FLWY – Chapter 12

In this chapter, we get to see more interactions between our leads! Wasn’t it supposed to be just a one night stand?
Enjoy the chapter and be ready for some action 😉

Chapter 12

Jiang Minhan, who was full, wiped his mouth with a tissue; and looked at Ren Chenxi.

Ren Chenxi stared at him for a moment, “How did you get here?”

“Taxi.” Jiang Minhan obediently responded, and then thought, is he going to send me back?

“Me too.” Ren Chenxi went to the bar before he came here; naturally, he wouldn’t drive.

Jiang Minhan was disappointed as it seemed that he wouldn’t send him back. Maybe he could ask the male god to go for a walk and say that he wanted to digest the food? No, that sounded silly.

“I checked in a room next to…”

Jiang Minhan raised his head and abruptly said, “Go!”

Ren Chenxi thought that if it wasn’t because of love, no one would be so happy with this kind of appointment. After that, Ren Chenxi stood up to check out while Jiang Minhan followed him closely.

After leaving the store, Jiang Minhan discovered that the distance between the Zhengyuan hotel and the shop was only one street. Jiang Minhan couldn’t help to think that it was intentional. After all, who would ask someone out this late? People who come out at midnight don’t come out only for a snack. Jiang Minhan felt a little happy and sad when he thought about it. Alas, the road to pursue the male god was still very long.

Jiang Minhan looked up at the back of Ren Chenxi, who was walking in front of him. Hey, if it was just a one night stand, it was ok to sleep for a night. But now there was a second time, hey, there could be a third time, then a fourth time and then countless times after that. Was he that far away from capturing the male god?

Ren Chenxi kept walking as he listened to the laughter behind him, and unconsciously raised his lips. This guy was probably thinking about something out of tune again.

Just like last time, Ren Chenxi went to check in the room, but this time he didn’t pretend not knowing him. Jiang Minhan stood beside him, and the receptionist asked for his ID card.

“He doesn’t need it.”

Jiang Minhan, who was about to take out his ID card, listened to Ren Chenxi’s words, and silently put the ID card back in his pocket.

The young lady at the front desk was stunned and immediately responded, “Ok, Mr. Ren, this is your room card. Please take it.”

When Ren Chenxi and Jiang Minhan got into the elevator, the girl at the front desk sighed. Alas, Mr. Ren would always come to get the room card directly, and he was never accompanied by someone. It was rare to see a person standing next to him, so she thought that Mr. Ren had settled down just like President Xiao. The result…

Ah… How come all the good men have to be bent? The girl thought sadly.

Just like the last time, when the two people entered the room, they went straight to the subject. This time, Ren Chenxi didn’t restrain himself. He instantly pressed Jiang Minhan on the door and kissed him. At the same time, he put his hand directly into the hem of his clothes and pinched Jiang Minhan’s nipple.

“Um.” Jiang Minhan almost let out a groan, only to be swallowed by Ren Chenxi.

Jiang Minhan was confused by his actions. He still had some to think. It wasn’t the same, the last time Ren Chenxi wasn’t like this!

When the two nipples were hard, Ren Chenxi released Jiang Minhan’s lips. Jiang Minhan breathed in at once, mother, he almost choked to death.

Ren Chenxi began to kiss Jiang Minhan’s earlobes and neck while his hands began to undo Jiang Minhan’s shirt buttons, “You won’t kiss me?”

“Ah.” The sensitive earlobe was bitten by Ren Chenxi, and Jiang Minhan couldn’t help moaning, “Well… No, you, you teach me.”

“All right.” Ren Chenxi suddenly turned to kiss him again.

Kissing Ren Chenxi felt incredible. Jiang Minhan never thought that it would feel so good to kiss someone he liked. During the kiss, Ren Chenxi took off Jiang Minhan’s coat and shirt. Jiang Minhan’s naked body was exposed to the air.

When Ren Chenxi released Jiang Minhan’s lips again, Jiang Minhan couldn’t help but reach out and hug Ren Chenxi’s neck. When their bodies were closer, Jiang  Minhan coquettishly said, “Cold.” In autumn, it was still cold to be naked.

Ren Chenxi’s heart was suddenly stabbed. For the first time, he bowed his head gently and gnawed Jiang Minhan’s nice collarbone, “Then let’s do something to warm you up.”

“All right.” Jiang Minhan took the initiative to take off Ren Chenxi’s clothes. Last time, Ren Chenxi took off his own clothes. This time, Jiang Minhan wanted to take them off himself.

Ren Chenxi’s movements paused for a second, then he cooperatively raised his hands and let the other party take off his clothes, next he started to lick Jiang Minhan’s nipple.

“Aha…” Jiang Minhan’s hand trembled a little when he was taking off his clothes. Fortunately, the clothes had already fallen to the ground.

Jiang Minhan looked down at Ren Chenxi, who was buried in his chest, with his nipple in his hand while he erotically kneaded his hip with his other hand. His heart was suddenly full of him.

Ren Chenxi took off Jiang Minhan’s pants and held his penis, which had been hard for a long time. His ears were full of Jiang Minhan’s sweet and uncontrollable moans. He had the impulse to rush inside this person’s body regardless of anything.

But his common sense told him not to. 

When Jiang Minhan reached out to take off Ren Chenxi’s pants, Ren Chenxi spoke, “I don’t have the lubricant with me, let’s go to bed.”

Ren Chenxi originally wanted to hold him up. However, when Jiang Minhan heard his words, he actively held his neck and jumped to wrap his legs around his waist, “Ok.”

Ren Chenxi was stunned, but he reacted quickly. He embraced his waist with one hand and his buttocks with his other hand as he hurried to the bed. In the span of a few meters, Ren Chenxi felt for the first time that he was about to explode.

Jiang Minhan’s magnificent buttocks were on his palm, and he could feel his smooth waist. Additionally, Jiang Minhan’s penis was rubbing against his body as he walked.

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