FLWY – Chapter 31

Christmas’s extra chapter 🎁! Please enjoy and happy holidays 🎊.

Chapter 31

“Darling, look at me.” Ren Chenxi reached out and pinched Jiang Minhan’s ear.

Jiang Minhan secretly wiped his tears with his hands, then stood up and looked at Ren Chenxi, “Why?” His eyes were still red.

Ren Chenxi sighed in his heart, and kissed Jiang Minhan in the corner of his eyes, “Jiang Xiaohan, as you said, I really can’t give you any promise. But I do feel different about you. Yes, I like the feeling of being with you. I think I love you. Maybe my love can’t match yours, but I love you, and I want to be with you all the time.” This was probably the longest thing Ren Chenxi had ever said in his life, “So let’s try to see if we can grow old together, okay?”

“Not good.” Jiang Minhan pursed his mouth and wanted to cry again. “Don’t try, I will certainly grow old with you. When you get old, if you try to leave me, I’ll hit you. Humph.”

“Don’t cry, baby.” Ren Chenxi stretched out his hand and wiped Jiang Minhan’s tears helplessly. “You’re going to cry my declaration of love into the scene of breaking up.”

“Breaking up my ass!” Jiang Minhan laughed in tears, “I won’t break up with you.” After that, he went up and kissed Ren Chenxi.

Ren Chenxi held the back of his head and kissed him gently, swallowing the chuckle that was about to come out.

Originally, they should’ve done it after the confession, but Dr. Ren was concerned about Jiang Minhan’s body, so it didn’t matter how Jiang Minhan teased him, Ren Chenxi didn’t waver. If the person was a one-night stand object, it wouldn’t be impossible to do it, but the other party was Jiang Minhan, his wife, so he naturally had more things to consider.

The unsatisfied Jiang Xiaohan jumped down and ran into his room. Ren Chenxi watched the guy close the door, thinking that he was such a cute little boy before, and now he was angry with him.

However, the arrogant little boy wasn’t bad, it looked even more delicious.

However, Jiang Minhan wasn’t really angry. He cried and just felt a little embarrassed. He wanted to do something else to divert Ren Chenxi’s attention, but Ren Chenxi didn’t cooperate with him, so he ran back to his room to calm himself.

So when he heard the sound of closing the door outside, he left the bed and ran out, “Husband!”

Ren Chenxi, who had just put garbage at the door, turned around to catch the person who flew over, “What’s the matter?”

“I thought you were leaving.” Jiang Minhan looked at him pitifully.

Ren Chenxi slapped him on the buttocks playfully, “Can’t bear to shut me out of the room?”

“I didn’t lock it.” Jiang Minhan muttered, “It could’ve been opened with a push.”

Hey, is it my fault? Ren Chenxi thought about it like this and calmly bowed his head to kiss him, “I was wrong, en?”

Jiang Minhan’s little embarrassment was blown away by Ren Chenxi’s coaxing. Jiang Minhan jumped with a smile, wrapped his legs around Ren Chenxi’s waist, and hung on Ren Chenxi’s body, “Husband, I love you.”

Ren Chenxi took him to the bedroom and said, “Good boy.”

Jiang Minhan held him, leaned his head on his shoulder, and didn’t talk, he just smiled. Ren Chenxi didn’t see Jiang Minhan’s smile, but he was able to feel his good mood, and unconsciously smiled.

When they were on the bed, Jiang Minhan hugged Ren Chenxi like a koala and didn’t let him go. However, Ren Chenxi never intended to leave, so he hugged Jiang Minhan back and laid quietly on the bed with him.

Originally they just wanted to rest for a while, but later both of them fell asleep, and their arms around each other’s waist never loosened.

It hadn’t been long since Ren Chenxi woke up, and if they continued to sleep, they wouldn’t be able to sleep at night, so Ren Chenxi woke up Jiang Minhan, who was still asleep. Jiang Minhan was a little dizzy and wanted to hug Ren Chenxi to go back to sleep. Ren Chenxi had to stand up, pick him up, and take him out of the room.

When he went to the living room and put the person on the sofa, Jiang Minhan was already awake. Ren Chenxi went to the bathroom to grab a wet towel to wipe Jiang Minhan’s face, “What do you want to eat? Cook at home or go out to eat?”

Jiang Minhan looked up to let Ren Chenxi wipe his face, “Go out and eat.” Ren Chenxi had been cooking these past two days. He should be tired, it’s better to go out and eat.

“Good.” Ren Chenxi finished wiping Jiang Minhan’s face, he also cleaned his face and then put the towel aside.

The two people went out to eat at a grilled fish restaurant that Jiang Minhan loved very much. Jiang Minhan didn’t know how to be low-key at all. During the meal, he needed Ren Chenxi to feed him water, and he would also eat from Ren Chenxi’s plate. In fact, he didn’t think much about it. Now that he and Ren Chenxi were in a relationship and loved each other, how could they dislike being close?  He didn’t have the time to worry about other people’s thoughts.

However, it was a good thing that the two people came out late for dinner. It wasn’t the rush hour, so there weren’t many clients in the shop. Also, the few customers were scattered around, so no one noticed them.

Ren Chenxi was clear-headed, but looking at Jiang Minhan’s happy appearance, he would be a fool is he stopped him from being coquettish.

In the end, the meal lasted for more than an hour. When they checked out, the cashier girl kept her head down as she giggled. She had watched the whole process from beginning to end, didn’t they feel embarrassed? Contrary to what one might expect, the two people looked upright and honest.

After dinner, the two people didn’t go home. They went to a nearby supermarket first. The refrigerator in Jiang Minhan’s house had nothing but frozen food and drinks. Ren Chenxi thought that he must change Jiang Minhan’s eating habits.

In the supermarket, Ren Chenxi pushed the cart, and Jiang Minhan walked beside him with their hands intertwined, “What do you want to buy?”

“What would you like to eat?” Ren Chenxi said, “Don’t buy frozen food anymore. It’s not good to eat too much of it. Instant noodles aren’t allowed either.”

Jiang Minhan pretended to be unhappy and curled his lips, “But I can’t cook, and I would starve to death if I don’t eat that. I can’t eat out all the time, can I?”

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