FLWY – Chapter 41

This chapter is NSFW (18+)

Jiang Minhan found that his uncle really wouldn’t give him any advice. He still needed to discuss this with his husband, so he ran to ask Ren Chenxi.

[Jiang Xiaohan: Husband, do you think we should do it once a day or several times a day?]

Jiang Minhan knew that Ren Chenxi had to perform an operation today, so he simply made several comments and expressed his opinion, he didn’t need to wait for Ren Chenxi to come back to do that. However, Jiang Minhan thought that it was particularly fun to flirt with Ren Chenxi via WeChat.

[Jiang Xiaohan: I think once a day isn’t enough, we won’t enjoy ourselves, or should we extend our time and do it slowly? It won’t do, I like my husband to fuck me to tears, or is it better several times a day? Anyway, we are young and healthy now, we won’t be able to do it when we are old.]

[Jiang Xiaohan: Husband, please think about it. I’ll listen to you. I’m going to write a song.]

When Jiang Minhan imagined Ren Chenxi looking at his phone after the operation, he laughed and then went to the piano room to write a song. Jiang Minhan’s house had three bedrooms and one living room. The master bedroom had a music studio, which was equipped with Jiang Minhan’s piano and guitar. Jiang Minhan’s songs were written there, and because it was a piano room, the soundproof of the room was particularly good.

Jiang Minhan was usually noisy and expressive, so he could easily evoke his emotions and get into the mood when he worked. As long as he entered the piano room and was inspired, he could stay there for several hours.

When Ren Chenxi opened the door, he didn’t see Jiang Minhan in the living room. The door of the master bedroom was open, so he guessed that the guy was still in the piano room.

Ren Chenxi changed his shoes, took off his coat, and turned on the warm floor at home. He hung up his coat, took out his phone from his pocket, and opened WeChat.

This guy had tried to kill him while he was performing the surgery. Those words, matched with the background picture set by Ren Chenxi, doubled the effect, which made Ren Chenxi leave work early for the first time. However, because he had been on the night shift the day before, no one thought there was anything wrong with going home earlier. 

It just happened that they hadn’t done anything in the past two days. It’s time to educate this guy tonight.

Jiang Minhan finished writing a piece of music and felt his neck was a little tired, so he put down his guitar and massaged his neck. While he was at it, the door of the piano room was opened, and his husband came in. Jiang Mihan immediately smiled, “Husband ~ why are you back? Is the surgery done?”

“En,” Ren Chenxi walked over, Jiang Minhan stood up and hugged him, “Did you spend the afternoon in the piano room?”

Jiang Minhan nodded, “I think so, I didn’t pay attention to the time.”

“Did you have lunch?” Ren Chenxi stretched out his hand, squeezed Jiang Minhan’s neck, and looked at him.

Jiang Minhan wanted to say that he was full, but when he was about to speak, his mind suddenly guessed the meaning of Ren Chenxi’s words, so he looked at him, stretched out his tongue and licked his dry lips, “The stomach is full, but… my behind is still hungry.”

The next second, Ren Chenxi’s lips were pressed on Jiang Minhan’s. Jiang Minhan opened his mouth and let Ren Chenxi’s tongue in. Ren Chenxi’s kissing skill was as good as ever. When the two people separated, Jiang Minhan was hard, and Ren Chenxi was no exception.

“En, husband, my nipples are itchy.” Jiang Minhan said with a smile, grabbing Ren Chenxi’s hand and placing it on his chest, “Kiss them.”

“Take off your clothes.”

Jiang Minhan wore loose clothes at home. Hearing Ren Chenxi’s words, he put his hands on the hem and took off his coat. Then he moved his chest and put his nipple in front of Ren Chenxi’s mouth, “Husband ~.”

Ren Chenxi covered the nipple on the left and touched Jiang Minhan’s shoulder blade at the same time. His touch was extremely sensual. Jiang Minhan couldn’t stand it, “Aha… Husband… Pants…”

Ren Chenxi knew what he was talking about, so he slipped his hand onto his pants. Ren Chenxi didn’t torture him and pulled Jiang Minhan’s pants down. Ren Chenxi’s hand touched Jiang Minhan’s smooth ass. Ren Chenxi thought at first that he had taken Jiang Minhan’s underwear together with his pants. He loosened his hold on Jiang Minhan’s hard nipples and lowered his head. When he looked down, his penis hardened even more.

Damn, this goblin didn’t even wear underwear!

Ren Chenxi held Jiang Minhan’s hard penis full of precum and kissed him, “Wife, why don’t you wear underwear, huh? Are you waiting for your husband to come back and fuck you?”

“Ha… Yes…” Jiang Minhan raised his feet and kicked off the pants hanging on his legs, then he bent his knees and rubbed his body against Ren Chenxi’s crotch, “Husband, there is no… aha… lubricant… in the piano room…”

Ren Chenxi extended his finger and put it in front of Jiang Minhan’s mouth, “Lick.”

Jiang Minhan opened his mouth and took in Ren Chenxi’s fingers. He stretched out his little tongue and licked Ren Chenxi’s fingers one by one.

Ren Chenxi’s hardness was noticeable, so he grabbed Jiang Minhan’s hand and placed it on his belt, “Help your husband take off his pants.”

“Uh…” Jiang Minhan still had Ren Chenxi’s fingers inside his mouth.  Hearing this, he wrapped Ren Chenxi’s next finger with his tongue and then reached out to loosen Ren Chenxi’s belt.

Jiang Minhan skillfully unfastened Ren Chenxi’s belt and pulled down the zipper. The loose suit pants suddenly fell on the floor, and a great bulge could be seen under Ren Chenxi’s underwear. Ren Chenxi’s penis pierced through the underwear and revealed its head.

Jiang Minhan reached out, placed his hand on the bulge, and touched it skillfully. Before Ren Chenxi urged him, Jiang Minhan pulled down Ren Chenxi’s underwear. Ren Chenxi’s hard dick jumped out and hit the back of  Jiang Minhan’s hand.

Jiang Minhan spat out Ren Chenxi’s fingers, “Aha… Husband… the back is itchy…”

Ren Chenxi lowered his head and held Jiang Minhan’s other nipple. After touching him for a while, he placed his wet hand on Jiang Minhan’s anus and slowly inserted a finger. No matter how many times they have done it, Jiang Minhan’s back hole was still as tight as before, but as long as there was enough foreplay, it would be able to accommodate his cock, and it would even lubricate itself, so lewd.

“Ah… Husband… Hurry up… aha… I want your… big cock… ah-ha…” Jiang Minhan pressed Ren Chenxi’s head and enjoyed the pleasure of having his nipple licked, but even if Ren Chenxi’s fingers were inside his anus, he still didn’t think it was enough. He wanted Ren Chenxi to come in.

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