FLWY – Chapter 34

This chapter is NSFW (18+)

I’m sorry for updating a bit late. However, the good news is that I’m releasing two chapters today. Now, before I forget…



When Ren Chenxi entered, the two people groaned simultaneously.

“It’s so big…” Jiang Minhan said in exasperation, “I’m going to die.”

Ren Chenxi pulled out a bit and went in again, he chuckled and asked, “Don’t you like it?”

“Like,” Jiang Minhan blushed. Ren Chenxi was too sexy in bed. Jiang Minhan unconsciously expanded his anus to a greater extent, “Aha… Husband… Hurry…”

“So you like it rough?” Ren Chenxi bowed his head and kissed Jiang Minhan on the edge of his mouth.

“I like you.” Jiang Minhan smiled, his expression was full of warmth, “Husband, fuck me hard.”

Ren Chenxi felt that he was going to die and couldn’t control himself, “Ok.” After that, he pulled out his penis and then entered Jiang Minhan fiercely.

“Aha… so good…” Jiang Minhan looked up slightly, exposing his fragile throat, “Ah… my husband is great… ahh…”

Ren Chenxi didn’t hesitate to bend his head to bite Jiang Minhan’s Adam’s apple, then he gasped and thrust in with force, hitting Jiang Minhan’s sensitive spot again and again.

“Ah… Husband…” Jiang Minhan couldn’t hold his legs in place as his body swung again and again with Ren Chenxi’s collision. Jiang Minhan reached out to hug Ren Chenxi’s neck and wrapped his legs around his waist to let him go deeper, “Husband… huh… I want to kiss… Ahh… Kiss me…”

Ren Chenxi sat up with Jiang Minhan in his arms, and let him sit on his leg so that he could penetrate him deeper. While Jiang Minhan moaned, Ren Chenxi kissed him. With such posture and depth, only a small amount of pulling in and out was enough to make the two people crazy.

“Uh…” Jiang Minhan’s mouth was kissed by Ren Chenxi, and his moans couldn’t be uttered, so he could only make some ambiguous sounds.

Ren Chenxi kissed him tenderly, but the continuous movements under him were becoming larger and larger, which made Jiang Minhan’s body rise and fall with the same rhythm as Ren Chenxi’s actions.


When Jiang Minhan finally ejaculated, he felt that he was going to die. Ren Chenxi hadn’t climaxed yet, so Jiang Minhan leaned somewhat powerless on Ren Chenxi’s shoulder, “I have no strength, you move.”

Ren Chenxi held Jiang Minhan’s slender waist and slightly lifted it up and dropped it down, “It’s like you are moving.”

“Aha…” Jiang Minhan’s hand unconsciously scratched Ren Chenxi’s back, “Change, change the posture… Ah…” This is too arduous.

“Okay.” Ren Chenxi placed the man on the bed and turned Jiang Minhan over while they were still connected. Ren Chenxi’s dick pressed all of Jiang Minhan’s sensitive points.

“Ahhh… ah…” The stimulation made Jiang Minhan’s penis release obscene fluids, which moistened the quilt, “Slow down…”

“I can’t slow down, baby.” Ren Chenxil leaned down and began to move vigorously. “My wife’s anus is very tight, and it’s clamping your husband. Your husband feels great. Are you feeling good, eh?”

“Feeling good… aha…” Although Jiang Minhan didn’t like the back position, he still laid down obediently to let Ren Chenxi fuck him, “Husband… come inside… come inside me… ahha…”

Ren Chenxi now loved doing it without wearing a condom.  Jiang Minhan’s inner wall was wrapped around his penis. It was hot and tight, something that he couldn’t taste without wearing a condom. It felt so good that he could hardly bear it any longer.

“Ok, here you go.” Ren Chenxi bit Jiang Minhan’s back and said, “Your husband will shoot you.”

“Ah… aha…” The feeling of sperm being released in his anus was too obvious. Furthermore, because Ren Chenxi’s penis was too deep, several strands of semen hit Jiang Minhan’s sensitive points, which made Jiang Minhan scream with excitement and ejaculate again.

After the climax, the two men stayed in the same position to calm their breathing.

“I’m tired to death again.”Jiang Minhan muttered, “Go down, I want you to hug me.”

“Please me.” Ren Chenxi stuck out his tongue and licked the place where he bit on Jiang Minhan’s shoulder.

Jiang Minhan said warmly, “Husband, I’m so tired~.  I want to hug you~.” Since he wanted to ask for something, It was better to be charming.

Dr. Ren, the big man who just ate his fill, turned over and carried Jiang Minhan to his bosom. Because of his series of actions, the semen that Ren Chenxi just shot in, flowed out.  Jiang Minhan grumbled and leaned on Ren Chenxi’s chest, “Husband, the semen is leaking out.”

Ren Chenxi moved his hand to Jiang Minhan’s back hole, stretched out his finger, and pressed. The semen in the hole was squeezed and leaked out, “Do you want your husband to help you block it?”

“Yes.” Jiang Minhan stuck out his tongue and liked Ren Chenxi’s nipple, which was darker than his own, “Husband~.”

This coquettish wife is going to kill me, Ren Chenxi thought. However, he still held the person in his arms and then inserted his hard dick directly into Jiang Minhan’s anus.

“Aha…” Jiang Minhan stretched out his finger and poked Ren Chenxi’s chest, “It’s so big and swollen, ah… Husband.”

“Then pull it out?” Ren Chenxi pretended to pull out.

“No!” Jiang Minhan subconsciously shrank the small hole to keep the big guy inside. “I want my husband’s dick to stay inside, don’t pull it out. Otherwise, the semen will flow out, what a pity, ah.”

Too coquettish.

Ren Chenxi lifted up Jiang Minhan’s face and kissed him.

“What to do?” Jiang Minhan rubbed against Ren Chenxi’s chest.

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