FLWY – Chapter 33

This chapter is NSFW (18+)

“Little Han, you are calling him husband. Why didn’t you bring him back to meet with us, ah? I’ll tell you, your father and I haven’t recognized your relationship. What’s more, all of a sudden, you sprinkled such a large amount of dog food in the friends’ circle. Did you think about your parents’ feelings? I don’t care, you have to bring him back in three days. Otherwise, humph.”

Jiang Minhan happily replied to his mother’s WeChat, “I know, but he is busy with his work as a doctor. When he is free, I will take him home for dinner, mom mwah.

After sending the message, Jian Minhan put his phone away and hugged Ren Chenxi, “Husband, when will you go to your wife’s home to meet your mother-in-law?”

“Huh?” Ren Chenxi raised an eyebrow, “What did you call me?”

“Husband.” Jiang Minhan kissed him with a smile.

Ren Chenxi played with Jiang Minhan’s hair, and then said, “Didn’t you say we would go when I’m free? We will go back on my next vacation, ok?”

Jiang Minhan nodded, there was nothing wrong with it, “Then tell me when the time comes, I’ll call my mother in advance.”

“Okay.” Ren Chenxi kneaded Jiang Minhan’s cheek, which felt very good. He never expected that they would come to this step so quickly. However, it wasn’t as hard to accept as he had expected. Instead, he looked forward to it.

The little goblin brought him all the warmth he never received.

At night, the two didn’t do it. Instead, they hugged and talked a lot. Most of the time, Jiang Minhan spoke. He told Ren Chenxi about his family, the fairy tale story of his parents falling in love at first sight, and the story about how Lin Zedong had beaten a scum when he pursued Ying Kai. At last, Jiang Minhan asked, “Be honest, when we met for the first time, and I said that I liked you, did you think I was ridiculous?”

Jiang Minhan could tell that Ren Chenxi didn’t believe in love at first sight, and Ren Chenxi didn’t lie, “Well, love at first sight is just because of the appearance.”

“Well,” Jiang Minhan didn’t get angry and unexpectedly agreed with Ren Chenxi, “When I saw you at that time, I really felt that you were like my fantasy boyfriend. But there’s a phrase that says that it starts with beauty, but then it’s loyalty to the character? What I want to say is that I liked your appearance, but later I liked you because it’s you that I like. Plus, your skin and persona are inseparable. Besides, think about it, if you don’t like each other’s appearance when you meet, it’s impossible to become a couple. It’s because you think each other’s looks are ok at first sight, that the relationship will develop in the future. However, the degree of liking is different, with love at first sight being the deepest.”

Ren Chenxi was amused by him, “Then what do you think was my liking degree of you?”

“Oh.” Jiang Minhan thought for a while before he answered, “Considered good enough to have sex?”

Ren Chenxi turned over and pressed him, “Are you sure?”

“Otherwise?” Jiang Minhan said with a smile, “At that time, didn’t you say you wanted to have a one night stand with me?”

Ren Chenxi was speechless. At that time, he really felt that Jiang Minhan was very much in line with his type, and should be good in bed, so Dr. Ren looked down and kissed Jiang Minhan without speaking.

When the kiss was over, both people were hard. Just after taking a bath, Jiang Minhan slept naked, and Ren Chenxi was stripped by him. Jiang Minhan’s reasoning was that sleeping naked was healthy. Since they were naked, they could clearly feel each other’s reactions.

After restraining for more than a day, both of them couldn’t help it. With Jiang Minhan’s active provocation, Ren Chenxi finally decided to let go.

Ren Chenxi’s tongue invaded Jiang Minhan’s mouth and stirred Jiang Minhan’s tongue. After a while, the corners of Jiang Minhan’s mouth overflowed with saliva that couldn’t be swallowed. Ren Chenxi’s hands weren’t idle. One hand played with Jiang Minhan’s nipples, and the other held Jiang Minhan’s hard penis.

Jiang Minhan also reached out to hold Ren Chenxi’s penis. After a while, the two exchanged a look and noticed the other’s reluctance to shoot out.

“Huh… The lubricant is on… The bedside table… ah…” After finally getting the space to breathe, Jiang Minhan said quickly.

“Uh-huh, just waiting for your husband to fuck you?” Ren Chenxi leaned over to open the drawer of the bedside table and took out a new tube of lubricant.

“Well, I want you.” Jiang Minhan slightly raised his head to bite Ren Chenxi’s chin.

Ren Chenxi squeezed a bit of lubricant on his hand, then stretched it to the back, and slowly inserted his finger inside Jiang Minhan’s anus, “Actually, I think I can fuck you without lubricant.”

“Come on.” Jiang Minhan relaxed his body to cooperate with Ren Chenxi’s movements, “I want my husband to fill my hole with his semen.”

Ren Chenxi’s genitals jumped, the goblin was really unrestrained, “Well, your husband must satisfy your hole’s hunger tonight.” Ren Chenxi bowed his head to bite Jiang Minhan’s nipple, and his hand touched Jiang Minhan’s dick from time to time.

“Um… Don’t touch… ” Jiang Minhan gasped and said, “I don’t want to… AHA… Come too fast… “

Ren Chenxi heard his words and no longer touched Jiang Minhan’s penis. Instead, he raised his body to kiss him, “Want to shoot with your husband?” The finger inside Jiang Minhan’s anus kept moving, and soon it became two fingers.

“Um…” Jiang Minhan always enjoyed Ren Chenxi’s kisses. When Ren Chenxi was about to withdraw, Jiang Minhan hooked the other party’s tongue and refused to let go. Ren Chenxi could only kiss him again.

“Okay… aha… Come in quickly…” Jiang Minhan hugged his legs, “Husband, come in… ahh…”

“What do you want from your husband?” Ren Chenxi held his dick and placed it at the entrance of Jiang Minhan’s asshole, but didn’t go in.

“Cock… AHA… I want my husband’s cock to come in… Uh-huh… “

Ren Chenxi leaned down, “Good.”

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