FLWY – Chapter 22

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Chapter 22

Ren Chenxi, who wasn’t aware of it, led Jiang Minhan directly to Xiao Ming’s side to sit down. Then he reached out to the bartender, “Two glasses of juice.”

The bartender responded and looked at Jiang Minhan before leaving. He really couldn’t understand why Dr. Ren suddenly fell in love with this person.

Jiang Minhan did not contradict him, though he wanted to have a drink.

“Xiao Ming.” Ren Chenxi began to introduce, “My college classmate and best friend, next to him is boyfriend, Tong Haoxiu. Jiang Minhan, my boyfriend.”

The three people introduced: … Can’t you be a little simpler?

Jiang Minhan was really pleased by his boyfriend’s two words, so he said hello with a smile, “Hello ~.”

Tong Haoxiu was also pleased when Ren Chenxi mentioned that he was Xiao Ming’s boyfriend. He smiled and greeted him, “Hello ~”.

“…” Xiao Ming squinted at Ren Chenxi, then looked at Jiang Minhan, and recovered his friendly look, “Hello ~.”

Ren Chenxi thought the picture was too beautiful, so he chose not to speak.

The last time he came out to play, Tong Haoxiu was sitting on the side as he listened to Xiao Ming and Ren Chenxi talk. This time, with Jiang Minhan here, he was the happiest. Ren Chenxi looked at Jiang Minhan and Tong Haoxiu having a good chat, so he let them be.

In the middle of the talk, Tong Haoxiu led Jiang Minhan to the toilet. Xiao Ming didn’t follow them. Anyway, there were many eyes in the bar, knowing that the two were their people, the others wouldn’t dare to make a move on them, he thought.

Before the two came back, Xiao Ming smiled and took the opportunity to ask Ren Chenxi, “Have you decide to give it a serious try?”


“Tut, tut.” Xiao Ming chuckled. “History is always surprisingly similar. Last time you asked me. Now it’s my turn to ask you. Are you sure?”

“Give you back what you said last time.” Ren Chenxi sipped his juice and looked at the direction of the toilet.

Xiao Ming was stunned and laughed, “Haha, it’s great. I wish all of us happiness.” Xiao Ming raised his glass.

Ren Chenxi touched Xiao Ming’s glass with his juice.

The first meeting of the four people ended happily, and the two couples went back to their homes. Ren Chenxi drove today, so he didn’t drink. After getting in the car, Jiang Minhan asked, “Um, do you want to go to my house?” His home was close to the hospital, so it was convenient for Ren Chenxi to go to work the next day. Since last time, Ren Chenxi had stayed in his home occasionally. Jiang Minhan was very glad that Ying Kai was busy helping him with his music and didn’t have much time to control him. Otherwise, if he saw Ren Chenxi at his home, he would explode.

“Let’s go to my house.”

Jiang Minhan’s hand clasped his seat belt and paused for a while, then the corners of his mouth slowly raised, “Okay.”

Ren Chenxi’s home had the same feeling as his owner, simple, but cold and cheerless. It was strange. Obviously, the home had everything, you could tell that the kitchen was used often, and even the refrigerator was full of all kinds of ingredients, but Jiang Minhan felt that it lacked vitality.

“What do you want to drink?” Ren Chenxi took out a pair of slippers from the shoe cabinet and handed them to Jiang Minhan.

Jiang Minhan bowed his head and changed his shoes, “Well, I’m not thirsty.”

“All right.” Ren Chenxi waited for him to change his shoes before taking him to the living room, “I’ll take a bath. Can you watch TV?”

“Okay.” Jiang Minhan was pulled back from his thoughts and hugged Ren Chenxi, he raised his eyebrows and said, “Together.”

Ren Chenxi reached out and pinched his butt, “Ok.”

It had been more than an hour since Ren Chenxi went to bed with Jiang Minhan in his arms. The two people were used to doing it three or four times, but this time they only did it once in the bathroom. Now they were quietly embracing each other on the bed.

After quietly hugging for a while, Jiang Minhan took the initiative to put his leg between Ren Chenxi’s legs, “We won’t do it?”

“Haven’t been fed enough?” Ren Chenxi reached out and pinched his restless leg.

“Where is once enough?” Jiang Minhan deliberately stretched out his hand to touch Ren Chenxi’s cock, “Was it enough for you, Dr. Ren?”

Ren Chenxi reached out and grabbed his mischievous hand, “Why are you so excited today? Because it’s my house? “

Jiang Minhan, who had his thoughts exposed, pinched Ren Chenxi’s waist angrily, “Why do you act as you don’t know when you already saw through me?” After that, he heard Ren Chenxi chuckle.

Somehow, Jiang Minhan was a little angry, so he took back his leg and turned his back to him. As a result, Ren Chenxi hugged him as soon as he moved and held his leg.

Ren Chenxi looked at Jiang Minhan’s lips, “Another time?”

Obviously, Ren Chenxi didn’t do anything, but Jiang Minhan felt his desire come up all of a sudden, and the little thing between his legs had already lifted his head. He still had a lot to learn, he just said a word, and he was already hard.

Suddenly, Jiang Minhan took the initiative to embrace Ren Chenxi and wrap his legs tightly around Ren Chenxi’s waist. He delivered his little hole to Ren Chenxi.

“That’s lovely.” Ren Chenxi chuckled and bit Jiang Minhan’s nose, then reached out to hold his penis and slowly inserted it into Jiang Minhan’s back hole, “Baby, you just did it once and you are still so tight. You’re really amazing.”

He didn’t know if it was because of the man’s compliment, but Jiang Minhan felt that his back hole become itchier. He groaned a little impatiently, “Don’t you like it?”

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