FLWY – Chapter 39

Jiang Minhan yielded, “I’m sorry. Husband, I miss you so much.”

Ren Chenxi was going crazy, “Still flirting!”

Jiang Minhan said unhappily, “Who’s flirting with you? I really miss you, asshole!”

“…” This is killing me, Ren Chenxi sighed, “Well, I miss you too. Have a good rest at home. I’ll go back after work.”

“Uh-huh.” Jiang Minhan sat on the chair and shook his legs, “Husband, I won’t disturb your work, just hang up after one kiss.”

Ren Chenxi kissed his mobile phone, and Jiang Minhan did the same. After a long time, no one hung up the phone. At last, Jiang Minhan said he wanted to eat and hung up.

Ren Chenxi couldn’t help but open WeChat to look at the picture sent by Jiang Minhan. The call he made was to verbally educate Jiang Minhan. However, he didn’t expect to burn himself instead. Now he wanted to go home immediately.

Ren Chenxi saved the two pictures and set the first one as Jiang Minhan’s call display icon. Because of the format problem, he could only capture the upper part of the picture, which was just right; For the other photo, Ren Chenxi wanted to set it as his main screen, but later he thought it wasn’t proper. Ultimately, he arranged the picture as the background in the WeChat’s conversation between him and Jiang Minhan.

When opening the photo album, Ren Chenxi saw the picture of the two people’s kissing. Ren Chenxi thought about it and set it as the main screen. On the screen, the two people’s kiss was slightly enlarged. If he looked carefully, he could see the two people’s intertwines tongues. Ren Chenxi locked the screen with satisfaction.

This was probably the first time that Dr. Ren drove home in a hurry after being off work. He had been teased on WeChat for a long time. It’s a waste of time for him not to go back and make Jiang Minhan cry.

Jiang Minhan gave Ren Chenxi a key yesterday. As a result, when he opened the door, he saw a neatly dressed Jiang Xiaohan walking towards the bedroom.

When Jiang Minhand heard the sound of the door opening, he turned around. Before he could react, he was held in Ren Chenxi’s arms. Jiang Minhan embraced the other person, “My husband, welcome back.”

Ren Chenxi bowed his head and gave him a fierce kiss, “You have been teasing me all day, and now you’re dressed so neatly, huh?”

Jiang Minhan was shocked as Ren Chenxi hugged him tightly and let him feel his hardness.  Jiang Minhan couldn’t hold for long and laughed, “Husband, I really didn’t mean to. I wanted to welcome you home like that, but my uncle just came down and called us up for dinner, hahahahaha.”

Ren Chenxi just wanted to press the bunny in front of him, but his uncle was waiting for them upstairs. He could only release Jiang Minhan with anger, “Let’s go.”

Jiang Minhan looked at his crotch and asked, “Are you sure?”

Ren Chenxi finally couldn’t help it. He restrained himself and patted Jiang Minhan’s head, “Are you teasing me again?”

“Actually,” Jiang Minhan licked his lips innocently, “I can tell my uncle that I want to eat with you at home,” Jiang Minhan made particular emphasis on the ‘eat’ word.

Ren Chenxi told himself to calm down. He took several deep breaths in his heart before he grabbed Jiang Minhan’s shoulder and said, “Let’s go have a meal.”

Jiang Minhan obediently followed Ren Chenxi out of the house. He wanted to use the stairs, but Ren Chenxi was afraid that Jiang Minhan would be uncomfortable and insisted on waiting for the elevator.

Jiang Minhan’s smile didn’t disappear until he entered Lin Zedong’s house.

Ying Kai, who opened the door, looked at them and said, “Obscene, not looking.” Then he turned around and went in.

Jiang Minhan looked down at himself. He was afraid that if he wore tight clothes, his nipples would be uncomfortable, so he chose to wear a loose low collar shirt and a thick coat without buttons. Ying Kai probably saw the hickey near his clavicle.

Jiang Minhan blushed. It didn’t matter if Ren Chenxi saw it, but he was rather ashamed to let his relatives see it. Ren Chenxi was suddenly happy, and he stopped caring about Jiang Minhan’s teasing. He hugged Jiang Minhan and walked in.

After entering the apartment, Ren Chenxi wanted to give Jiang Minhan a cushion, but he noticed that there were already two chairs with pillows on them. Ren Chenxi walked over to the dining area with Jiang Minhan.

Jiang Minhan consciously chose to sit on a chair with a cushion and saw Ying Kai sitting on another chair with cushion.  After that, he looked at Lin Zedong and raised his eyebrows. Lin Zedong glanced back at him and gave him a warning look. Jiang Minhan immediately shut up. Although his uncle was good to him, he would be mercilessly killed once Ying Kai was involved.

The meal was surprisingly harmonious. Jiang Minhan looked at Ying Kai, his fierce uncle with a venomous tongue, who didn’t attack him during the meal and just told him not to be lazy at home. Jiang Minhan responded in a good way.

Lin Zedong had the heart to say a few words, but when he looked at Ren Chenxi serving dishes to Jiang Minhan, he swallowed the words. The feelings of the couple seemed very good, outsiders shouldn’t interfere.

After having dinner and sitting in the living room for a while, Jiang Minhan led Ren Chenxi away. Lin Zedong took them to the door and said to Ren Chenxi, “Follow Jiang Xiaohan to have dinner when you are free.”

“Good.” Ren Chenxi said, “Thank you, uncle.”

Jiang Minhan interrupted, “Uncle, now he takes care of me. You don’t have to worry about me starving to death. My husband’s cooking is delicious.”

Ren Chenxi smiled and didn’t speak.

Lin Zedong was speechless for a few seconds, then he angrily said, “Get out of here.” After that, he left the door directly. Jiang Xiaohan was really going to spit out all the dog food he had eaten before. It’s too much!

Ren Chenxi looked at the closed door and turned to see Jiang Minhan. Jiang Minhan smiled and opened his arms, “Husband, please carry me back.”

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