FLWY – Chapter 25

Chapter 25

“Um.” Jiang Minhan yawned and thought that doing it in the morning was very refreshing, however, his throat was uncomfortable. Jiang Minhan coughed twice before looking at the mobile phone that had been ringing.

After looking at the screen, Jiang Minhan’s whole person felt like dying. He shuddered slightly,  why did his uncle have to call every time he was with the male god? Jiang Minhan seriously began to doubt whether his uncle wouldn’t be satisfied unless he killed him. Nevertheless, he still had to answer the phone, “Hello…”

“Jiang Xiaohan!!”

After noticing that Ying Kai’s voice was full of anger, Jiang Minhan swallowed, “Uncle ~.”

Ying Kai sneered, “How long will it take this time?”

“Huh.” Jiang Minhan looked up and saw Ren Chenxi walking over with a cup of water and still naked. Jiang Minhan touched his forehead as he said, “Oh, one day? The male god is too fierce. Uncle, I can’t get out of bed today. Could you do me a favor and settle the bill tomorrow? Please?”


The mobile phone in his hand was suddenly snatched away and exchanged by a cup of warm water. Jiang Minhan held the cup and looked at Ren Chenxi holding his mobile phone. Ren Chenxi sat beside him and put him in his arms, “He can’t go back today. I’ll send him back tomorrow.”

Ying Kai: “…”

When facing Jiang Minhan, Ying Kai wouldn’t stop his anger. However, when facing Ren Chenxi, Ying Kai considered Jiang Minhan’s efforts and restrained himself. Ying Kai could only bite his teeth and say, “OK.”

Seeing Ren Chenxi hung up the phone and put it aside in a natural way, Jiang Minhan raised his hand and quickly drank the water in the cup. After that, he ignored Ren Chenxi’s confused eyes and casually threw the cup onto the bed, then he dragged his tired waist and rushed to hug Ren Chenxi.

“God, you are so handsome!”

The jump exhausted Jiang Minhan’s strength, so he rested in Ren Chenxi’s arms.

“Do you feel uncomfortable?” Ren Chenxi reached out to touch Jiang Minhan’s forehead. He stayed inside Jiang Minhan all night, so he was still worried.

Jiang Minhan shook his head. It looked like he was really all right, “No pain.” Jiang Minhan deliberately said, “Very comfortable.” He didn’t know what he was referring to.

Ren Chenxi slapped him on the ass kindly, “You won’t be out of bed for another three days.”

Jiang Minhan reacted quickly and asked, “You don’t have to work today?”

“En.” He only accepted Xiao Ming’s invitation the night before because he didn’t have to work the next day. “I’ll take you to clean up, and then have breakfast.”

“Okay.” Jiang Minhan stretched out his hands and hugged Ren Chenxi’s neck. “However, you have to know that I have no strength to go out to eat.”

“We’ll eat at home.” Ren Chenxi originally wanted to carry him as a princess, but Jiang Minhan always hugged his neck, so he held Jiang Minhan’s legs and carried him like a koala.

“En…” Jiang Minhan buried his face on Ren Chenxi’s shoulder. “Husband, the semen is flowing out.”

Ren Chenxi: … This goblin really didn’t stop for a minute.

To avoid going for another round and fucking to death, Ren Chenxi walked hurriedly to the bathroom with a person in his arms. It didn’t matter where the semen landed, he would die if he didn’t wash this guy clean.

After cleaning up, Ren Chenxi made Jiang Minhan wear new underwear and a thin black sweater. Although it was early winter, and it wasn’t very cold, Ren Chenxi still kept the floor warm at home, so it wasn’t necessary to wear many clothes indoors. Jiang Minhan was supposed to wear pants, but he didn’t want to. Later, he even took off his underwear, saying that it hurt when it rubbed his small hole.

Anyway, the sweater was long enough. Ren Chenxi let him do what he wanted. When Jiang Minhan was sitting in the living room watching TV, Ren Chenxi threw the bedsheets and Jiang Minhan’s clothes into the washing machine, as for the underwear, Ren Chenxi washed it by hand.

When Ren Chenxi went to the balcony to let the underwear dry, Jiang Minhan looked at him with eyes full of love. His boyfriend was so virtuous! That little look made Ren Chenxi kiss Jiang Minhan hard before going to the kitchen to make breakfast.

Ren Chenxi prepared some porridge before washing the clothes, and now he was planning to fry two poached eggs.  Ren Chenxi took out the ingredients from the refrigerator and made a small side dish with tomatoes and potatoes. The stew smelled delicious. 

“Come over to eat.” Ren Chenxi arranged the dishes and porridge on the table and called Jiang Minhan, who was still in the living room.

Jiang Minhan responded and ran over, “Wow, it looks like a good meal!”

Ren Chenxi wanted to go to the living room to grab a cushion and put it on the chair for Jiang Minhan. He couldn’t let him sit on the chair directly like that. The result was that when took a step away, Jiang Minhan held his wrist, “Where are you going?”

“I’m going to take a cushion.” Ren Chenxi turned to look at him.

“Take what!” Jiang Minhan suddenly smiled cunningly, then pulled Ren Chenxi over, pushed him down on the chair, and sat on his lap himself. “I think this is good.”

Ren Chenxi looked at him coldly. “You won’t let me eat?” In this position,  how would the two of them eat?

Jiang Minhan rightly said, “I’ll feed you.”

Ren Chenxi looked at him and didn’t speak, Jiang Minhan had to stand up and murmured, “You don’t love me at all, humph.”

Ren Chenxi felt helpless for the first time. This guy wasn’t so sticky before, what happened today? However, Ren Chenxi still pulled Jiang Minhan over, “Come here.”

Jiang Minhan was delighted and turned around to happily sit on Ren Chenxi’s lap with his leg apart. He exchanged a kiss with him, “My husband, I love you to death.”

Ren Chenxi: … I lost against you.

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  1. You will always lost, husband. AHAHAHSH i really want to see Jiang Minhan jealousy when some ex-one night stand go to ChenXi


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