FLWY – Chapter 30

Dear yaoi lovers, Merry Christmas ❄️🎄! I hope you spend these holidays with your loved ones and have a great time together. For now, enjoy our leads’ sweet interactions.

Chapter 30

Jiang Minhan didn’t understand the entanglement of his uncles’ at all. He closed the door and ran happily to Ren Chenxi. When Ren Chenxi hugged him, he smiled and turned his head to say, “Uncle, uncle, please come and sit down.” Then, he turned around to look at Ren Chenxi, “Husband, I’ll pour water for them.”

“I’ll go,” Ren Chenxi patted his head. “You sit with them for a while.”

“All right.”

Ying Kai and Lin Zedong watched Ren Chenxi go to the kitchen as if he was the master of the house, and then looked at each other. What’s this sudden situation of being stuffed with a mouthful of dog food?!

Jiang Minhan didn’t seem to notice his uncles’ complex emotions and asked them to sit down.

After Ying Kai sat down, he calmed down and thought that he couldn’t collapse so easily, so he sneered and said, “How long have you been together? Your husband, huh?”

“Love has nothing to do with the length of time we have known each other,” said Jiang Minhan seriously. “You and my uncle had been in love for just four months when you went abroad to get married.”

Lin Zedong squinted at him and said, “What do you want to say to us?”

“Yes, we got married soon, but we’re in love until now.” Ying Kai said calmly, “Now we’ve been together for nearly ten years.”

Jiang Minhan said sourly, “I know. I will be with him for a long time.”

Ying Kai saw that Ren Chenxi had come out of the kitchen with water, but he didn’t avoid him at all, “I know you are a brain dead person, and it’s possible for you to love till the end of time. What about him?”

Ren Chenxi, who was carrying the water, heard this sentence when he came near and then ran into Ying Kai’s sight. Ren Chenxi couldn’t help but stagnate for a while. Shouldn’t they say this behind his back?

“Why does he have to make a promise?” Jiang Minhan, with his back facing Ren Chenxi, said,  “I love him, and he also likes to be with me. We live happily. Even if he stops liking me one day and wants to leave, we will break up peacefully. Uncle, what’s the use of a promise? Let him show me his commitment. It’s better to be realistic and let actions speak. Isn’t that a more genuine feeling?” Jiang Minhan said as he sighed, “Of course, I think we can go on forever because I love him, and one day he will love me as much as I love him.”

“Yes,” Ren Chenxi realized that he couldn’t stay silent. He stepped forward and put two cups of water on the tea table in front of Ying Kai and Lin Zedong. Then he sat beside Jiang Minhan and held his hand, “I have nothing to promise to Jiang Xiaohan, but we will be together.”

Jiang Minhan turned his head to look at Ren Chenxi and smiled squintingly. “Husband?” He doesn’t need any promise from Ren Chenxi, he only needs his heart.

Ren Chenxi bowed his head and kissed him for a while, “Mwah, mwah.” (TN: Yes, it was a loud kiss!)

Ying Kai & Lin Zedong: … Fucking blind my titanium dog eyes.

Ying Kai was still silly, but Lin Zedong had already smiled, “We will go home for dinner in two days, go back together?” He asked Ren Chenxi.

Ren Chenxi said, “I just had a day off, there might not be any holidays. I work late, so if you don’t mind, I’ll take Xiaohan back when I’m off duty.”

Lin Zedong chuckled and smiled, “No, of course not. At that time, contact me by phone. Come, nephew-in-law, let’s exchange contacts.”

Hearing that title, Ren Chenxi frowned, but he still exchanged his phone number with Lin Zedong and added him to WeChat by the way. Then Lin Zedong resolutely led his wife away. If he stayed, he would eat dog food again. Jiang Xiaohan must have eaten too much dog food before, this time, he made clear that he wanted to stuff the former dog food back.

After entering the elevator, Ying Kai kicked Lin Zedong, “Why did we leave so fast?”

“Otherwise?” Lin Zedong rubbed Ying Kai’s head to appease him, “Wife, if you look at them, you will know that those two are doing well, just let them be. I think that Jiang Xiaohan is dying of happiness, and his man also loves him.”

When the elevator door opened, Ying Kai went out and opened the door with the key, “Who said I didn’t understand?! I haven’t added his WeChat yet!”

Lin Zedong stayed still for three seconds, burst into laughter and hugged his wife, “Hahaha wife, I’ll share his contact with you. You look angry, come on, let’s kiss too.”

“Yeah, right!”

The joint examination of his uncles, which was supposed to be bloody, was cleared by Ren Chenxi so easily. Jiang Minhan hugged Ren Chenxi as he said, “Husband, you are so great!”

Ren Chenxi let Jiang Minhan drop kisses all over his face, and finally held his head and kissed him deeply. After the kiss, Jiang Minhan hugged Ren Chenxi’s neck and rubbed his nose against it, “It’s so nice.”

“Jiang Xiaohan,” Ren Chenxi looked at Jiang Minhan and pinched the tip of his nose, “I love you.” Thank you for loving me so much. Thank you for recklessly bumping into me. Thank you for invading my heart and filling my empty soul.

Well, it’s a very weighty thing to say, and Dr. Ren won’t say it.

Jiang Minhan didn’t speak. Ren Chenxi saw his eyes slowly turn red. Suddenly, Ren Chenxi felt a little pain in his heart, like dozens of dine needles stuck in his soul.

Ren Chenxi opened his mouth to talk, but Jiang Minhan suddenly came over to kiss him. Although Ren Chenxi was shocked, he still held him and gently deepened the kiss.

Ren Chenxi didn’t close his eyes, so he saw the tears in the corners of Jiang Minhan’s eyes. This was the first time that Ren Chenxi had seen Jiang Minhan cry, except for his crying in bed.

Ren Chenxi was happy to keep such a little treasure for himself. Even though he was a crybaby.

Ren Chenxi didn’t know what was going on, but he laughed.

Jiang Minhan turned his face, buried it in Ren Chenxi’s shoulder, and said with a choked voice, “What are you laughing at? It’s humiliating.” 

Ren Chenxi smiled and patted his head, “Fool, why are you crying, eh?”

“Happy.” Jiang Minhan rubbed his tears on Ren Chenxi’s clothes. “Can’t you cry with joy?”

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