FLWY – Chapter 38

“It must be a prank!”

“But, the handsome boy came to see the doctor several times!”

Ren Chenxi said in a clear loud voice, “My wife sent it.” After that, no matter how shocked the group of old and young men and girls was, Ren Chenxi went straight to his office.

“Ah, ah, ah, ah!”

Listening to the screams behind him, Ren Chenxi smiled.

When Ren Chenxi arrived at his office, he decisively locked the door to prevent the busybodies from rushing in again. Ren Chenxi took off his coat and put on his medical coat. When he was going to patrol the ward, he took out his phone and opened WeChat. There were dozens of messages in the circle of friends. Ren Chenxi clicked in to see all the likes and comments on the post from last night.

Since he was already there, Ren Chenxi also took the opportunity to check what Jiang Minhan had posted last night, and then he saw Ying Kai’s and Lin Zedong’s likes and comments.

[Lin Zedong: Tut tut, showing off your love.]

[Ying Kai: Jiang Xiaohan, you stinky boy, delete it for me!]

What Ren Chenxi didn’t know was that Lin Zeyue had also replied to Ying Kai, saying that what to delete, how nice and handsome it was, and that he should also send a picture with Dong Dong. In the end, Ying Kai hid decisively.

Ren Chenxi commented on the post, but no one answered back. A short moment later, there was Jiang Minhan’s reply at six o’clock in the morning, his reply was ‘Mwah, husband’; Ren Chenxi response was ‘Mwah, darling’.  Then he went to Jiang Minhan’s chat and sent him a voice message, “Sleep well, when you wake up, heat up the breakfast. Your husband is going to patrol the ward, be obedient at home.”

Jiang Minhan wasn’t sleeping as expected and soon replied to the message.

“Go to work, husband, fighting ~. I’ll be obedient. I’m sleeping, mwah.”

Ren Chenxi smiled, put the phone on the desk, turned around, and left the office. When he closed the door, he met the head nurse who wanted to gossip. He directly shook the patrol book and asked, “Where’s the intern, isn’t he coming?” 

Ga? The head nurse swallowed the gossip and answered, “He is, he is waiting on the 5th floor for you.”


Ren Chenxi left without looking back, leaving behind the head nurse and the little nurse in the corner staring at each other. The handsome young man was abducted by Dr. Ren, and no gossip was given. Next time she must catch the handsome young man and ask for the news.

Jiang Minhan replied to Ren Chenxi’s WeChat and soon fell asleep. It was already eleven o’clock when he woke up. Jiang Minhan held his aching waist and went to the master bedroom to shower.  He looked at himself covered with marks in the mirror, he felt shy and happy and ignored a lot of aches and pains.

When Jiang Minhan was brushing his teeth, he thought again, ah, if only my husband was here, I wouldn’t be so tired if I could lean on him and have him hold me.

After showering, Jiang Minhan was too lazy to pick out clothes. He opened the closet intending to grab something random to wear. As a result, he saw the clothes Ren Chenxi brought home yesterday. Jiang Minhan pondered for a bit and decisively grabbed a big sweater. Ren Chenxi was taller than Jiang Minhan, so when Jiang Minhan put on the sweater, it reached his thighs and covered his buttocks and pink back hole.

It was very good. Jiang Minhan was too lazy to wear underwear, so after putting on the sweater, he walked to the kitchen to give himself a hot meal. Although his cooking skills were negative, a hot meal could still be done. What Ren Chenxi prepared for him was a simple and convenient sandwich. Jiang Minhan put the plate in the microwave and set it for a minute.

As he waited for the microwave to finish, Jiang Minhan suddenly ran to the master bedroom. His room didn’t have a full-length mirror beside the wardrobe like Ren Chenxi’s, but there was one in the bathroom.

Five minutes later, Ren Chenxi, who was eating in the cafeteria, almost choked on his own food and swallowed without chewing. Ren Chenxi’s face turned red from coughing. The doctors and nurses sitting nearby looked at him several times and wondered what the doctor was doing.

Ren Chenxi managed to stop coughing. He took a few mouthfuls of water and then stopped eating. After cleaning up, he went to his office and locked the door directly. Ren Chenxi sat down, opened his WeChat, and clicked on the picture sent by Jiang Minhan.

Jiang Minhan had sent two photos in a row. In the first picture, he was wearing his black sweater, which was long enough to cover his thighs. Jiang Minhan had pinched his waist and lifted the clothes slightly, but his pink and tender penis wasn’t exposed. The collar of the sweater was large, and one side had slipped down, which exposed some of Jiang Minhan’s chest. Ren Chenxi could see Jiang Minhan’s red nipple and some love marks that he left last night.

The second picture was even more overwhelming. In the photo, Jiang Minhan turned his back and lifted his clothes slightly. In the mirror, Jiang Minhan’s elevated ass and red anus could be seen. There were love traces left by Ren Chenxi on his buttocks and legs. The red and purple marks on Jiang Minhan’s body stimulated Ren Chenxi’s penis.

[Jiang Xiaohan: I got up, my husband. I didn’t want to wear underwear, so I wore your clothes~.”]

[Jiang Xiaohan: It’s all your fault. You were too fierce last night. My nipples and small hole are still hurting. There are so many marks on my body. I can’t go out today. QAQ]

[Jiang Xiaohan: I’m going to eat my husband’s love breakfast. Have you had lunch?]

Ren Chenxi just wanted to roar. He was eating! Being stirred by you, how could I still have the mind to eat ah! Ren Chenxi wanted to make a phone call, but Jiang Minhan was probably eating, thinking about it, he sent a voice message.

“I don’t know who was pestering me to do it one more time last night, I was also peed by my wife. Baby, you have to pay the price for seducing me like this, you know?”

When Jiang Minhan received Ren Chenxi’s message, he had already finished eating the sandwich. When he heard Ren Chenxi’s gnashing words, he couldn’t help but cover his stomach and laugh.

Jiang Minhan laughed for a long time, then coughed twice to calm his emotions, and he sent Ren Chenxi a voice message, “It’s me. Who makes my husband so good? I can’t help it ~.”

After sending it out, Jiang Minhan sent a second message, “Where am I seducing you? It really hurts. My nipples are still red now. It’s all your fault.  Besides, aren’t the marks on my body made by you? I’m just stating the facts, ok?”

Thirty seconds later, Jiang Minhan’s phone rang. As soon as Jiang Minhan saw the ID of the caller, he quickly adjusted his mood, answered the call, and at the same time, he said in a soft and waxy voice, “Husband.”

“…” Ren Chenxi felt that his desire was even stronger. He took a deep breath and said, “Baby, do you believe that tonight your husband will make that you can’t get out of bed tomorrow?”

Jiang Minhan listened to Ren Chenxi’s voice and screamed at the bottom of his heart, ah, my husband’s voice is so pleasant, but his words seemed to prove his innocence, “Oh, I was wrong ~. But if my husband wants to fuck me, I’ll let him do it. Who let me love you?”

“Fuck.” Jiang Minhan heard Ren Chenxi curse in a low voice, “Jiang Xiaohan, if you tease me, you’ll stir me up. Ah, I hope you are ready to cry again tonight.”

The author said: I really like the way Jiang Xiaohan flirts with doctor Ren hahahaha

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