FLWY – Chapter 18

Chapter 18

“Whatever you say!” Lin Zeyue laughed.

On the way back, Jiang Minhan had been chatting with Ren Chenxi. After he noticed Ying Kai’s gaze, he took the initiative to look up at him, “Uncle.”

“Mm?” Ying Kai answered. 

“I’m not going to continue filming.”

Ying Kai’s temper was about to burst, but he soon calmed down and asked, “Why?”

“Well, you know that I started filming for fun, but you saw it last time, I’m not suitable for this kind of job. The actor who set me up was probably worried that I would steal the limelight from him, but in fact, I’m not good enough for that.” By now, the actor was probably suppressed by Lin’s Entertainment. Although Ying Kai and Lin Zedong didn’t say anything, Jiang Minhan could still guess. 

Ying Kai realized that Jiang Minhan was done speaking, so he asked, “What do you want to do?”

“I want to work behind the scenes,” Jiang Minhan said with a smile. “I graduated from the conservatory of music. I didn’t engage in this line of work after graduation because I couldn’t find the inspiration to compose music, but it’s different now. My passion was renewed, so I want to write songs.”

“But you can’t guarantee that your passion will always be there.” Ying Kai said indifferently.

“Yes,” Jiang Minhan nodded. “I’m passionate about many things, but uncle, music is different. It’s because I love it that I don’t want to write randomly without any inspiration and smear it. Now that I have found inspiration, I can love it again.”

No one spoke for a long time in the car. At last, Lin Zedong said, “I see. Do you want to compose for yourself or for other singers?”

“For other singers, uncle, there are many excellent singers in your company. I believe they can perform well.” Jiang Minihan said this because he knew that Lin Zedong would never release his music under other people’s names, so he would feel safe working behind the scenes.

“You’re right.” Lin Zedong turned his head and looked at Ying Kai in silence.

“Uncle.” Jiang Minhan called again.

“I see,” Ying Kai looked back at him. “Can I make you go back on something you had already decided? Besides, this kind of thing is a matter of your own will.”

“Thank you, uncle. Thank you, uncle ~.” Jiang Minhan jumped up and gave Ying Kai, the copilot, a hug across the back of his seat.

Ying Kai couldn’t help laughing and clapped his head, “Sit down and don’t distract your uncle. I will kill you if we have an accident.”

“En,” Jiang Minhan sat back. “Showing off your love again. Next time I will bring the male god back to torture you.”

Ying Kai glanced at him with obvious contempt.

Jiang Minihan said arrogantly, “Uncle, please rest assured ~. I promise to bring him back. I’m not only temporarily interested in him. You know I have no patience since I was a child, but I will stick to music and the male god.”

Ying Kai was stunned by him. Forget it, since he was so motivated he wouldn’t drag him down.


A doctor was a profession, especially a qualified doctor, where even if you were on vacation, sometimes you would have to rush back to the hospital to deal with all kinds of urgent matters.

Ren Chenxi’s schedule was full this week. There were several night shifts and occasional surgeries, which resulted in a decline in the number of times he contacted Jiang Minhan.

Jiang Minhan knew that Ren Chenxi was busy and that the angel in white always had a mission. He understood that when Ren Chenxi was busy, he would play the guitar and write music at home. Maybe it was because he was in love, but it only took him three days to write a song, although it was just the first draft. He planned to give it to Ying Kai after finishing it.

Previously, when Ren Chenxi didn’t have to work late, there was still time for the two people to meet. However, even if he didn’t have to work on the night shift, he often worked late. Jiang Minhan couldn’t bear to disturb him, so he didn’t go to find him, he only maintained their relationship by exchanging a few WeChats.

On the fourth day, Jiang Minihan realized that this wasn’t working, so he estimated the time, bought dinner and went to the hospital to find Ren Chenxi.

It was very convenient to find Ren Chenxi. He just had to find a nurse and ask for Dr. Ren’s office. All the nurses knew where his office was, plus Jiang Minhan said that he was Ren Chenxi’s friend. When he said that he was here to send him a meal, the little nurse became more enthusiastic and took him directly to Ren Chenxi’s office. 

“This is Dr. Ren’s office,” the nurse said after she led him. “It’s a shame that you didn’t come earlier, Dr. Ren just entered the operating room. It’ll probably take an hour or two.”

“Ah, it’s ok. I’ll wait for him in his office.” Jiang Minhan wanted to come, so he couldn’t leave like this.”

The little nurse hesitated, she looked at Jiang Minhan’s good looking face, and finally nodded her head, “Remember not to touch anything. Otherwise, the doctor will be angry.”

“Ok.” Jiang Minhan replied with a smile, “I’ll just sit down and wait for him.”

The little nurse still had something else to do. Seeing Jiang Minhan’s promise, she left at ease.

After Jiang Minihan entered the office, he put aside the packaged food. He didn’t know if there was a microwave to heat it. Otherwise, it would be cold when the male god came out.

After Ren Chenxi finished the operation, he nodded his head to the other doctors and took off his surgical gown. He had been feeling a bit tired for the last two days. Ren Chenxi originally planned to go back to his office to get his things. However, as soon as he opened the door of his office, he froze.

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