FLWY – Chapter 24

This chapter has NSFW (18+) content.

Chapter 24

This kind of different love talk made Jiang Minhan blush slightly. He pinched Ren Chenxi’s arm and said, “Dr. Ren can speak love words too?”

“If this is the case,” Ren Chenxi said with a smile on his lips, “then I can say more for you.”

“…” Jiang Minhan didn’t hold back and smiled, “Smelly rogue.”

“What about your husband?” Ren Chenxi gave Jiang Minhan a bad look and pinched his waist.

Jiang Minhan softened at once, “Ah, ah, my waist is broken, and you still poke it!”

“Hahaha.” Ren Chenxi laughed for the first time, “Baby, you are so cute.”

Jiang Minhan: … Go to your cuteness!

Originally, after taking a break on the floor, Ren Chenxi was going to take someone to the bathroom for cleaning, but somehow the two people kissed and went for another round.

The two returned to the bed, and when they shot out for the last time, the two of them were tired, and their semen was thin. Jiang Minhan thought that this was the craziest and happiest experience they have had together since they met.

“Don’t move.” Ren Chenxi wanted to pull out, but Jiang Minhan hugged him and wrapped his legs around him, “I’m so tired. Let’s sleep like this.”

Ren Chenxi’s weak penis was still inside Jiang Minhan’s back hole, not to mention that the small hole was full of the semen he released before, which slid out from a little gap when they moved.

“Darling, you sleep, I’ll carry you.” Ren Chenxi also knew that he was too much today. “If you stay like this, you will be sick tomorrow.”

“No.” Jiang Minhan yawned, he was obviously tired to death, but still didn’t let Ren Chenxi go. “I like this. It’s all mine.” Jiang Minhan murmured, “Don’t go.”

Ren Chenxi had no choice but to wait until he was asleep.

“If you don’t wash, I won’t fuck you next time,” Ren Chenxi threatened Jiang Minhan before the later fell asleep.

As a doctor, Ren Chenxi felt that his profession was being challenged. But as a husband, when Ren Chenxi looked at Jiang Minhan’s satisfied sleeping face, he suddenly felt that it was ok to occasionally be capricious together.

After lying down for a while, Ren Chenxi was still in thought. At last, he fell asleep in a lewd position. Fortunately, before going to bed, Ren Chenxi had pulled a quilt to cover the two people, or he would have to wake up in the middle of the night.

When Jiang Minhan was sleeping, he felt that there was something hard and hot poking his swollen back hole; Jiang Minhan groaned a few times, which resulted in a strong push.

Jiang Minhan opened his eyes, looked at the head buried in his chest, and complained, “You are so energetic in the morning.” He didn’t know whether he or Ren Chenxi was the young one.

Ren Chenxi saw that he was awake, so he abandoned the already red and hard nipples and went to kiss Jiang Minhan, “Who makes my wife’s butthole so comfortable? I woke up from the heat.”

“Aha…” Jiang Minhan scolded, “It’s clearly… Ah… You… “

“It’s me. It’s me.” Ren Chenxi kissed him jokingly and waited until he couldn’t breathe to let him go. “It’s all because my wife is too coquettish and has been tempting me.”

“Ah…” Jiang Minhan smiled at him, “So annoying… You… Aha… Harder… Hmm…”

The two people were happily exercising early in the morning when a harsh ringing bell suddenly sounded in the room. Jiang Minhan knew that it was his ringtone, but he didn’t know who was the person calling.

The two people didn’t want to stop to answer the call, but the phone kept ringing. After hanging up once, it continued to ring persistently.

“Aha … hurry …” Jiang Minhan hugged Ren Chenxi’s neck, “shoot out … ha …”

“Ok.” Ren Chenxi thought that the phone was annoying, but he didn’t want to and couldn’t stop to pick up the call. He could only solve it quickly.

Ren Chenxi quickly pulled in and out dozens of times, and the two people shot out at the same time. The amount of sperm wasn’t much, but Jiang Minhan’s originally wet anus was now dripping.

“My cell phone.” Jiang Minhan was too tired to move, so he touched Ren Chenxi’s leg with his leg.

Ren Chenxi was reluctant to leave the warm little hole, but he had to do what his wife said. He pulled out his penis and walked naked to the pile of clothes next to the bed to find Jiang Minhan’s phone.

Jiang Minhan looked at Ren Chenxi’s dick and noticed that there were some shining drops on top of it. He didn’t know whether it was Ren Chenxi’s semen or the liquid secreted by his back hole. In a word, it was obscene. Jiang Minhan could feel that something had been flowing out from his cave. He didn’t need to see to know how debauched he looked now. He was covered with love traces, and semen leaked out from his anus.

Jiang Minhan felt that he was really unrestrained in front of the male god. He didn’t feel any shame and was even a bit proud. Look! The male god can’t extricate himself from me and my body.

“Here.” Ren Chenxi finally found Jiang Minhan’s phone in his pants’ pocket, walked to the bedside, and handed it to him, “I’ll pour you a glass of water.”

The author said: Jiang Xiaoshou is really cute~~~~

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