FLWY – Chapter 28

Chapter 28

Jiang Minhan’s eyes widened, then he shouted happily, “Husband!”

“Good.” Ren Chenxi was still smiling, whether in bed or outside the bed, this person was really too much to his liking.

“Husband, husband, husband.” Jiang Minhan shouted with Ren Chenxi in his arms. Actually, he really liked this title. He liked such an intimate and unique name, be he seldom called it outside the bed as he was afraid that Ren Chenxi wouldn’t like it, but now Ren Chenxi took the initiative to acknowledge the title.

Hahahaha. Look, this guy really loves me. Humph.

It was impossible for Ren Chenxi to flirt with Jiang Minhan for the whole day. So when he went to the toilet, he took Jiang Minhan to clean up.

After cleaning up, Jiang Minhan put on the black sweater again, but he still refused to wear underwear. Ren Chenxi saw that Jiang Minhan’s anus was red and swollen, so he didn’t force him and applied medicine for him.  These two days they overdid it, Jiang Minhan hadn’t been so miserable except for his first time.

Jiang Minhan was as good as a baby on this day, and Ren Chenxi always let him do what he wanted to do. He often called Ren Chenxi ‘husband’, and later Ren Chenxi couldn’t bear it anymore, so he could only catch Jiang Minhan and kiss him from time to time. Anyway, if you can’t eat it, you can kiss it.

Originally, Ren Chenxi wanted to take someone out for dinner, but Jiang Minhan was unwilling, so he had to continue to cook at home. If this had happened in the past and someone dared to order the doctor around like this, that person would’ve been stabbed with a scalpel by Dr. Ren, but if the person giving orders is Jiang Minhan calling his husband, Ren Chenxi will listen.

Jiang Minhan was well-behaved during dinner and took a mat to sit next to Ren Chenxi. He and Ren Chenxi needed to rest, so he didn’t dare to do it again. Why didn’t they have lunch? The meal they were eating was actually lunch, ok?

After eating, Jiang Minhan wanted to wash the dishes, but Ren Chenxi didn’t let him. Ren Chenxi held Jiang Minhan and put him on the sofa. After that, he cleaned up the dishes. Jiang Minhan knelt on the sofa, looked at Ren Chenxi’s back, and said emotionally, “My husband, your boyfriend is cheering for you!” Jiang Minhan’s little heart was going to jump out of his chest.

“Nonsense.” Ren Chenxi left him behind and went to the kitchen to wash the dishes.

Jiang Minhan fell down on the sofa with a smile on his face and shouted to the kitchen, “Husband, your husband is bursting with force!”

Ren Chenxi, who was washing the dishes in the kitchen, calmly put the cleaned bowl aside as he thought ‘this little living treasure‘.

After washing the dishes, Ren Chenxi sat on the sofa and took Jiang Minhan into his arms, “Do you want to watch a movie?”

“No.” Jiang Minhan leaned his head on Ren Chenxi’s shoulder. “I’m too lazy to change it. Let’s watch this.”

Ren Chenxi watched the unknown variety show on TV. Forget it, he was too lazy to move anyway, just let it be. So the two people hugged each other to watch the not so funny variety show and exchanged a kiss from time to time.

When Jiang Minhan fell asleep in his arms, Ren Chenxi felt that this was probably the most tender moment in his half-life. When he was a child, his parents were busy with farming and factory work, so he would spend his time locked in the dark home alone. There was a time when he slipped out to find his grandmother. Later, when grandma scolded his parents, his parents added more locks when they locked him in the house.

In the beginning, he cried every day. When going to bed, he had to turn on the TV with the light on before he dared to sleep.  After a long time, he no longer cried or felt afraid. By the time he was ten years old, the family’s economy was a little better, so his parents began to think about building a new house. The money required to build a new house in the countryside wasn’t much, the price was around a hundred thousand yuan. But for a rural family, it was still a huge investment. As a result, his parents were even busier, and they would often quarrel with each other. When Ren Chenxi was a kid, he would still cry to make them stop, but later he became numb to it. After that, every time they quarreled, Ren Chenxi would lock himself in his room and listen indifferently to the sound of their voices.

Ren Chenxi felt it was very strange. Obviously, the two people were disgusted with each other, why weren’t they willing to divorce? When the word ‘divorce’ was mentioned, it was like the end of the world. Ren Chenxi didn’t understand, and his parents didn’t understand why their son could coldly persuade them to divorce. They didn’t understand each other, so the distance between them grew more and more. His parents were still his parents, but they couldn’t be like other people’s families and care for each other.

When he was a freshman, Ren Chenxi sometimes thought that probably everything was fate, and because God couldn’t stand his parents quarreling every day, his father was diagnosed with tuberculosis as a result of overworking. Although the hope was very slim, he still took out the family’s savings to pay for his father’s treatment. At that time, Ren Chenxi would often go in and out of the hospital, and then he suddenly thought that maybe he should become a doctor.

Later, his father still died. At that time, the old man in the family was no longer there. After doing the funeral, his mother cried, he didn’t know if she cried because of sadness or because the family had run out of money.  If you don’t have money, you can’t live. His mother tried to borrow money from their relatives, but they would say that they didn’t have money, so his mother could only thank them. Ren Chenxi wanted to go to school, so he applied for the students with difficulties program to have his tuition fees reduced and receive some subsidies. The students that were part of the program felt embarrassed and didn’t want to talk about it. However, Ren Chenxi was different, he didn’t feel disgraced at all, he lived a frugal life with the subsidies he received, and some people with prejudices would isolate him. Nevertheless, Ren Chenxi didn’t feel anything wrong and lived a comfortable life.

Ren Chenxi’s magnanimous attitude attracted many girls to fall in love with him secretly, but Ren Chenxi refused all of them. The reason was simple and rude, he had no money or energy, so the girls would naturally retreat. However, there was a junior student that pursued him eagerly, but Ren Chenxi’s coldness made him give up after a semester.

Ren Chenxi didn’t understand. Today those little lovers who were in love were still in full swing, and one of them might like someone else the next day, so Ren Chenxi thought, what’s the use of such cheap love?

In Ren Chenxi’s senior year, his mother remarried. She couldn’t bear the debt of her family and had a difficult life, so she chose to start again. Ren Chenxi didn’t hate his mother. His mother was able to hold on for such a long time, which was very good. However, when his mother wanted him to follow her to her new marriage, Ren Chenxi refused. The other side also had children, and bringing another would add trouble to the family, especially when he was so old. His mother tried persuading him for a long time and eventually left him alone. The man was from another village and did business abroad, so their family was in good condition. His mother moved to the city with him soon after she married.

Ren Chenxi lived at home alone, and the people in the village would often talk behind his back and look at him pitifully. Ren Chenxi suffered in silence. In the summer vacation after the college entrance examination, Ren Chenxi went out to work.  Ren Chenxi was able to attend the university of his choice with the money he earned and the money his mother gave him later. He told his mother that one year, as long as she paid for one year’s tuition, he wouldn’t ask her for money in the future. Ren Chenxi’s mother wasn’t very happy. After all, it wasn’t good to ask for that sum of money just after she married, but she eventually paid for the tuition. Ren Chenxi returned the money when he was a junior.

Ren Chenxi left his hometown to attend university and lived in the so-called big city. He became more and more successful, but at the same time, he became more and more indifferent.  If there was not Xiao Ming, he would probably stay alone at home and celebrate the new year by himself.  Sometimes he would get a phone call from his mother, and he would usually hang up after a few words. He guessed that his mother’s life after his new marriage wasn’t so good, but it wasn’t related to him. It was his mother’s own choice.

Ren Chenxi didn’t think there was anything wrong with this kind of life, there was no one to restrain him, and he didn’t have any responsibilities. If he wanted to solve his physiological needs, he just had to go out, have a one night stand, and they wouldn’t entangle with each other. It was really good.

“Um…” The man in his arms, who was sleeping quietly, suddenly made a sound.

Ren Chenxi pulled away from his thoughts and looked down at Jiang Minhan. He had been sleeping for a long time in such a posture, which was uncomfortable. Ren Chenxi gently picked him up and wanted to take him back to the room to sleep.

As soon as he got up, the man in his arms opened his eyes and cried out vaguely, “Husband?”

At that moment, Ren Chenxi’s heart was soft and messy. He bowed his head and kissed Jiang Minhan on the forehead, “Darling, sleep with me inside.”

Jiang Minhan closed his eyes again and went to sleep quietly.

Ren Chenxi carried Jiang Minhan to the bedroom. The light in the living room lit up the gentle look on his face.

When Jiang Minhan woke up the next day, the place next to him was empty. Ren Chenxi wasn’t there, but he wasn’t in a hurry. He put on the black sweater he wore yesterday and went to the bathroom to wash before going out. Ren Chenxi, the big sex wolf, let him sleep naked last night.

As soon as Jiang Minhan went out, he heard the sound of the collision between the pot and spoon, so he ran into the kitchen and hugged the man who was frying eggs from the back, “Husband, good morning ~.”

Ren Chenxi flipped the egg and then turned to kiss Jiang Minhan. The early morning sun came through the window and wrapped them gently.

“Good morning, lazy pig.”

Jiang Minhan discontentedly bit Ren Chenxi’s lips, “It’s not fair, change the nickname.”

The author said: my lovely doctor Ren ~ ~ dare to love, dare to hate, be strong and firm

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