FLWY – Chapter 9

Today’s chapter was a bit late. But I didn’t break my promise about updating daily! I love Ying Kai, he is a sweet mother hen <3. Anyway, enjoy the chapter!


Chapter 9

Jiang Minhan was a little tired. It was his first time, and they did it for a long time. He smiled at Ren Chenxi, “Really good. I feel really good. Thank you, male god.” The words that Jiang Minhan used to call him could be used as an impulse of desire, but not now.

Ren Chenxi frowned but recovered quickly and left the bed naked. Just when Jiang Minhan sadly thought that the other party was leaving, Ren Chenxi bent down and hugged him, “I’m sorry, I came inside, but I check myself frequently, so you don’t have to worry about anything.”

“I believe you!” After saying that, Jiang Minhan felt that he was stupid and quickly explained, “Well, I, I don’t have any disease either.”

“Oh.” This time Ren Chenxi didn’t sneer and instead smiled, “Ok, I’ll help you clean up.”

Ren Chenxi dislikes using the hotel’s bathtub, so he made Jiang Minhan stand still. However, Jiang Minhan’s legs were too soft, so he had to hold Ren Chenxi tightly, or he wouldn’t be able to stand at all. Ren Chenxi allowed him to hold him and sped up the cleaning. He looked at the semen coming out of Jiang Minhan’s cave, and soon he became hard. Nevertheless, he knew that he shouldn’t fuck Jiang Minhan again.

As a result, Jiang Minhan reached out his hand to hold Ren Chenxi’s sexual organ and then buried his head in his chest.

The other side’s technique was a little green, which was a bit embarrassing.  However, for the first time, Ren Chenxi didn’t dislike the bad skills of others. Instead, he concentrated on the moment and then shot out on Jiang Minhan’s hand.

After they finished washing, Ren Chenxi wiped Jiang Minhan’s body with the hotel’s towel, and then put on a bathrobe. When he was carrying Jiang Minhan back to the room, Jian Minhan fell asleep in his arms.

When the two people did it, they inevitably got the quilt dirty. Ren Chenxi asked someone to change the sheets when they were in the bathroom. Ren Chenxi covered Jiang Minhan with the quilt, and the other side closed his eyes to sleep.

He didn’t move around. He just slept quietly.

Ren Chenxi started picking up the clothes that he had thrown aside. According to his old routine, as a playboy, he should get dressed, leave money or gifts, and then go home to sleep. When Ren Chenxi got dressed, he couldn’t help looking back at Jiang Minhan. Jiang Minhan’s delicate and exquisite face was stuck in a fluffy pillow. The corners of his eyes were still red, but the corners of his mouth were smiling.

Tut. Ren Chenxi took off his clothes and laid back in the quilt, he laid side by side with Jiang Minhan.

Ren Chenxi didn’t sleep. He just stared at Jiang Minhan’s face. Ren  Chenxi had to admit that Jiang Minhan’s face became more beautiful the more he looked at it. He recalled their sexual encounter. He had to admit that Jiang Minhan’s performance in bed was also in line with his taste. Ren Chenxi liked his face and bed performance, perhaps he could consider becoming fixed bed companions.

This idea only lasted for a second. Ren Chenxi looked at Jiang Minhan’s radiant smile. In the beginning, he said that he just had one night stands to kill the child’s expectations. If he makes him his bed companion, he would be giving hope to the other party.

Ren Chenxi turned over and laid down for ten minutes with his eyes closed. After that, he got up, got dressed, and left. But before he left, Ren Chenxi found a notepad and pen in the room, so he left Jiang Minhan a message.

When Jiang Minhan woke up, he thought that he was at home and stretched out his hand to grab his mobile phone. What he grabbed wasn’t his phone but a piece of paper. He subconsciously moved to see it.

[I already paid for the room. I made sure that you didn’t harm your hand. Go back and have a good rest. Don’t eat spicy food. If you feel uncomfortable, go to the drugstore and buy some medicine. I have to leave in advance. PS. Tonight was wonderful, goodnight.]

Jiang Minhan sobered up, he quickly sat up and felt some pain. As a result, he fell back into the bed. Jiang Minhan put the piece of paper before his eyes and looked at it over and over again.

The handwriting of the male god was so beautiful.

Last night he did it with the male god.

Jiang Minhan couldn’t help but kiss the note. But the male god left when he was done. He was still a bit of a scum. Humph. After a long time, Jiang Minhan put the note aside and then got up carefully. When he got out of bed, Jiang Minhan almost fell down. Fortunately, he held into the bed in time. It wasn’t his fault. The male god was too fierce. He was still suffering from a backache. But other places were ok. After all, the male god was very gentle last night. 

Suddenly, a bell rang in the room, which shocked Jiang Minhan. He quickly moved his sore waist and grabbed his phone from the bedside table. As soon as he saw the caller’s ID, Jiang Minhan had a bad premonition, so he picked up the call uneasily,”Hello ~.”

“Don’t lie to me! Jiang Xiaohan, what did you do yesterday?” Ying Kai angrily said. “What a hoarse voice you have. Shit, I’ll give you thirty minutes. Get. Back. Home. Now!”

“Uncle ~,” Jiang Minhan said in a dull voice, “I will go back, but half an hour is too fast, I…”

Jiang Minhan helplessly looked at the mobile phone in his hand and knew that he was screwed. He sneaked out to have a one night stand with the male god. He thought that his uncle and his uncle’s wife wouldn’t have the time to pay attention to him. As a result, he was caught the next day. Ah, why was life so hard?!

Fortunately, Ren Chenxi had cleaned him up last night. Jiang Minhan didn’t have time to take a bath. He gritted his teeth and changed into the clothes that Ren Chenxi folded last night, and then quickly brushed his teeth and fashed his face.

Twenty minutes later, Jiang Minhan looked at the time on his mobile phone and sighed sadly.

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