like me just like you did.”

“I think about Jiang Minhan as my nephew,” Ying Kai said helplessly. “And, can you stop being so narcissistic? You are also a scum, humph.”

“Am I?” Lin Zedong raised his eyebrows.

Ying Kai slapped his buttocks, “Yes, scum man go back and cook something for me. I’m hungry all thanks to your family’s Jiang Minhan.”

Lin Zedong laughed, “Yes, my wife ~.”

When Lin Zedong walked away with Ying Kai, Jiang Minhan breathed a sigh of relief. He doesn’t blame Ying Kai, as he knows that he is worried about him. Ever since Lin Zedong and Ying Kai came out of the closet eight years ago, Ying Kai has regarded him as his nephew. It was the first time that Ying Kai was so strict with him, so his heart was bitter. He tried his best to explain himself. It was good enough that Ying Kai didn’t beat him up directly.

Sigh, Jiang Minhan took out his phone and opened Ren Chenxi’s chat interface. Male god, don’t let me down. Otherwise, my uncle and his wife will kill you.

Ren Chenxi was asked to operate as soon as he arrived at the hospital. After he was done, he went back to his office directly. He didn’t sleep well last night, though it didn’t affect his work.

Ren Chenxi opened the desk’s drawer and took out his mobile phone. Unexpectedly, he received a message from Jiang Minhan.

[Dr. Ren. I’m back home. Except for a bit of pain on my waist, there aren’t any other problems. Don’t worry.]

Who’s worried about you? Ren Chenxi thought and threw his phone back into the drawer. They just got out of bed, and he is already pestering him, Ren Chenxi thought coldly. Anyway, he should give up in a few days.

Ren Chenxi thought so, but Jiang Minhan didn’t agree.

During the next week, even if Ren Chenxi didn’t reply, he would send a few messages every day. At the same time, he didn’t stop sending friend requests on WeChat. As usual, his requests weren’t accepted.

On the eighth day, Ying Kai, relying on Jiang Minhan’s beauty, helped him win an endorsement deal. They went to shoot early in the morning. Although it was just a small endorsement, the shooting schedule was very tight. Jiang Minhan was busy from morning to afternoon and had been sleeping in the car, so he didn’t have time to send Ren Chenxi a message.

“Doctor, aren’t you going back?” Ren Chenxi’s office door was opened by a nurse as she looked at Ren Chenxi, who was staring at his phone in a daze.

Ren Chenxi looked at the time on the computer, and realized that it was time to get off work, “Well, I’ll leave now.”

Ren Chenxi sat in his car and thought about whether he should take his phone out or not. He took it out, looked at it, and then clicked on WeChat to confirm that Jiang Mihan really didn’t send more messages. Sure enough, his love was just a fleeting feeling.

Ren Chenxi opened the address book and gave Xiao Ming a call, “Are you going to the bar?”

“I’m going,” Xiao Ming said hurriedly. “You rarely ask me out. Are you off work? See you in half an hour. “


Ren Chenxi hung up the phone, threw it to the co-pilot seat, and drove straight to the gay bar. When Ren Chenxi arrived, Xiao Ming wasn’t there yet. Ren Chenxi walked to the place where they would often sit.

“Handsome guy, are you coming?” The familiar bartender saw that he had come over. “Same as always?”

Ren Chenxi nodded, “Yeah.”

“Is Mr. Xiao coming?” The bartender asked.


The bartender walked away. When he received his drink, Xiao Ming arrived, but unexpectedly, he came together with another person. Ren Chenxi wasn’t surprised and greeted him as usual “You have arrived.”

Xiao Ming took Tong Haoxiu to sit opposite to Ren Chenxi, “I asked you out a few days ago, but you didn’t come. How come you are free today?”

“Just taking a break.” Ren Chenxi grabbed the wine cup and took a sip.

“I don’t believe you,” Xiao Ming said, and at the same time, he stopped Tong Haoxiu’s hand that was about to grab the wine. “You can’t drink any alcohol.”

“Oh.” Tong Haoxiu took back his hand and rubbed it. “Take it easy, asshole.”

“Tut, you are so skinny and tender.” Xiao Ming grabbed his hand and rubbed it.

Ren Chenxi wanted to cover his eyes. He was a single dog not long ago, and now he was showing off his love in front of him. Can he beat him?

When they were talking, Tong Haoxiu answered the phone and went to the door. It was too noisy inside so he couldn’t hear clearly. Ren Chenxi looked at Xiao Ming and asked, “Are you sure?”

“Actually, I don’t know.” Xiao Ming shrugged, “I don’t know if it’s love or not. But for now, I really can’t do without him. Since I can’t get away from it, I’ll give it a try. Maybe I can try for a lifetime?”

Ren Chenxi knew the man. He said he would try. If he didn’t care about it, how could he be willing to try? So he just earnestly said, “Congratulations.”

“All right,” Ren Chenxi said with dislike, “Showing off your love.”

“If you don’t like it, I won’t show you.” Xiao Ming put down his glass, “I’ll go out and look for him.”

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