FLWY – Chapter 27

 This chapter is NSWF (18+)

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Chapter 27

Reason told Ren Chenxi that they shouldn’t do it anymore, but his body was too honest. He slightly raised his butt as he said, “Help your husband take off his pants so he can put it in.”

“Huh…” Jiang Minhan’s penis was held by Ren Chenxi, which made his hands tremble a little. Fortunately, he was able to take off half of Ren Chenxi’s pants and underwear smoothly.

Ren Chenxi’s hard cock suddenly jumped out and collided with Jiang Minhan.
“Hmm…” Jiang Minhan quickly grabbed Ren Chenxi’s hand holding his penis, “Don’t touch it… ah… touch the small hole… ahh… It’s itchy…”

Ren Chenxi also knew that he couldn’t make him ejaculate so fast. Since they were going to do it, he would slow down and enjoy it a bit longer, so he moved his hand to Jiang Minhan’s little cave.

Without any lubrication, Ren Chenxi smoothly put a finger inside, “Baby, no lube, and you are already wet inside? It’s truly a coquettish hole.

“Huh… would you like to die…” Jiang Minhan liked kissing, especially during sex, so he reached up to kiss Ren Chenxi’s face and said, “Put it in… aha… it’s itchy…”

“Raise your ass, otherwise, how can your husband put it in?” Ren Chenxi saw that he wanted to kiss, but he deliberately turned his head away.

Jiang Minhan was angry, so he lifted his buttocks and grabbed Ren Chenxi’s face to kiss him actively.

When Ren Chenxi kissed Jiang Minhan, one of his hands held his penis and thrust into Jiang Minhan’s anus, making the two people groan.

Jiang Minhan softened his waist and sat down at once. Ren Chenxi’s penis reached the deepest place.

“Aha…” Jiang Minhan embraced Ren Chenxi’s neck tightly, “It’s too deep… uh… huh… I’m going to be broken by you… ah…”

“You won’t.” Ren Chenxi laughed and lowered his head to bite Jiang Minhan’s collarbone. “My wife’s little hole is very sturdy. It can’t be broken.”

“Ah…” Jiang Minhan said he was going to break, so Ren Chenxi didn’t move. In the end, Jiang Minhan couldn’t help it, “Husband… move… ah…”

“You are hard to serve.” Ren Chexi held Jiang Minhan’s waist, lifted him slightly, and then abruptly put him down.

“Ah… it’s too deep… Ha…” Every time they did it in the riding position, Jiang Minhan felt that he was going to be killed by Ren Chenxi, “Husband… aha… I’m going to die…” 

Jiang Minhan knew Ren Chenxi’s aim, so he asked, “Is it pleasurable to trouble your wife?”

“Husband… aha.. Slow down… Ah…”

“I’m going to break… ah…”

“Husband… Ahh…”

As expected, Jiang Minhan didn’t shoot anything. There was only a little bit of a cloudy and light liquid.  Although he didn’t shoot anything, the pleasure was still real.

Ren Chenxi didn’t want to toss him anymore, so he let himself ejaculate under the squeeze of Jiang Minhan’s orgasm.

From last night to now, he couldn’t shoot anything, but he was still better than Jiang Minhan, and some semen was shot inside the hole.

“I’m exhausted.” Jiang Minhan said in a hoarse voice, “I really can’t do anything else today.”

Ren Chenxi’s hand squeezed Jiang Minhan’s waist to help him relax, “Who was the one who seduced me?”

“I don’t know.” Jiang Minhan said innocently, “Well, I’m tired, let me hold you for a while.”

Ren Chenxi didn’t speak, but let him hold him and didn’t move.

“Husband.” Jiang Minhan, who was leaning on his shoulder, suddenly made a sound.

Jiang Minhan didn’t call him husband very much out of bed, Ren Chenxi was wondering if this should be his fixed title, “Huh?” He liked Jiang Minhan calling him that.

Jiang Minhan said, “I really want to be with you like this all the time. Am I too erotic?”

Ren Chenxi’s eyebrows jumped, this mother’s goblin, didn’t he say he couldn’t do it anymore?

Jiang Minhan said again, “No matter what. Today I want you to stay inside me all the time. Don’t move.”

Ren Chenxi patted his head, “What a silly thing to say.”

“I know it’s impossible, but I’m not good with words.” Jiang Minhan said gloomily, “I love you so much, what can I do?”

Ren Chenxi: … You won’t let me do it, and you are still flirting!

Ren Chenxi didn’t respond, so Jiang Minhan wasn’t happy. He just liked Ren Chenxi. When Jiang Minhan was about to go down, Ren Chenxi hugged him tightly, “Don’t move, your husband doesn’t want to go out from his wife’s hole.”

Jiang Minhan was shocked and looked at Ren Chenxi’s eyes.

Ren Chenxi raised the corners of  his mouth and said, “Call me husband.”

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