FLWY – Chapter 15

Our leads finally get together 🙂 Not in the way that I expected, but whatever… Also, young master Jiang Minhan gets in trouble!

Enjoy the chapter!


Chapter 15

“Be with me.” Jiang Minhan tried his best to control his nervousness, “I like you…” In fact, he had a lot to say, but he didn’t know why he couldn’t speak out.

This wasn’t a good time to express his love. The other party was likely to withdraw immediately and dress to coldly tell him that it was just a one night stand and what made him think that he was serious about him. In short, the worst result would be not being able to approach Ren Chenxi in the future, but Jiang Minhan couldn’t help but blurt it out.

Jiang Minhan looked into Ren Chenxi’s eyes. The eyes of the other party were still clear and cold. However, when Jiang Minhan saw his reflection in them, he somehow gained some confidence. “Be with me,” Jiang Minhan said again.

After a long time of staring at each other, Jiang Minhan didn’t know what was going on. Ren Chenxi’s long silence didn’t make him back down. Instead, he was thinking about something like ah, is this person struggling because of me? Haha, any prodigal son should be obedient and behave in front of this young master!

Ren Chenxi thought that his silence would make the other party give up, but he didn’t expect that Jiang Minhan’s eyes would get brighter and brighter. Ren Chenxi felt somewhat disgusted with himself because he was a bit self-defeating.

“All right.” Ren Chenxi reached out his hand and gently touched Jiang Minhan’s red cheeks. “However, you have to know that I like the feeling of having sex with you. For the time being, I don’t think I’ll have sex with others, but I can’t guarantee the lasting of this feeling.”

This was the longest sentence that Ren Chenxi had said to him. Jiang Minhan looked up with a smile and kissed Ren Chenxi on the lips, “I will let you keep this feeling.”

Jiang Minhan’s confident appearance was so dazzling that Ren Chenxi couldn’t help but smile, “I’ll wait and see.” If you can do it, I won’t mind.

The consequence of doing it in the morning is that they had to clean before eating. After getting together with the male god, Jiang Minhan was even more fearless. When cleaning up, he seduced Ren Chenxi, who spanked him on the butt directly. It wasn’t impossible to do it again. It was like Jiang Minhan’s cave was born for Ren Chenxi. They had done it so many times, but the back hole was just a little red and unhurt. However, Ren Chenxi still had a little conscience when facing Jiang Minhan.

“Next time, I’ll wear a condom.” Ren Chenxi said suddenly.

Jiang Minhan refused immediately, “No, I like it when you come inside directly. It’s hot and hard. I can’t feel it with a condom.” 

Ren Chenxi spanked him again.

“Ouch.” Jiang Minhan raised his head and looked at Ren Chenxi pitifully, “We just got together, and you are already abusing me.”

Ren Chenxi knew that he was playing. He explained his thoughts, “It’s for your safety.”

“You are not ill, and neither do I, so I’m not afraid.” Jiang Minhan leaned on his shoulder in a coquettish way, “Well, if we are outside, you can wear a condom. It’s too troublesome to clean up, but in fact, I don’t mind holding in your scent and fluids.”

“…” Ren Chenxi felt that Jiang Minhan might be a real goblin, he even gave such a serious statement. Also, hold in his scent?

The matter of whether to wear a condom or not was finally resolved like that. Instead, Ren Chenxi wanted to figure out how to become more comfortable with each other.

After cleaning up, Jiang Minhan forced Ren Chenxi to hold him up. Ren Chenxi was too lazy to care about him, standing behind him, he put a toothbrush on his hand, “Brush your teeth.”

Although Ren Chenxi wasn’t used to his company, he didn’t walk away. After all, if he didn’t support him, he didn’t know if the guy would fall because of his soft legs.

Ren Chenxi wasn’t a gentle person, but since he promised to give it a try with Jiang Minhan, a lot of things had to be done along the way. He will even spoil him when Jiang Minhan asks for it or whenever he feels like it.

They ate breakfast in the room. Jiang Minhan said that his legs were soft and that he didn’t want to go out, so Ren Chenxi called the room service. When breakfast arrived, Jiang Minhan behaved like a spoiled child. He was coquettish and mischievous. Ren Chenxi could only feed him.

“Oh, delicious.” Jiang Minhan took the spoon delivered by Ren Chenxi and swallowed the soft-skinned lean egg porridge, “You should have a bite too.”

As soon as he said that, Ren Chenxi got closer and briefly said, “I have eaten, now eat quietly.”

Jiang Minhan’s eyes widened, then he blushed. He just wanted to let Ren Chenxi have some porridge! His clean conscience was being teased!

When the two people finished eating the bowl of porridge, Jiang Minhan’s phone rang. Ren Chenxi went to the other side of the bed and handed him the phone. Jiang Minhan saw the caller’s ID, and his smile immediately withered.

Ren Chenxi noticed his expression and asked, “what’s wrong?”

Jiang Minhan coughed twice, then he asked Ren Chenxi bitterly, “Does my voice sound like I just had sex?”

Ren Chenxi nodded.

“I’m screwed…”

Ren Chenxi didn’t understand what Jiang Minhan meant. Then he saw Jiang Minhan answering the phone and putting a flattering smile on his face, “Hello ~.”

“Jian! Xiao! Han!”

The voice on the other end of the phone was so loud that even Ren Chenxi could hear it. It could be seen how hard the man on the opposite side roared.

“I’m here,” Jiang Minhan replied as he beckoned Ren Chenxi to come over. Ren Chenxi was puzzled, but he still walked toward him. Jiang Minhan hugged him, “Uncle ~.”

“It’s useless even if you call me dad!” Ying Kai, who was on the other end of the phone, sneered, “Jiang Xiaohan, I give you half an hour. I don’t see you in half an hour, HUMPH.”


Ying Kai hung up the phone.

“Ah, ah, ah!” Jiang Minhan threw the phone away and then rubbed Ren Chenxi’s neck as he said, “How can I be so unlucky? Every time I go out with you, my uncle will call me the next day!” What kind of luck is this?

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