FLWY – Chapter 21

Here’s the first chapter of the day. I haven’t finished translating the other chapter, so I’ll update it in a few hours. For now, enjoy the cute interactions between our leads 🙂

Chapter 21

It was early in the morning, and Jiang Minhan didn’t know who to blame. Every time one of them wanted to stop, the other person would easily arouse the desire of the other party, and then have sex again.

Both of them were happy. Although Jiang Minhan was tired to death, it was troublesome to sleep before they were done. The sofa, which was ravaged by the two people, was a mess. Fortunately, they released on the rug; otherwise, the sofa would need to be discarded.

The two people didn’t bother to clean up, Ren Chenxi was also lazy to move, so he directly held the other person lying on the carpet.

“Oh,” Jiang Minhan felt that the semen in his back hole leaked out because of the movement, “The carpet seems to be useless.”

“I can’t be so delicate, just wash it.”

Ren Chenxi’s hand was still lingering near Jiang Minhan’s cave. He had enjoyed the night. At the same time, he didn’t have any thoughts about doing it again and just hugged the person, but he couldn’t help but want to thrust in.

Jiang Minhan seemed to know what he was thinking. Suddenly, he reached out to hold Ren Chenxi’s cock, which was half-hard, and placed it inside his back hole, “The semen is leaking out, my husband. Help me block it.”

He is so flirty, Ren Chenxi thought as he penetrated the other side’s small hole and instantly hardened a bit, but resisted his desire for another round. He stretched out his hand and hugged Jiang Minhan’s waist, letting his sexual organ go deeper, “What did you just call me?”

When it’s time to seduce, you should be seductive; and when it’s tenderness time, you should be warm and gentle. Therefore, Jiang Minhan looked up slightly and kissed Ren Chenxi, “Husband.” Unlike the usual seductive tone on the bed, this time Jiang Minhan’s voice was full of affection, being called that way made Ren Chenxi’s heart jump.

“You…” Ren Chenxi suppressed the unknown emotion, “You are killing me.”

“Don’t you like it?” Jiang Minhan looked at him and smiled.

Ren Chenxi looked at him, suddenly turned around, and pressed Jiang Minhan down again, “Again.” Jiang Minhan didn’t know if he was referring to the address or to making love again.

Jiang Minhan’s eyes were still red, he raised the corners of his mouth and kissed Ren Chenxi fearlessly, “It seems that my husband will have to hold me again to clean up.”

“All right.”

It doesn’t matter, it’s okay. Now, I just want you.


When Ren Chenxi finished visiting the rooms, he happened to meet the head nurse. The opposite party raised her eyebrows at him and said, “Dr. Ren, it seems that you don’t need us to bring you any food.”

Ren Chenxi put the pen in his chest pocket and nodded to the head nurse, “Mhm.” After speaking, he walked to his office a little faster under the head nurse’s teasing eyes.

Hearing the sound of the door opening, Jiang Minhan turned around to see Ren Chenxi, “Why was it so fast today?”

Ren Chenxi walked over and put the things in his hand aside. As soon as he put them away, Jiang Minhan rushed over. Ren Chenxi caught him and held him in his arms, “There was nothing special today. I can leave directly later.”

“Oh, If I knew, I would directly ask you out to eat.” Jiang Minhan thought it was a pity. Since Ren Chenxi went to his house last time, Ren Chenxi had been busy again. So Jiang Minhan would usually bring food to Ren Chenxi.

“It’s okay.” Ren Chenxi sat down with a person in his arms, “I’ll take you out after eating.”

Jiang Minhan nodded his head. Anyway, if they were to go out, they would probably have to wait in line. It was also a good thing to bring him food (takeaway) to show how virtuous he was. Haha.

The two people held each other for a while, Ren Chenxi released Jiang Minhan, and Jiang Mihan obediently went to sit across from him to eat with him. Because of his position in the hospital, Ren Chenxi’s private office isn’t used for consulting patients. It’s just for him to have a rest, so the room is clean and doesn’t have the smell of medicine. Jiang Minhan especially likes it.

After eating dinner, the two cleaned up and left the hospital together. Jiang Mihan had been coming to the hospital recently, so most of the nurses knew him. Initially, Jiang Minhan was a little embarrassed and worried. After all, this was Ren Chenxi’s workplace. If their affairs were to affect his work, it wouldn’t be good. However, it was reassuring to see Ren Chenxi so calm.

Jiang Minhan followed Ren Chenxi to his car, fastened his seat belt, and asked, “Where are we going?”

“You are just asking now, aren’t you afraid I’ll sell you?”

Jiang Minhan shook his head confidently as he said, “Selling me? Are you even willing?”

Ren Chenxi touched his head softly, “I have an appointment with my friend tonight. Will you go with me?”

Jiang Minhan happily said, “I’ll go!” Why wouldn’t he go? He was introducing him to his friends. It was a good omen!

Ren Chenxi had already started the car when they were talking. In fact, Xiao Ming had asked him out tonight. Xiao Ming had heard rumors from all sides that he had not been in the bar recently. Xiao Ming was curious to death, but Ren Chenxi had been really busy, so he failed to make an appointment several times. This time he was successful, so he asked Ren Chenxi to bring the other person.

Ren Chenxi was a playboy, but he promised to give it a try with Jiang Minhan, and they were more and more compatible, so he naturally wanted to take Jiang Minhan to meet Xiao Ming. Just like Xiao Min didn’t have a way to determine whether he could take the last step with Tong Haoxiu, but when he still liked him, he would sincerely accept him. Ren Chenxi and Xiao Ming had been friends for many years, probably because their personalities were very similar.

By the time Ren Chenxi and Jiang Minhan arrived, Xiao Ming and Tong Haoxiu were already sitting in their old seats. The bar was noisy, which made Ren Chenxi feel uneasy, so as soon as he entered, he held Jiang Minhan’s hand and led him to the other side.

Jiang Minhan naturally noticed the gazes around him, and he could guess that there were probably many one-night stands of Ren Chenxi, he could also tell that many of them wanted to develop into something more. It was impossible to say that he wasn’t feeling sour, but when Jiang Minhan’s eyes dropped and saw Ren Chenxi holding his hand, he couldn’t stop himself from being happy.

Humph, Ren Chenxi, who doesn’t do feelings, is falling in love with me.

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