FLWY – Chapter 32

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Please enjoy the chapter.
-Naravil ~

Ren Chenxi squinted at him and then took a bag of oats from the shelf next to him, “Buy some ingredients and put them at home. I’ll come and cook for you when I have time.”

“I can also learn how to cook,” Jiang Minhan said. “You are so busy at work every day, I only write songs at home anyway, I have more free time than you.”

Jiang Minhan was naturally happy to be so intimate with Ren Chenxi. However, Ren Chenxi still said, “No, I’m not that busy every day, and you still have to write songs with your hands.” Last night, Jiang Minhan told him all about his situation and his plans for the future. Ren Chenxi didn’t know that his little treasure could stay at home for several days to write a song.

Jiang Minhan was so happy that he wanted to kiss him, but they were in the supermarket, so he still held back, “Husband, move to live with me, all right?”

Ren Chenxi stopped the cart and turned to look at him.

Jiang Minhan continued, “You see, the hospital is very close, the parking space is yours and…” we can meet every day. Jiang Minhan’s eyes widened.

“Accompany your husband to buy toiletries.” Dr. Ren calmly pushed the cart forward, as if he wasn’t the one who had just kissed him in public.

Ren Chenxi was gone for a long time, so Jiang Minhan called to catch up with him.

We’re going to live together!

In fact, Jiang Minhan had new toiletries at home. However, Jiang Minhan happily accompanied Ren Chenxi to buy matching toothbrushes, tooth cups, and towels. Although Jiang Minhan picked everything, Ren Chenxi didn’t stop him at all.

Originally Ren Chenxi just wanted to buy some groceries, but he ended up buying more things. At last, the two people had a shopping bag in each hand. Fortunately, the supermarket was close to Jiang Minhan’s house, and they would only take a few minutes to get there. Otherwise, they would have to take a taxi back.

When they got home, Jiang Minhan followed Ren Chenxi to put all the shopping bags on the dining table, “I’ll set up the toiletries ~.”

Ren Chenxi liked to see Jiang Minhan’s cheerful appearance and answered, “Ok.”

When Ren Chenxi finished placing the groceries in the kitchen and came out, he found that Jiang Minhan hadn’t come out yet, so he called, “Jiang Xiaohan.”

Jiang Minhan’s response came from the bathroom in the bedroom, “There is no Jiang Xiaohan here. Who are you calling?”

Ren Chenxi laughed and replied, “I’m looking for my wife.”

“Your wife is coming ~.” The next second, Jiang Minhan ran out of the room like a small bomb and ran towards him. Ren Chenxi caught him for the nth time.

“What were you doing in the room?” For so long.

Jiang Minhan smiled and said, “I didn’t do anything. It’s just that after setting it up, well… I photographed it and sent it to my friends’ circle.”

Ren Chenxi raised an eyebrow and took out his phone from his pocket. Jiang Minhan didn’t shy away, he smiled and looked as Ren Chenxi opened his WeChat to see his friends’ circle.

[Jiang Xiaohan: Husband, mwah [Picture] [Picture]]

Ren Chenxi opened the pictures. The first picture was taken by Jiang Minhan standing in the bathroom. In front of the mirror, there were two neat sets of toiletries, and Jiang Minhan’s smiling face was also shown. The second picture was secretly taken by Jiang Minhan. In the picture, Ren Chenxi was cooking in the kitchen. Jiang Minhan probably took it last night.

“Wife,” Ren Chenxi looked at Jiang Minhan, “The picture and text don’t match.”


Five minutes later, Tong Haoxiu went to school to attend a class. Xiao Ming, who was at home, was bored and checked his friends’ circle, a few seconds later he spit out the water he had just drunk.

[Ren: Wife, mwah [Picture]]

In the picture, Ren Chenxi and Jiang Minhan’s lips were stuck together. Their eyes were closed, but the happiness surrounding them could be felt across the screen.

Damn, what a big mouthful of dog food!

Xiao Ming opened his address book and wanted to call Ren Chenxi to scold him. He was supposed to be a high-cold male god, and now he had even started to show off his love in the friends’ circle. Xiao Ming resentfully opened WeChat and sent a message to Tong Haoxiu.

[Xiao Ming: Wife, when do your classes end? I miss you.]

A minute later, Tong Haoxiu wrote back.

[Wife: I have another class~. You come to pick me up.]

[Xiao Ming: Good!]

Xiao Ming happily tidied up and went out.

Jiang Minhan shared the status in his friends’ circle according to Ren Chenxi’s instructions, and then he asked worriedly, “Is it really ok? Do you have many colleagues on WeChat?”

Ren Chenxi held Jiang Minhan in his arms, “It’s all right. All of them know my sexuality.”

“Oh.” Jiang Minhan was relieved, “I’m going to re-issue the circle of friends.” Then he took out his phone and began to update his status.

As a result, Lin Zeyue’s voice message came just two minutes after he updated his status. Jiang Minhan didn’t want to hide anything from Ren Chenxi, so he directly pressed the loudspeaker to play the audio.

The author said: ah ah, I really like Jiang Xiaohan. I laugh when I write here.

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