FLWY – Chapter 36

This chapter is NSFW (18+)

Ren Chenxi didn’t say anything. He just sat there, holding the person in his arms. Jiang Minhan’s anus had been shrinking and sucking on his penis. Not being hard would be strange.

Jiang Minhan bit his lips and softly said, “Although I’m tired, I can do it one more time.”

Ren Chenxi felt that he was going to be dried out by Jiang Minhan.

Jiang Minhan placed his legs on the armrest of the sofa and opened them widely. Ren Chenxi put his hands on Jiang Minhan’s legs and slowly began to penetrate him fiercely. The couch wasn’t very heavy, so it kept grinding against the floor as the two people moved.

“Ah… Fuck… Aha… So good…” Jiang Minhan didn’t know where to put his hands, so they could only hang powerlessly on the side.

Ren Chenxi saw it and said to him in a low voice, “Darling, hold your husband’s neck.”

“Husband…” Jiang Minhan didn’t know where the strength came from, but he reached out and hugged Ren Chenxi’s neck. After that, he raised his chest and rubbed it against Ren Chenxi, “Ah… my nipples are itchy… husband.. aha… kiss…”

“Good.” Ren Chenxi lowered his head and began to lick and nibble the closest nipple, making Jiang Minhan moan louder.

“So good… aha… husband, it feels so good… uh, uh…”  Jiang Minhan hugged Ren Chenxi’s neck tightly, bringing Ren Chenxi’s head closer to his chest, “Ah… husband…”

“Darling,” Ren Chenxi let go of his nipple and bit Jiang Minhan’s collarbone, “Your husband is here, darling.”

“Ah… ah…”

When he was about to climax, Jiang Minhan suddenly felt that something was wrong. An orgasm didn’t feel this way, “Oh, husband… stop… ah…”

“What?” Ren Chenxi didn’t stop at all but worked harder.

“Ah… Husband… aha… pee… aha… stop…” Jiang Minhan was tortured by the dual sensations of wanting to pee and ejaculate, and couldn’t say complete sentences at all.

Ren Chenxi heard his words and stopped moving. Just when Jiang Minhan thought that he was going to let him go, Ren Chenxi suddenly moved again, his movements even more aggressive than before, “What a good wife, shooting his pee on his husband, darling, pee, en?”

“Ah… Don’t… AHA… “

However, Ren Chenxi didn’t intend to let him go. Jiang Minhan couldn’t help peeing out, “Ah, no way… husband… aha… I’m peeing…”

Ren Chenxi lowered his head and kissed him, “Pee, baby.”

Almost at the same time that Ren Chenxi finished speaking, Jiang Minhan was done peeing, and the urine was splattered on Ren Chenxi’s chest while some of it fell on the floor.

Ren Chenxi couldn’t endure it anymore when Jiang Minhan subconsciously shrank his anus. Ren Chenxi released all his sperm inside Jiang Minhan’s anus, which stimulated Jiang Minhan’s penis and made it release a few drops of sperm mixed with pale yellow urine.

“Ah, ahhh!” Jiang Minhan covered his face. This time he was really embarrassed.

Ren Chenxi smiled and kissed the hand covering Jiang Minhan’s face, “What’s wrong, baby?”

“Ah, it’s all your fault!” Jiang Minhan covered his face and refused to let go. “You are the one who fucked me…  I want to die, boo hoo.” This was the first time he had peed himself, he was extremely embarrassed, okay?

Jiang Minhan didn’t let go, no matter how Ren Chenxi kissed him. In the end, Ren Chenxi had to reach out to pull down Jiang Minhan’s hands. Then he kissed Jiang Minhan’s red eyes and ruddy mouth.  Finally, he pressed his lips against his and said, “Baby, you don’t know how much I love doing this with you. You are so seductive and unrestrained in bed. I’m so satisfied that I was able to fuck you until you couldn’t help but pee after you had ejaculated.  Your husband loves you, you know? Will you pee again next time? “

Jiang Minhan didn’t speak and blinked at him.

Ren Chenxi had no choice but to kiss him again, “I didn’t lie to you. You don’t know  how proud your husband is to be peed by you.”

“Humph! You are not the one who peed himself.” Jiang Minhan turned his head and did not look at him, but his ears were red.

“Okay, okay, then the next time your husband will fuck you till you pee, all right?” Jiang Minhan’s red ears were so cute that Ren Chenxi couldn’t help licking them, which made Jiang Minhan tremble uncontrollably.

“It depends on your performance.” Jiang Minhan murmured.

Ren Chenxi moved his lower body, and the semen inside Jiang Minhan’s anus leaked out with the movement, falling on the ground and mixing with the pale yellow liquid, “Your husband’s performance isn’t good?”

How could Jiang Minhan, his body, not feel it? When he thought of that, he blushed, “Okay, okay! I’m tired, take me to the shower.”

“No,” Ren Chenxi suddenly picked Jiang Minhan up and sat directly on the floor. “I like my wife’s lustful appearance so much that I want to watch it a little longer.”

When Jiang Minhan turned his head to scold Ren Chenxi for being a stinky rascal, he accidentally saw the stain on the floor and couldn’t utter any words. He turned his head abruptly and scolded, “Bad guy.”

“You like it.” Ren Chenxi didn’t let him escape. He gently held Jiang Minhan’s chin and made him turn his head to look at the stain, “Good wife, look, that’s what’s your husband made you do.”

Jiang Minhan closed his eyes and struggled for a while before he reluctantly accepted the setting of being fucked till he peed. He suddenly lowered his head and bit the back of Ren Chenxi’s hand,  “Look, take a look.” Then he hugged Ren Chenxi’s neck and put his forehead against his forehead, saying, “Hooligan, big bastard…” After he scolded for a long time, he still could help but call, “Husband.”

“En, I’m here.” Ren Chenxi put out his tongue and licked his lips.

Jiang Minhan was amused, he laughed for a while and called, “Husband, husband, husband.”

“En.” Ren Chenxi continued to respond without feeling bored.

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