FLWY – Chapter 26

Chapter 26

Ren Chenxi touched someone’s smooth thigh, “Turn around, how do you want to eat?”

“Oh.” Jiang Minhan obediently turned over and leaned back on Ren Chenxi’s bosom. After that, he took a mouthful of the cold porridge. “It’s delicious ~.”

Ren Chenxi thought that it was just a bowl of white porridge. What was so delicious about it? However, Jiang Minhan suddenly turned his head, kissed Ren Chenxi, and passed the porridge in his mouth to his mouth.

Ren Chenxi: … Damn, this little goblin.

Ren Chenxi couldn’t help but hold his waist, “You are tempting me. Have a good meal first.”

“I’m afraid you’ll be hungry.” Jiang Minhan stretched out his tongue and licked his lips.

Ren Chenxi hit him hard on the bottom, “I’ll eat if I’m hungry.”

“Oh! My husband, this is domestic violence.” Jiang Minhan deliberately feigned pain and pretended to cry, “I’m still your little darling in bed.”

Ren Chenxi smiled angrily at him. “Ok, stop playing tricks, let’s have a good meal.”

Jiang Minhan had made enough trouble, so he turned around and ate submissively. He also knew that he was a little stubborn, he didn’t know why, but today he wanted Ren Chenxi to embrace and spoil him all the time.

Jiang Minhan still felt bad for Ren Chenxi, so after quickly feeding himself, he wanted to go down and let Ren Chenxi eat. However, before he went down, Ren Chenxi embraced his waist, “Turn around.”

“Huh?” Jiang Minhan was confused, but with Ren Chenxi’s help, he turned around to face Ren Chenxi. Then he was kissed by Ren Chenxi.

“Well.” Jiang Minhan gasped and asked, “don’t you want to eat?”

Ren Chenxi thought that this guy was going to kill him. He’s so happy to eat sitting on his lap, and he moved every now and then. Did he really think he was Liu Xiahui? What’s more, the guy wasn’t wearing any underwear. The back hole he abused in the morning was rubbing his crotch, he really wanted to hit someone.


Ren Chenxi reached out and pinched his face: “Nothing, go to the living room and watch TV.”

“Oh.” Jiang Minhan was so dull that he didn’t notice anything and went to the living room to watch TV.

Ren Chenxi was biting his fried eggs, thinking that he really brought a goblin to his home, and he would die one day. It sounded like a bad thing, but somehow Ren Chenxi’s mouth showed a smile.

After eating, Ren Chenxi cleaned up the dishes before going to the living room. When Ren Chenxi sat down on the sofa, Jiang Minhan moved over to sit on his lap and lay in his arms.

“You.” Ren Chenxi reached out his hand and pinched Jiang Minhan’s neck. “Will you die if I don’t hold you?”

“Yes.” Jiang Minhan smiled and kissed him.

Ren Chenxi was speechless, so someone kissed him deeply.

After having some difficulties to stop the kiss, Jiang Minhan laid down his soft body in Ren Chenxi’s arms, “Are you really going to send me back tomorrow? Do you have to work?”

Ren Chenxi hugged him as he unconsciously ignored the long black sweater and touched Jiang Minhan’s waist. “It’s okay. I can take two days off this time.” He had been so busy in the past, all for these two days of vacation, and have a longer rest.

“Really?!” Jiang Minhan was very surprised. After all, Ren Chenxi was so busy. “Then you can stay at my house tomorrow. Anyway, my house is very close to the hospital.”

Ren Chenxi nodded, “All right.” In fact, that’s what he intended.

Knowing that they could stay together for another day, Jiang Minhan was so happy that he turned around, abandoned the TV, sat on Ren Chenxi’s legs, and kissed him face to face.

They had just done it in the morning, but unconsciously the two people began to touch each other. Ren Chenxi’s hand even pinched Jiang Minhan’s nipple.

“Aha …” Jiang Minhan panted against Ren Chenxi, “Do you want to do it?”

“No more.” Although Ren Chenxi said so, the hand holding Jiang Minhan’s nipple didn’t relax.

“Um… Then you’d better take your hands off.” Jiang Minhan looked at him funnily, but he did not stop him.

To be honest, the two people could do it, but they wouldn’t shoot anything. However, the hard place was still hard. Jiang Mihan simply stretched out his hands and took off his sweater, then threw it aside, and became naked again.

“Aha…” Jiang Minhan reached out to pull Ren Chenxi’s pants, “Do it… ahh… I want you inside…”

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