FLWY – Chapter 37

There were some issues with my computer, which is why I couldn’t update the chapter earlier 😦 . Fortunately, everything is alright now.
Please enjoy!


“Call me.” Jiang Minhan frowned.

Ren Chenxi froze for a moment, and then he smiled, “What do you want to hear?  Goblin? Wife? Baby? Darling?”

“Call me wife!” Jiang Minhan quickly interrupted him, “Hurry up, call your wife.” Jiang Minhan didn’t know how other gay couples addressed each other, but he liked to hear Ren Chenxi calling him ‘wife’, and whenever Ren Chenxi did, Jiang Minhan didn’t feel like a woman at all. Instead, he felt that he loved Ren Chenxi more every time he called him that.

Ren Chenxi no longer teased him, “Wife, wife, wife, you want to hear…”

Jiang Minhan’s tongue reached into Ren Chenxi’s mouth. Jiang Minhan was a guy who didn’t know how to kiss before, but now he could easily arouse Ren Chenxi’s desire with his green skills. The two tongues entangled with each other. Ren Chenxi took the chance to bit the tip of Jiang Minhan’s tongue. Jiang Minhan was scared and shrunk his tongue a bit, but soon it moved it back to tangle with Ren Chenxi’s tongue.

Jiang Minhan opened his eyes, and Ren Chenxi could see that they were full of grievances. He smiled his heart and then licked the tip of Jiang Minhan’s tongue as compensation.

The two people’s breathing was getting heavier and heavier, but none of them wanted to retreat. Finally, saliva fell on the place where the two people were connected, and Jiang Minhan couldn’t help but turn away.

Although they were reluctant to part with each other, they stopped. Jiang Minhan was still young and had a strong sexual desire, but he understood. However, Ren Chenxi thought that if he didn’t restrain himself, he would die young.

This time Jiang Minhan was really tired. Ren Chenxi took him to clean up, and halfway through it, Jiang Minhan had already fallen asleep in Ren Chenxi’s arms.

When Jiang Minhan was sleeping in the guest room, Ren Chenxi was cleaning up the master bedroom, he had to bear the consequences of his own sins. He changed the sheets and quilt, cleaned the floor, and threw the dirty linen into the washing machine for washing. Thirty minutes had already passed when he finished.

Ren Chenxi saw that the single-seat sofa that didn’t have a sofa cover and wiped it with a wet cloth. At first glance, the stain was gone, but it was estimated that it would be there again in the morning, but there was no way to dismantle the couch. Forget it, Ren Chenxi thought, keep it. Anyway, it’s fun to put it in the room.

Ren Chenxi finally glanced at the bay window, walked over, looked at the blanket on it, and noticed that it wasn’t dirty. After that, he turned his attention to the curtains on the floor, they were really muddy. Ren Chenxi was too lazy to clean them, so he decided to replace them. In this way, Ren Chenxi picked up the curtains and threw them to the porch, thinking that he would take them down when he leaves for work tomorrow.

After making sure that everything was ready, Ren Chenxi went to the guest room. He had stayed outside for a long time, and his body was cold. He thought he would lay down for a while before holding Jiang Minhan in his arms. However, Jiang Minhan rolled into his arms just as he laid in bed.

It was probably a little cold. Jiang Minhan opened his mouth twice and mumbled, “Cold, I want my husband to hug me.”

Damn, he’s so cute.

Ren Chenxi hugged him, “Good night, sweetie.”

Ren Chenxi was in the morning shift the next day, so he had to get up at six o’clock.  He was afraid of waking up Jiang Minhan. His wife had always been very light, but after all, Ren Chenxi was holding him. When Ren Chenxi moved, Jiang Minhan opened his eyes, his voice hoarse as he called, “Husband?”

The head of messy hair, coupled with a soft but husky and sexy voice after the affair, made Ren Chenxi not want to get up. But as a dedicated doctor, Ren Chenxi still had to get out of bed. When he did, he leaned over and kissed Jiang Minhan, “My dear, I’m going to the hospital, you sleep a little longer. I’ll make breakfast for you, heat it up when you wake up, okay?”

Jiang Minhan rubbed his eyes and yawned, “I’ll take you there.”

“All right,” Ren Chenxi said, pulling down his hand with amusement. “Are you sure you can afford it? Darling, sleep more. I’ll come back at night to cook delicious food for you.”

These two past days the two people had spent all their time together, with Ren Chenxi suddenly having to go to work, Jiang Minhan wasn’t used to it, but he also knew that Ren Chenxi helped many people, so he couldn’t be willful. He said softly, “Then kiss again and go.”

Ren Chenxi thought that he hadn’t brushed his teeth, but he still leaned down and gave him a french kiss.

“Well, I’ll go out and make breakfast. You must eat it when you wake up.” Ren Chenxi rubbed his head, “Baby, go back to sleep.”

“En.” Jiang Minhan cutely closed his eyes. “Goodbye, husband.”


Jiang Minhan’s cute appearance almost made Ren Chenxi stay at home. Until he got into his car, Ren Chenxi was still a bit slow. Alas, people shouldn’t be too indulgent, or they wouldn’t be able to adapt to life.

Ren Chenxi thought so, but he still started his car and drove to the hospital.

As soon as Ren Chenxi entered the hospital, a crowd of people rushed towards him. Ren Chenxi thought that a major accident had occurred, and the doctors weren’t enough, so when he was surrounded by doctors and nurses, he intuitively asked, “What happened?”

“Great event! Big deal!” The director of the Department of Cardiology was said solemnly, and the nurses beside him nodded.

Ren Chenxi frowned, “It seems to be ok.” After speaking, he moved away from the crowd.

The head nurse accurately blocked the way, “Dr. Ren, it’s really a big deal!”

Ren Chenxi looked and her and signaled her to speak, so the head nurse asked under the eager eyes of the public, “Dr. Ren, did you share that post in the friends’ circle yesterday?”

“No.” As soon as Ren Chenxi finished speaking, a group of people began chattering.

“I’ll tell you!”

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