FLWY – Chapter 11

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Chapter 11

Ren Chenxi began to regret asking him out.

When Tong Haoxiu came back, the three people drank for a while and then left at nine o’clock. After all, Tong Haoxiu had classes the next day, and Xiao Ming had to work. Although Xiao Ming looks like a dandy who only knows how to spend money, in reality, he is in charge of the family business. He is Ren Chenxi’s only friend from university, and he is also gay. However, both of them are players, so they can’t be together.

Besides, Ren Chenxi doesn’t like Xiao Ming’s face. What Ren Chenxi likes is Jiang Minhan’s face.

When Ren Chenxi was about to leave, a little O came to hook up with him. Ren Chenxi had come intending to have a one night stand.  When he was about to agree, the mobile phone in his pocket suddenly vibrated.

Originally, Ren Chenxi wouldn’t pay attention to it, he didn’t know why, but at that moment, he suddenly felt that it was Jiang Minhan. He rejected the O, sat back, grabbed his glass in one hand, and took out his phone.

[Ouch, today was exhausting. Before I woke up, I was pulled out by the agent to take pictures. I slept when I came back. Now I’m hungry_(:з」∠)_. I want to have a midnight snack. I don’t know what you are doing now. Pay attention to rest.]

Ren Chenxi’s eyes were fixed on the words about the agent. Since it was intended to be only a one night stand thing, he never cared about the identity of the other party. However, according to Jiang Minhan’s continuous text messages, he should be a newbie in the entertainment circle.  In this competitive circle, he wasn’t fighting for opportunities, and instead, he spent his time sending him a report every day? Ren Chenxi didn’t understand him. Was his career important, or was his one night stand partner, who only slept with him for one night more important?

No, Ren Chenxi thought, perhaps in Jiang Minhan’s heart, that love wasn’t fake.

Although Jiang Minhan left his home since he was very young, and had the idea of becoming independent. Jiang Minhan’s life skills are very low, which is why Lin Zedong made him live downstairs. If they were to live together, Jiang Minhan would interrupt the intimacy with his wife. On the other side, if he stays downstairs, they won’t disturb each other, and he can occasionally take care of him.

However, it was almost ten o’clock. Jiang Minhan didn’t need to think much to know what the two people upstairs were doing. Jiang Minhan didn’t have such a lack of understanding. Fortunately, there were still instant noodles at home. Jiang Minhan heated some water and waited for his instant noodles.

While the water was heating up, Jiang Minhan went to his bedroom to get his mobile phone. On his way back to the kitchen, Jiang Minhan received a WeChat message. Jiang Minhan yawned and opened his eyes, which were sleepy at first, but when he saw the sender, his eyes suddenly lit up.

[Ren: I accepted your friend request. Now we can start chatting.]

The surprise was so unexpected that Jiang Minhan stood in silence and didn’t know what to do. Before he could react, the other party had sent another message.

[Ren: [picture]]

[Ren: Are you interested?]

Jiang Minhan looked at the picture with shaking hands. In the picture, he could see a bowl of porridge and fried dumplings. The bowl showed the shop’s logo. It was a very famous nightclub in the city. Jiang Minhan didn’t hesitate much before replying, “I’m going! Give me half an hour!” After he sent the message, Jiang Minhan ran to his room to change his clothes. When he was holding the door handle, he remembered the boiling water in the kitchen. Jiang Minhan rushed back to the kitchen, turned off the fire, threw away the bag of instant noodles, and closed the door without looking back.

When Jiang Minhan arrived, Ren Chenxi was leisurely drinking a cup of hot soymilk. It was just a cup of soymilk, but he made it look like he was tasting an old red wine.

When Jiang Minhan rushed into the shop and saw Ren Chenxi like this, he couldn’t help but stand still and look at him foolishly.

How can there be such a beautiful person in the world?

Ren Chenxi looked at Jiang Minhan, who was standing at the door. Jiang Minhan’s appearance attracted the attention of others, but he was focused on looking at the person upstairs.

“Not hungry?”

Through the noisy hall, the clear and cold voice reached Jiang Minhan’s ears.


Ren Chenxi saw the big smile on Jiang Minhan’s face and walked straight to him. His eyes were entirely fixed on him.

I hope I didn’t make the wrong decision, Ren Chenxi thought.

Jiang Minhan was really hungry, so even if his eating appearance wasn’t beautiful, he still needed to eat, so he said, “Male god, I’m very hungry now. If I look ugly for a while, you must pretend not to see it.”

Ren Chenxi looked at him without saying anything. Jiang Minhan intuitively felt that he didn’t care, so he called the waiter directly and ordered a bunch of food.

Ren Chenxi’s face remained calm, but his heart was slightly fluctuating. This guy looked slender and tall. How could he eat so much? Were his digestive system’s functions bad? Did he have problems absorbing the nutrients?

“Doctor Ren.” When Ren Chenxi was distracted, Jiang Minhan’s voice pulled him back. He looked over and noticed Jiang Minhan’s sincere eyes, “I’m happy that you asked me out to eat. No, I’m very, very happy.”

Ren Chenxi still didn’t speak. Apart from when he was working or in bed, he was a person of few words. It probably was because he didn’t have any childhood friends, so he wasn’t used to chatting with others.

Jiang Minhan didn’t mind. In his opinion, it was very gratifying that Ren Chenxi was willing to accept his WeChat request and invite him to dinner. Besides, the male god had a cold personality. It was very good to be able to sit and eat with him.

Jiang Minhan said that he didn’t look good while eating, but Ren Chenxi soon found out that the other party was just being modest. He could see that Jiang Minhan was really hungry. Although he was eating fast, he maintained his table manners from beginning to end. A glance was enough to tell that he had been well educated and taught since childhood.

Ren Chenxi had to admit that it was very pleasant to see Jiang Minhan eating. Maybe it was because he was good looking.

The meal was very silent, but Jiang Minhan was satisfied. After he was full, he thought that he was a bit stupid. Why didn’t he eat slowly and enjoy the time with his male god? He ate too fast!

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