FLWY – Chapter 13

This chapter is NSFW (18+)

Chapter 13

“Um…” Jiang Minhan could feel Ren Chenxi’s hand near his back hole, which occasionally would rub the edge erotically. In response, Jiang Minnhan’s penis would release and rub its precum against Ren Chenxi’s stomach.

Doing this was enough to make Jiang Minhan shoot, but he decided to endure and told himself that he couldn’t ejaculate so fast, he wanted to do it together with the male god.

Both sides were suffering a lot, so when they got to bed, Ren Chenxi took off his underwear directly and threw it aside, then he reached out for the lubricant impatiently. Because he was too impatient, he ended up squeezing out a big lump of lubricant, but he didn’t care. Ren Chenxi asked Jiang Minhan to turn over as he wanted to do it from the back, and then he kissed the smooth back while he inserted his fingers into the small hole. 

“Ah… It’s cold…”

The cold lubricant was quickly melted by the hot hole, and some of it dripped over the quilt through Ren Chenxi’s fingers.

Ren Chenxi reached out to hold Jiang Minhan’s sexual organ, “It will be hot soon, en?”

The voice of the male god is too sexy! Just listening to it almost made him ejaculate.

Jiang Minhan suddenly yelled, “Don’t talk!” 

“Eh?” Ren Chenxi was frightened by him, and the fingers that were stuck in the back hole of the other party also stopped for a while. He rubbed the other’s insides fondly, and Jiang Minihan soon let out a sweet moan.

Jiang Minahn buried his face in the pillow and angrily said, “Your voice is too sexy. If you speak again, I’ll climax.”

Ren Chenxi was stunned for a few seconds, then he laughed and kissed Jiang Minhan. At the same time, the fingers buried in the back hole didn’t stop and continued expanding it.

Jiang Minhan was soon indulged in the pleasure that Ren Chenxi brought to him. He thought, what to do? He can’t control himself in front of this man.

When Ren Chenxi’s fingers deliberately pressed Jiang Minhan’s prostate, Jiang Minhan couldn’t endure it anymore and shot out.

Ren Chenxi never had a poisonous tongue. Instead, he said in a praising tone, “Baby, you are so sensitive that you came with my fingers. You say, if my big guy gets in, are you going to shoot at once?”

Jiang Minhan thought that doctor Ren in bed was really different and sexy. At the same time, he turned over on his own and took the initiative to wrap his legs around Ren Chenxi’s waist, he raised his buttocks and smiled as he said, “If you try, you’ll know.”

Goblin, Ren Chenxi thought, but he liked it. Ren Chenxi held his dick against the cave, and he suddenly remembered that he wasn’t wearing a condom, “Wait a minute.” He moved to get a condom.

“No need,” Jiang Minhan raised his buttocks and moved closer to Ren Chenxi. The little cave that was nicely expanded quickly swallowed the head of Ren Chenxi’s penis, “Come in and fuck me.”

Jiang Minhan admitted that he was doing it on purpose. He wanted to be a different person in Ren Chenxi’s life, even when he was having sex.

“You!” It felt really nice when the head was being squeezed by the shrinking walls. With Jiang Minhan looking into his eyes, Ren Chenxi quickly gave up, “All right.”


When Ren Chenxi was inside, both of them let out a satisfied groan.

Doctor Ren’s ferocious actions were the natural price to pay for seducing others. Jiang Minhan’s voice became hoarse as he moaned. When he was about to shoot, Ren Chenxi stopped his hand, “I’ll let you finish after you say some nice words.”

“Ah…”It was uncomfortable to be stopped at the height of the climax. Jiang Minhan’s red eyes shed some tears as he looked at Ren Chenxi as if he was coquettishly complaining, “Don’t…”

“Huh?” Ren Chenxi suddenly picked Jiang Minhan up and made him sit on top of him. Ren Chenxi’s penis also went deeper.

“Ah… It’s too deep…” Jiang Minhan held Ren Chenxi’s neck and raised his head to gasp some air.”

Ren Chenxi didn’t let him shoot, but he kept thrusting in and out from Jiang Minhan’s cave. Jiang Minhan’s tears came out as he began to coax Ren Chenxi.

“Doctor Ren, good brother, let me shoot.” After a while, messy names came out, “Ah… Husband, good husband, let me shoot, ah… ha… good brother… AHA…”

Ren Chenxi finally loosened his hand with satisfaction and let Jiang Minhan reach the climax. At the same time, he also shot into the depths of Jiang Minhan’s cave.

The sperm inside Jiang Minhan stimulated his sensitive walls. Jiang Minhan had to rely on Ren Chenxi’s shoulder, “Male god, I didn’t know you were so mean.”

“Are you upset?”

Jiang  Minhan laughed, “I’m good.”

Ren Chenxi wanted to take him to shower; this was the second time that he couldn’t help but shoot inside Jiang Minhan. He hadn’t moved yet when someone on top of his body began to contract his back hole continuously.  Ren Chenxi, who hadn’t had enough, was soon half hard.

Ren Chenxi stretched out his hand and spanked Jiang Minhan’s buttocks. A red fingerprint appeared on the snow-white buttocks, “What are you doing?”

“One more time.” Jiang Minhan suddenly sat up straight, twisted his buttocks, and then looked at Ren Chenxi with a smile, “I still want it.” Then he stuck out his tongue and licked his dry lips.”


“Good brother, my mother said that I can only have sex when I grow up and meet someone I like. But I have never liked someone after I became an adult.” Jiang Minhan said softly as he leaned over to kiss Ren Chenxi’s lips. “I have been waiting for four years, how can once be enough? Ah, no, twice, and last time… aha…”

Before Jiang Minhan finished speaking, Ren Chenxi kissed him fiercely. At the same time, he pushed him directly to the bed and started to fuck him again using his semen as lube.

In the end, they stopped several hours later. He had to bear the evil he created. When Jiang Minhan was tired and was about to fall asleep, this sentence popped up in his mind.

Then he smiled and fell asleep.

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