FLWY – Chapter 20

This chapter has NSFW (18+) content

I’m sorry to tell those with dirty minds that there won’t be any action in the kitchen. However, you weren’t completely wrong as we’ll have some hot scenes in this chapter!
Please enjoy 😉

Chapter 20

He can cook, and Jiang Minhan can wash the dishes. Living together doesn’t sound like a bad idea.

“Why are you standing there?” Jiang Minhan noticed Ren Chenxi, “Go and sit on the sofa. Oh, although the possibility is very small, there might be some snacks in the tea table drawer, you can take some if you want.”

Ren Chenxi made a sound to show he was listening, but the man didn’t move.

Jiang Minhan saw that he didn’t leave, so he began washing the dishes faster. At the same time, he thought to himself that the male god must feel that he was very virtuous. Come and live with me now, hahaha.

Jiang Minhan’s inner villain was so happy that he could go to heaven, but he still had to look like an immovable mountain on the surface.

When he was done washing the dishes, Jiang Minhan wiped his hands with a towel and then suddenly ran towards Ren Chenxi. Ren Chenxi’s surprised look didn’t stop him from jumping.

Ren Chenxi hugged Jiang Minhan in panic. At the same time, Jiang Minhan placed his hands around his neck and his legs around his waist. Ren Chenxi had to held Jiang Minhan’s buttocks.

When the inexplicable tremble in his heart passed, Ren Chenxi pinched Jiang Minhan’s ass and deeply said, “Satisfied?”

Jiang Minhan nodded his head, “Yes, I’m satisfied, and I can’t move anymore. I want to hug you.”

Ren Chenxi went to the living room and sat on the sofa holding Jiang Minhan in his arms. It was only a dozen steps. When they sat down, the two people felt the hardness of the other.

“Do you want to do it?” Jiang Minhan asked softly as he leaned on Ren Chenxi’s shoulder.

Ren Chenxi tightened the hold on his waist to bring their bodies closer, and then tilted his head to kiss Jiang Minhan’s ear, “It’s up to you.”

Ren Chenxi probably didn’t notice, but he spoke in an unprecedented tone full of tenderness.

“Good.” Jiang Minhan loosened his hands and stood up. Standing in front of Ren Chenxi, he began to take off his clothes.

Ren Chenxi sat on the sofa as he watched Jiang Minhan’s naked body appear in front of him. He didn’t realize that his sexual organ was hard and aching.

Jiang Minhan stripped himself and then squatted down in front of him under Ren Chenxi’s gaze.

Ren Chenxi guessed what Jiang Minhan wanted to do, and he didn’t plan to stop it.

The zipper of the pants was pulled open, Jiang Minhan pulled down the underwear and let Ren Chenxi’s penis jump out. It could be seen that it was Jiang Minhan’s first time giving a blow job. His movements were jerky, and his teeth often touched his flesh, which made Ren Chenxi feel refreshing and painful. Ren Chenxi was very excited. Finally, he couldn’t help but reach out to hold Jiang Minhan’s head and slowly thrust in with some emotion.

“Uh…” Jiang Minhan couldn’t utter a clear sound, and the saliva that he was too late to swallow, fell down on the white carpet through the corners of his mouth.

Ren Chenxi originally wanted to pull out his sexual organ before shooting, but before either of them could react, Ren Chenxi had already ejaculated.

Jiang Minhan stretched out his hand to wipe off the semen than fell on his cheek, he pretended to complain as he said, “Hey, I didn’t imagine that you were such a person.”

Jiang Minhan had been kneeling for a long time. Ren Chenxi bent down, put his hands under his armpits, and pulled him up, “Do you regret it?” Ren Chenxi gently reached out to help him wipe off his semen.

Jiang Minhan sat down on his lap and smiled, “What do I have to regret? My boyfriend is so handsome. I’m very happy.”

As soon as the voice fell, Jiang Minhan was kissed by Ren Chenxi.

For their first round, Jiang Minhan raised his waist and swallowed Ren Chenxi’s penis with his back hole, they did it in the riding position. After that, he was really out of energy, so he laid on the sofa, and Ren Chenxi entered him from behind.

Ren Chenxi also changed his ferocious way. This time, he was extremely gentle. Later, Jiang Minhan turned to him, and he innocently said, “Honey, can’t you do it after shooting once?”

However, Ren Chenxi wasn’t affected. Jiang Minhan had to turn around while they were still connected and obediently held his knees in both hands, he put his legs in an M shape, allowing Ren Chenxi to go deeper.

“Um… work harder…” Jiang Minhan felt that there was something different about Dr. Ren tonight, and he couldn’t tell what it was. He only knew that he wanted him to be more ruthless, and then fuck him until he shoots.

Ren Chenxi lowered his head and kissed him softly, “Jiang Xiaohan, where do you want me to work harder, eh?”

Jiang Minhan knew that Ren Chenxi loved to listen to dirty words in bed, so he deliberately said, “Well… my hole is very itchy… AHA… Ask my husband to fuck me a little more… aha…”

Ren Chenxi satisfied him. He hit Jiang Minhan’s sensitive spot fiercely until he shot.

Ren Chenxi had shot once before, and now his stamina was amazing. When Jiang Minhan finished climaxing, Ren Chenxi picked him up and turned him into a riding posture, but this time he moved.

“Ah… how deep…” Jiang Mihan’s cleverly hugged Ren Chenxi’s neck, “My husband is so good… AHA…”

“Are you satisfied with your husband?” Ren Chenxi said as he rubbed his penis against Jiang Minhan’s sensitive spot.

Jiang Minhan was rubbed by him again and began to scream, “Satisfied… AHA… Don’t rub… Um… I’ll shoot…”.

Ren Chenxi pinched his nipple and held his earlobe, “Shoot, if you want to shoot, just shoot.”

“Ah…” Ren Chenxi held Jiang Minhan’s waist as he moved him up and down. After a long time, Jiang Minhan couldn’t help but ejaculate, at the same time, Ren Chenxi shot inside him. 

This time, Ren Chenxi didn’t want to pull out at all. When he was about to ejaculate, all he wanted was to shoot inside, fill Jiang Minhan’s back hole, and let his seed stay in his body.

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