FLWY – Chapter 40

Hahaha I love Ying Kai’s WeChat nickname! Enjoy the chapter.


Little bastard. Ren Chenxi squatted down in front of him, and Jiang Minhan jumped up happily. Ren Chenxi grabbed his two legs. “Hold tight.”

“Holding tight!”

Ren Chenxi stood up and walked to the stairs. It was only dozens of steps, but Ren Chenxi walked slowly one by one, Jiang Minhan obediently laid on Ren Chenxi’s back and didn’t speak.


Ren Chenxi opened the door with one hand, and Jiang Minhan consciously tightened his legs around Ren Chenxi’s waist, “Huh?”

The door opened, and Ren Chenxi went inside carrying Jiang Minhan on his back.

“I love you.”

Ren Chenxi closed the door, put Jiang Minhan down, and pressed him on the door, “I know.”

The two exchanged a sweet kiss at the door and then walked to the bedroom hand in hand. Although Ren Chenxi’s heart was teased by Jiang Minhan today, they overdid it last night, so he just took Jiang Minhan for a bath.

Jiang Minhan had teased his husband in the daytime, so he was well-behaved in the evening. Cough, he and Ren Chenxi would be together for a long time, there was no need to hurry.

The next day Ren Chenxi went to work as usual. In the morning, when Jiang Minhan opened his eyes in a daze, Ren Chenxi had to kiss him before he went back to sleep. After Ren Chenxi had kissed Jiang Minhan several times, he put on his clothes and went out to cook for the ancestor.

The two people lived together in this way. Everyone in the hospital had discovered that recently Dr. Ren was a lot gentler. Although he still spoke little and didn’t like to laugh, he wasn’t as cold as before. The little nurses were curious to death about Dr. Ren’s wife, but the handsome boy hadn’t visited again. If it wasn’t because Ren Chenxi looked so sweet, and the occasional dog food in the circle of friends, the little nurses would think that the two had broken up.

Jiang Minhan and Ren Chenxi had a good time in their home, but they still haven’t gone to Jiang’s house to have a meal. They hadn’t gone there yet because of some circumstances in the hospital. Ren Chenxi couldn’t get out of work, and he often was in the night shift. They only had time to make love every few days, let alone go home for dinner. Because of this, Lin Zeyue had called several times, but she also knew that the hospital was busy and didn’t say much.

Half a month later, Ren Chenxi was finally free. After two days of work, he could rest for two days. So he and Jiang Minhan made an appointment to go home for dinner. Lin Zeyue was very happy when she knew about it.

The day before the holidays, Ren Chenxi had to perform an operation, which lasted from three to four hours. Jiang Minhan had nothing to do, so he watched TV boringly. When he was halfway through the program, he suddenly received a message from Ying Kai.

[Uncle poisonous tongue: Did you watch the news?]

Jiang Minhan asked confusedly, [What news?]

[Uncle poisonous tongue: Linna is going to release a new album.]

[Jiang Xiaohan: Huh? So what?]

[Uncle poisonous tongue: You wrote three songs of her new album.]

Jiang Minhan replied coldly, [Oh, she has vision~.]

Ying Kai was probably annoyed by Jiang Minhan’s attitude because he didn’t say anything else for a long time. When Jiang Minhan was about to admit his mistake, he received Ying Kai’s message.

[Uncle poisonous tongue: Now the level of music is uneven, the reason why Linna didn’t release her album before is that she couldn’t find any songs she liked. Later, when I showed her your songs, she liked them very much and bought them directly. However, she didn’t buy the signature right and said that your name would appear as the composer of the songs. Jiang Xiaohan, do you know what this means? I hope you are ready for the next step. Although you’ll stay behind the scenes, you can’t slack off. I believe in your ability. Since you have said that you want to create good music, I hope you don’t let yourself, let me, let your uncle and your family down. Do you understand?]

Ying Kai often scolded him, criticized everything, his shortcomings, his lack of heart, but Jiang Minhan had never been angry because he knew that he was so strict with him for his own good, and he worried about him because he was Lin Zedong’s nephew. Ying Kai had never talked to him so gently about his work, Jiang Minhan almost cried.

[Jiang Xiaohan: Uncle, I will work hard, and I won’t dishonor you. I’ll stick with the music I love.]

[Uncle poisonous tongue: Well, you can do it.]

[Uncle poisonous tongue: By the way, the drama that you filmed before cut off all of your parts because of the plot.]

[Jiang Xiaohan: …]

[Jiang Xiaohan: What the hell?!!!!]

[Uncle poisonous tongue: Anyway, you don’t want to be on the stage, they can cut it off, and you don’t have to feel bad about it. The drama was originally scheduled to broadcast during the prime time of the Fruit Television Network, but your uncle bought that time spot [smile].]

Jiang Minhan laughed, [Uncle, GJ!]

Director, dare to bully the Lin family. I don’t think you want to live, hahaha.

When the talk about business was over, Jiang Minhan suddenly remembered a private matter, [Uncle, I need to ask you a question ~.]

[Uncle poisonous tongue: You ask.]

[Jiang Xiaohan: How do you and my uncle balance your sex life? I tell you, my husband and I often do it several times a night. However, the next day, I can’t get out of bed. I still want to do it, but my husband won’t do it for fear of hurting me. But I want it very much. Uncle, do you and my uncle do it once a day or several times a day and then every few days?]

Jiang Minhan had sent the message long ago, but Ying Kai hadn’t replied. After waiting for a long time, Jiang Minhan was about to send another message when Ying Kai responded.

[Uncle poisonous tongue: Young people should be restrained and be careful not to kill others.]

[Jiang Xiaohan: …]

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