FLWY – Chapter 29

Chapter 29

Ren Chenxi turned around to continue frying eggs, “Good morning, wife.”

Jiang Minhan’s heart was satisfied, so he released Ren Chenxi and went to the fridge for milk.

After eating breakfast, Ren Chenxi pressed Jiang Minhan on his lap. Jiang Minhan deliberately shouted that he didn’t want to have sex in the daytime. However, Ren Chenxi just lifted his sweater to look at his anus. Young people are good; their resilience is really strong. Jiang Minhan’s back hole was bright red yesterday, but today it had recovered its original appearance.

Jiang Minhan didn’t feel the arrival of papapa, his dear husband pulled him up and led him to the bedroom, “Change your clothes. I’ll send you back.”

Jiang Minhan immediately thought of Ying Kai’s sneering face and shuddered subconsciously.  Then he rushed to Ren Chenxi and said, “Husband, if there’s something wrong, you must protect me!”

Ren Chenxi took out the oil bottle from the wardrobe, “I know, change clothes quickly.”

Jiang Minhan took it obediently. Ren Chenxi was willing to accompany him back. He was already very happy. You know, this was the rhythm of meeting the parents.

Looking at Jiang Minhan taking off his clothes so candidly and slowly in front of him, Ren Chenxi wanted to go up and hold him for a while, but when he thought about yesterday’s call, he restrained himself.

On the way to Jiang Minhan’s house, Ying Kai called again. Jiang Minhan picked up the phone and noticed that it was Lin Zedong, “Have you come back?”

“I’m on my way,” Jiang Minhan said hurriedly. “Uncle, how is uncle’s mood?”

“Very good.” After all, they just did it in the morning, and Ying Kai would always feel good after releasing. “You know that he isn’t happy that you are in love.”

“I know, I know.” Jiang Minhan secretly looked at Ren Chenxi, who was driving, “I’m bringing the person back to make him feel at ease.”

“Well, you know, you can’t just abduct such a big kid.” Lin Zedong waved at Ying Kai, who had just finished his bath, “Ok, how long will it take?”

“Twenty minutes,” Jiang Minhan estimated. “Anyway, I’m not in a hurry.  You and uncle should get ready and then call again.”

“Well, ok, that’s it.”

“Goodbye, uncle.”

Ying Kai walked next to Lin Zedong and threw the towel to him. Then he sat on the sofa, “Jiang Xiaohan?”

“En.” Lin Zedong went over and gently wiped Ying Kai’s hair with a towel.  “He’ll be back soon.”

Ying Kai had listened to Lin Zedong’s tone on the phone just now, and said helplessly, “I’m not going to eat him. It’s just that who told him to go and give his virginity to others like that? He didn’t know him for long.”

Lin Zedong finished wiping Ying Kai’s hair and hugged him from behind as he said with a smile, “He follows after me. Otherwise, how would he catch the person he likes?” When he was done talking, he kissed Ying Kai’s side face.

Ying Kai glanced at him and said, “Well, why didn’t you do the same and fuck me at the beginning?”

Lin Zedong bit Ying Kai’s earlobe and said, “I didn’t rush to make my wife comfortable.”

Ying Kai reached out and patted Lin Zedong’s head, “I know, let go, I’m going to change clothes.” He had just taken a bath and was still wearing a bathrobe.

“Your husband will take you there.” Lin Zedong kissed him again, then stood up and waited for Ying Kai.

Ying Kai stood on the sofa and leaned over to embrace Lin Zedong’s neck, “Take off.”

Lin Zedong bent down with a smile, lifted Ying Kai’s legs, and picked up his princess.

Jiang Minhan thought that Ying Kai must have placed a tracker on his body. Otherwise, why would he call him the next day every time he had ran away with Ren Chenxi? Or why did the doorbell ring just after he and Ren Chenxi had entered the house!?

If Ying Kai knew what Jiang Minhan thought about him, he would hit him in the head. His husband didn’t have a tracker, why would he place one on Jiang Minhan!?

“If you have the key, why ring the doorbell?” Jiang Minhan mumbled as he went to open the door, but when the door opened, he immediately changed his face and looked at the two people outside, “Good morning, uncle.” Jiang Minhan moved aside and let the two people in.

When Ying Kai was about to speak, he saw Ren Chenxi coming out of the bathroom. Ren Chenxi saw them, nodded politely, and greeted them, “Uncle, uncle.”

Ying Kai: “…”

Lin Zedong: “…”

Jiang Minhan: My husband is amazing!

Should they answer or not? If yes, isn’t that the same as admitting the other side in an instant? If not, wouldn’t they be impolite and let the other party feel that Jiang Xiaohan’s family is difficult to get along with?

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