FLWY – Chapter 42

This chapter is NSFW (18+)

“Be good, now.” Ren Chenxi let go of the two red and swollen nipples and straightened up to kiss Jiang Minhan, “Can you stand still?” The two people were standing in the middle of the piano room. Ren Chenxi was afraid that Jiang Minhan’s legs were soft.

Jiang Minhan muttered in response, “Can’t stand, you have to hold me.”

Ren Chenxi touched his thigh, “Do you like this posture so much?”

“I like it.” Jiang Minhan took the initiative to lift a leg and hook it around Ren Chenxi’s waist. Ren Chenxi pulled out the fingers inside Jiang Minhan’s anus and grabbed his penis, “Your husband is going to fuck your small hole.”

Jiang Minhan subconsciously shrank his anus, and then a liquid slowly flowed out from the depth of his hole, “Aha… Husband come in…” Jiang Minhan said as he tried to place his foot on the floor to give Ren Chenxi better access to his cave.

Ren Chenxi held his penis and placed it on the entrance of Jiang Minhan’s anus, inserted the head slowly, and then stopped.  Before Jiang Minhan could complain, Ren Chenxi suddenly held his other leg. Jiang Minhan screamed and reached out to hug Ren Chenxi’s neck, and his legs were tightly clamped. Because of this action, Ren Chenxi’s dick reached Jiang Minhan’s deepest point at once.

“Ah… so deep… aha…” Jiang Minhan was like a man floating on the water, and he could only cling to Ren Chenxi’s driftwood, “Ah-ha… husband…”

Ren Chenxi lowered his head and kissed him. He didn’t give him any breathing space and suddenly began to walk in the piano room. Every time he moved, Jiang Minhan would be lifted up by him, and then he would fall down again and again. Every time Jiang Minhan felt he was going to fall, Ren Chenxi’s penis would be deeply inserted into his little hole.

“Ah… husband… AHA… it’s so exciting… ah…” This was the first time that Ren Chenxi walked as he fucked him. Jiang Minhan was being tormented by this thrilling pleasure and was about to go mad, “Hmm… my husband is great… so deep… aha…”

“Good, baby.” Ren Chenxi walked around the piano room with him, “Did your husband fuck you where you were itchy?”

“Fuck… aha… husband…” Jiang Minhan arched his back in pleasure, but he still insisted on moving over to kiss Ren Chenxi, “Husband… husband…”

“I’m here.” Ren Chenxi kissed his lips and said, “Your husband is here, don’t be afraid.” This kind of posture would make the receiving party feel insecure.

“Uh-huh…” Having been assured, Jiang Minhan suddenly called out louder, “So good… huh… my husband knows how to fuck… aha…”

Ren Chenxi didn’t want him to ejaculate too fast. After walking two laps, he walked over to the piano, closed the cover, and put Jiang Minhan on it. When the hot body touched the cold piano cover, Jiang Minhan subconsciously shrank into Ren Chenxi’s arms, “Husband… cold…”

“It’ll be hot soon.” Ren Chenxi whispered to Jiang Minhan’s ear and then bit and licked his earlobe, which made Jiang Minhan forget about the cold.

“Aha… husband… harder…” Jiang Minhan put his hands on the black cover of the piano, tilted his head back, and revealed his beautiful neck, “I want to come… ah… husband… fuck me…”

Ren Chenxi let go of Jiang Minhan’s poor earlobe and licked his neck. The breath of Ren Chenxi talking was sprayed on Jiang Minhan’s fragile neck, “Okay, should your husband shoot inside you right away?”

“Good…ah… good… I want my husband… aha… I want my husband to shoot in…”

Ren Chenxi bit his lips and said in a low voice, “You love eating my sperm so much, do you want to give your husband a baby?”

“Hah…” The pleasure in Jiang Minhan’s lower body became stronger. “Well, if you can… aha… transform my body… ah… give you a baby… aha…”

“Good wife.” Ren Chenxi looked at him, “How can I make you bear the pain?”

“Uh-huh… I’m going to come… ah…”

“Do it, your husband will accompany you.” Ren Chenxi kissed him, and at the same time, his lower body moved in and out more than a dozen times. When Jiang Minhan ejaculated, Ren Chenxi did too.

When the aftermath of the climax ended, Jiang Minhan said, “It was good, but husband, my back hurts.”

Ren Chenxi picked up the man and sat on the piano stool. He touched Jiang Minhan’s back, which had some traces caused by the piano cover. Ren Chenxi kissed the corner of Jiang Minhan’s mouth and said with some heartache, “Baby, I’m sorry.”

“Actually, it’s ok.” Jiang Minhan hugged Ren Chenxi’s neck and rubbed his cheek against it. “It doesn’t hurt very much. Moreover, I like it when my husband fucks me.”

Ren Chenxi smiled and pinched Jiang Minhan’s nose. He looked over the piano and noticed that the two men’s semen were on the cover, “Can you play the piano in the future?”

Jiang Minhan followed his gaze and looked back, then he sighed and said, “I’m afraid I can’t. When I sit here and play the piano, I’ll think of my husband. What can I do? If I can’t write songs, I’ll die of poverty.”

Ren Chenxi said, “Your husband will keep you.”

Jiang Minhan moved his buttocks, “I don’t think I can repay you, so I have to commit myself to you. Officer, should I serve you again?”

“I’m obviously waiting for you.” Ren Chenxi turned Jiang Minhan over and let him lay on the piano to enter him from behind, “Your husband will fuck you a little more.”

“Aha…” Jiang Minhan felt that Ren Chenxi’s penis inside his back hole was getting bigger and bigger. The hot temperature of Ren Chenxi’s dick was burning his little hole, “Aha… hot…”

Jiang Minhan raised his buttocks, allowing Ren Chenxi to thrust in better, “aha… Husband…”

“I don’t understand, tell me.” Ren Chenxi held his waist and no longer made big moves but began to use some techniques, thrusting in deeply and touching several sensitive points when pulling out.

“Um… Husband… Itchy… aha…” Jiang Minhan was used to Ren Chenxi’s rough sex, where every deep insertion would reach his most sensitive spot. Now that Ren Chenxi was being so gentle, he wasn’t satisfied.

“Not feeling good?” Ren Chenxi stretched out his hand to touch Jiang Minhan’s nipple.

“Feeling good… aha… but not enough…” Jiang Minhan looked at Ren Chenxi, his eyes full of charm, “I want my husband to fuck me hard… ha… get to the deepest part of my anus… aha… husband…”

“Since my baby likes it so much, your husband will satisfy you.” Ren Chenxi stopped playing tricks. Anyway, both of them liked it rough,  so go straight to it.

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