FLWY – Chapter 35

This chapter is NSFW (18+)

Huh?” Ren Chenxi put a hand around Jiang Minhan’s waist and touched it for a while. 

“I love you so much,” Jiang Minhan said with a smile. “I want to be with you all the time.”

Ren Chenxi smiled and touched the place where the two were connected, “From a medical point of view, It’s not good. You’ll damage your anus.”

“Hey, hey!” Jiang Minhan laughed, “I’m talking love words, you’re destroying the atmosphere. What’s more, I’m not talking about that!”

Ren Chenxi smiled and kissed Jiang Minhan’s hair, “Fool.”

“You’re the fool one.” Jiang Minhan reached his hand and held Ren Chenxi’s mischievous hand, “Husband~, let’s do it again.”

“Do you want it?” Ren Chenxi pressed Jiang Minhan’s lower body to himself.

Jiang Minhan nodded, “I want my husband to fuck my little hole, my little hole is so itchy.”

“Wife, how about going to the window?” There was a bay window in Jiang Minhan’s room. When Ren Chenxi first came, he wanted to press him there.

“Okay.” How could Jiang Minhan refuse him? “Hug ~.”

Ren Chenxi walked to the window with a person in his arms. Jiang Minhan held the curtains with his hands, raised his buttocks, showing the red hole with semen, and then turned to look at Ren Chenxi, “Husband, come in…”

Ren Chenxi rushed almost immediately and inserted his hard dick to the end. He held Jiang Minhan’s waist with one hand, while his other hand played with Jiang Minhan’s nipples.

“Aha… Husband…” Jiang Minhan’s hand unconsciously caught the fluttering curtains and grabbed them tightly, “Huh… so big…”

“Big enough to satisfy my wife’s cave,” Ren Chenxi smiled and kissed Jiang Minhan from his neck to his waist. “How do you feel, wife? Is your husband good?”

“Yes… AHA… My husband is wonderful…” Jiang Minhan was constantly pulling the curtains with his hands, and the curtains were constantly making a sound, but neither of them cared, “Ah… Husband… aha… I’m so happy… Ahh…”

Later, Jiang Minhan didn’t know what he was saying but unconsciously cried out his feelings. However, the more he did, the more Ren Chenxi couldn’t stand it, and the more ferocious his movements became.

The curtains grabbed by Jiang Minhan couldn’t bear the pressure, so they ended up falling down.  When the curtains fell down and enveloped the two people, Jiang Minhan and Ren Chenxi ejaculated at the same time.

Sperm leaked out of Jiang Minhan’s anus and fell on the floor, while the semen shot out by Jiang Minhan stained the wall, but no one cared. Ren Chenxi didn’t care about the curtains that fell on his body. He asked Jiang Minhan to turn around and kissed him in the dark, “My wife is incredible, the curtains were pulled off by you.”

Jiang Minhan groaned as he kissed him, then he said, “Isn’t it all because of you? It doesn’t matter, repairs are made by you.”

“All right.”

Ren Chenxi smiled, moved the curtains away, and let them fall to the floor. The moonlight outside the window spilled into the room, illuminating the two people’s lustful bodies. Ren Chenxi looked at the marks he made on Jiang Minhan’s body, and suddenly reached up to leave a new kiss mark on Jiang Minhan’s back, “Wife, you are so beautiful.”

Jiang Minhan’s face was red, and he didn’t know whether he was shy or because of his unfulfilled lust, “Don’t love me too much!”

Ren Chenxi turned him around and kissed him on the bay window, “I love you.”

Ah, ah, foul! Jiang Minhan hugged Ren Chenxi and kissed him back earnestly. Jiang Minhan’s waist was pressed against the window. When Ren Chenxi found out, he hugged Jiang Minhan and turned around, resulting in Ren Chenxi leaning against the bay window.

“Ah-ha…” Jiang Minhan turned his head and took a deep breath. “My husband, I’m tired.”

Ren Chenxi reached out and rubbed his head, “Take you to clean up?”

Jiang Minhan shook his head, “Hold me for a while.”

“Go to bed and lay down for a while?” Although Ren Chenxi wanted to do it again, he couldn’t and wouldn’t make such a mess of Jiang Minhan.

“Good.” Jiang Minhan answered but didn’t move. “I can’t move my legs. Husband, carry me.”  Whenever the two people made love, Jiang Minhan would become a boneless person. He could still kneel, but if Ren Chenxi wanted him to move, he had to hold him.

Ren Chenxi didn’t refuse, he stretched his hand to hold Jiang Minhan’s thigh and lifted it slightly.

“Ah, it slid out!” Jiang Minhan desperately shrank his anus. “Don’t pull out, don’t pull out!” He liked the feeling of being connected with Ren Chenxi too much.

Ren Chenxi had to slow down his movements, then he bent close to Jiang Minhan and picked him up with difficulty. However, his dick didn’t slip out. “Now, stay inside for a while, I’ll let you clean up later. I like it.”

“Okay,” Ren Chenxi kissed him on the side of his face. “I like it too.”

Jiang Minhan didn’t restrain his smile and proudly asked, “Do you love me to death?”

“Yes, yes.” The proud look made Ren Chenxi smile, “I love you to death.”

The bed was a mess. In the end, Ren Chenxi could only envelop the two people with a thin quilt. After that, he sat on the single sofa beside the bay window. Jiang Minhan spread his legs apart and sat on Ren Chenxi’s lap.

“Husband, you are hard.” After sitting down, Jiang Minhan suddenly said with a smile.

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