FLWY – Chapter 23

This chapter has NSFW (18+) content.

Chapter 23

“I like it.” Ren Chenxi said, suddenly he inserted his penis to the end, and then bowed his head to kiss Jiang Minhan, “I love it.”

The spooning position was somewhat difficult for both of them. Ren Chenxi pulled and inserted slowly every time, which made Jiang Minhan go crazy. After screaming ‘good husband and good brother,’ Ren Chenxi finally changed his posture and slammed from the front.

“Ha..” Jiang Minhan couldn’t help but raise his hips to allow Ren Chenxi to penetrate deeper, “Good husband… again… aha… a little harder…”

“Wife,” Ren Chenxi suddenly slowed down. He looked down slightly and stared into Jiang Minhan’s eyes, which were full of passion, he looked at his reflection as he asked, “Do you love me?”

Jiang Minhan’s moan, which was about to be called out, stuck in his throat. He didn’t know why Ren Chenxi suddenly asked this question. The two people stopped moving and stayed in a connected position as they stared at each other.

A few seconds later, perhaps longer, Ren Chenxi sighed at the bottom of his heart, why did he ask if he loved him? What credibility had the words spoken in bed? Sure enough…

“Love.” Jiang Minhan raised his hand, gently stroked Ren Chenxi’s exquisite face, and said with a smile, “I love you very much, otherwise, why would I let you fuck me again and again?”

Ren Chenxi held Jiang Minhan’s hand, and his hold on Jiang Minhan’s waist suddenly tightened. While Jiang Minhan was waiting for his response, Ren Chenxi suddenly pulled out and then plunged in fiercely to the end of the warm cave.

“Ah…” Jiang Minhan’s hand was loose, but Ren Chenxi reached out and put Jiang Minhan’s hand on his shoulder.

“Dear wife, hold me tight, your husband will fuck you dry.”

Jiang Minhan obediently hugged Ren Chenxi’s neck, “Fuck me, husband, fuck me hard.” Let me know how much you love me, even if you don’t say it yourself.

“Ah… Fuck… uh… huh… my husband is great…Mmm…”

“Ahh… You are going to break me…”


When Ren Chenxi released his semen inside Jiang Minhan’s anus, Jiang Minhan also screamed and ejaculated. After the aftermath of the climax was over, Ren Chenxi bowed his head and gently kissed the corners of Jiang Minhan’s eyes, “Jiang Xiaohan.”

“En?” After climaxing, Jiang Minhan’s voice sounded a bit lazy and sexy.

Ren Chenxi reached out and slowly stroked Jiang Minhan’s cheek and chest, and finally stopped on his white thigh.

Jiang Minhan looked at him strangely, “Why are you hard again? I…”

“I like you.”

Jiang Minhan opened his mouth and looked at Ren Chenxi in a daze.

Ren Chenxi looked at his foolish laugh and smiled, “I like you.” After that, he kissed him. Jiang Minhan’s mouth was still open, which gave Ren Chenxi the chance to deepen the kiss.

“Aha…” When Jiang Minhan opened his mouth again, what came out were the groans caused by Ren Chenxi’s ferocious actions, “Slow down… aha… Husband… ah…”

Jiang Minhan was placed in a kneeling posture, and Ren Chenxi entered him from the back. The semen of the previous rounds slid out from Jiang Minhan’s anus and fell on the black sheets as the two people moved. The scene looked extremely obscene.

“Aha… Don’t… Turn around… ah…” Jiang Minhan was unable to say a complete sentence, but he persisted and turned his head to look at Ren Chenxi, “I want to… look at you… aha…”

Jiang Minhan insisted, so Ren Chenxi picked him up, got out of bed, and walked to the full-length mirror next to the closet. Ren Chenxi originally used the mirror to adjust his appearance, and he never thought that today it would have a new use.

Jiang Minhan was pressed in front of the cold mirror. The heat behind him and the coldness in front of him made his whole body tremble, and his back hole tightened sharply.

“Relax.” Ren Chenxi stretched out his hand and slapped Jiang Minhan’s ass, then reached out and lifted Jiang Minhan’s chin, “Baby, don’t you want to look at me? Then watch carefully, observe how I fuck you.”

“Ah… ha…” Jiang Minhan opened his eyes and looked at his face full of lust in the mirror. His hard cock spilled a transparent liquid as it shook with the movements of the person behind him. It was a scene full of continuous pleasure and lust. Jiang Minhan couldn’t help but close his eyes, “Ah… You… Bastard… ahhh…”

Ren Chenxi held Jiang Minhan’s earlobe, “Dear wife, open your eyes, eh?” Ren Chenxi pinched Jiang Minhan’s nipple with one hand and kneaded it a bit, “Open your eyes and see how your husband fucks your ass, huh?”

“Ah…” Ren Chenxi’s sexy voice was too appealing. Jiang Minhan opened his eyes and once again saw the two people entangled in the mirror.

Jiang Minhan had some chaotic thoughts when he saw Ren Chenxi looking at him in the mirror. Suddenly, he sobered up a little bit and held the cold mirror with one hand as he stretched out his other hand to touch the place where the two were connected, “Aha… It’s so big… it’s going up… Husband… ahh… I love you…”

Jiang Minhan’s words and actions stimulated Ren Chenxi. He bowed his head and bit Jiang Minhan’s shoulder. “Slut, your husband will satisfy you.”

When they climaxed, Jiang Minhan’s semen was all over the mirror, and then because of gravity, it fell down, drawing a series of obscene lines on the mirror.

Ren Chenxi hugged Jiang Minhan’s waist, and then slowly sat on the floor with him in his arms.

“How are you feeling?” Ren Chenxi stretched out his hand and lifted Jiang Minhan’s sweaty hair to reveal his smooth forehead.

Jiang Minhan looked up, saw the mirror, and immediately turned his eyes away, “I’m going to be fucked to death by you.”

Ren Chenxi liked his childishness very much, so he moved over to kiss the side of his face, “But I’m so good, you don’t want to stop every time we fuck.”

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