FLWY – Chapter 17

We get to meet Jiang Minhan’s parents! This family will make you smile 🙂
Enjoy the chapter!

Chapter 17

[Ren: I don’t have your address, so I can’t sneak in.] (This WeChat is from Ren Chenxi’s perspective.)

As soon as Ren Chenxi finished this sentence, he received Jiang Minhan’s address.

[Jiang Xiaohan: You’re welcome to raid.]

Ren Chenxi hesitated.

After a long time, Jiang Minhan received Ren Chenxi’s reply.

[Dear husband: All right.]

Jiang Minhan smiled after reading his reply.

At four o’clock, Lin Zedong called Jiang Minhan and told him to go to the underground garage and wait for him to leave. Jiang Minhan thought for a while and didn’t bring anything with him, he changed his clothes and went downstairs.

In the car, Jiang Minhan kept his attention on WeChat. When Ying Kai noticed, he couldn’t bear to look straight at him. Lin Zedong reached out to hold Ying Kai’s hand to comfort him.

It would seem like Ying Kai was Jiang Xiaohan’s real uncle.

As soon as the car entered the courtyard, the three people saw Lin Zeyue, the sister of Lin Zedong and Jiang Minhan’s mother, standing at the door and looking at them. When the car stopped, Lin Zeyue came and hugged her son, “You’re back. Are you hungry? Your father is making delicious food for you.” Then she hugged Ying Kai and Lin Zedong, “He also prepared what you like.”

When she was done hugging them, Lin Zeyue took his son in one hand and Ying Kai in the other, “Let’s walk home.”

Lin Zedong walked behind the three people and followed them into the house. The car was left at the door.

After entering the house, Mrs. Xu, the old servant of the Lin family, had already prepared some juice, and Professor Jiang Jun came out with a spoon and greeted them before going back to the kitchen. The Jiang family didn’t have the rule of a gentleman shouldn’t cook. Father Jiang had good cooking skills, which weren’t passed on to Jiang Minhan, but to his brother-in-law Lin Zedong.

Four people sat down on the sofa. Lin Zeyue held Ying Kai’s hand and inquired about their life. She also asked if Lin Zedong had bullied him. Ying Kai smiled and shook his head.

“Sister, you are too much.” Lin Zedong couldn’t bear it and snatched Ying Kai back, “I don’t have enough time to love him dearly, how could I be willing to bully him?”

Ying Kai echoed, “ Elder sister, he is kind to me. I will tell you if he bullies me.”

Lin Zeyue glanced at Lin Zedong, “You used to bully Xiaoying.”

Lin Zedong said to his sister, “Can we not talk about the past confusion?” He did a lot of stupid things to pursue Ying Kai. When he saw him being sad because of the scum man, he did a lot of wrong things, can we not mention it several times a year?

“Humph.” Lin Zeyue turned to her son again, “Little Han, aren’t you going to fall in love? You haven’t had your first love yet, that’s not good.”

Ying Kai was about to speak when Jiang Minhan quickly said, “Mom, I’m in love! Love at first sight!” His tone was full of pride.

“What?!” Hearing the conversation, Jiang Jun, who was carrying the dishes with Mrs. Xu, excitedly put down the food and walked over, “Son, who’s the other party?”

Jiang Jun was going to sit down when Lin Zeyue pushed him as she stood up, “Old man, what are you excited about? Our son is so beautiful. It’s normal to fall in love. Come on and eat, aren’t you hungry?”

Mrs. Xu smiled at the family.

Lin Zeyue was the highest authority at home, so everyone stood up obediently and went to the dining area.

In the Lin family, there were no rules about speaking on the table, so Jiang Minhan spoke about Ren Chenxi as they ate. He emphasized their first encounter and how he fell in love at first sight. However, the development of his relationship with the male god can’t be separated from their sexual life, so Jiang Minhan confessed. Jiang Minhan said it casually, but when Ying Kai listened, he almost sprayed his food. The baby really said everything!

Ying Kai turned to look at the expressions of Lin Zeyue and Jiang Jung and found that he thought too much. The two elders looked ok, and Lin Zeyue seemed very interested.

Well, after all these years, shouldn’t he know what kind of character this family had? Although Jiang Jun is a university professor, he isn’t inflexible. He not only supports his son’s free love, but he also didn’t beat him or scold him when he came out of the closet. Not to mention Lin Zeyue, she supports everything Jiang Minhan wants to do. As long as he doesn’t break the law, even if he got in a fight, she will let him stand up by himself. 

Ying Kai turned to look at Lin Zedong. Yes, it is such a family that can bring up someone like Lin Zedong, who is kind but never a white lotus, not to mention the tenacious Jiang Minhan.

Lin Zedong perceived his haze, turned his head to look at him, approached, and whispered, “Bear with it, this guy just can’t hold back his words.”

Ying Kai smiled, he didn’t plan to speak ill of Jiang Minhan at home.

The meal was very enjoyable. After Lin Zeyue and Jiang Jun knew the general situation, they didn’t say anything about Jiang Minhan. They only said that he made sure to bring him home, Jiang Minhan nodded cleverly.

He couldn’t wait to bring him back, but he had to give his male god some time to adapt.

After eating dinner, Jiang Minhan accompanied Lin Zeyue and Jiang Jun for a chat. They left at 8:30 p.m. as Lin Zedong had to go to the company the next day, and he couldn’t sleep too late. It wasn’t convenient to go to the company from his old house.

Before leaving, Lin Zeyue pulled Jiang Minhan to her side, “You, ah. You entered the entertainment circle on a whim. We have no objection to how you like to play, but you are not allowed to catch any bad habits. You can’t exhaust yourself, let alone your uncle, or your uncle will beat you up.”

“I know, mom,” Jiang Minhan said with a smile, holding Lin Zeyue’s hand. “You know that I’m passionate about many things, which I would love to try later, but I promise I won’t waste my time.”

Lin Zeyue smiled contentedly and then rubbed Jiang Minhan’s head with her hand, “Ok, go back. Have a good rest, and chase your god.”

Jiang Minhan heard her words and gave a witty salute, “Yes, Sir. I’ll obey the commanding officer.”

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