FLWY – Chapter 43

This chapter is NSFW(18+)

There was nothing in the piano room. Ren Chenxi was afraid that Jiang Minhan would be too tired as he didn’t want him to lay on the ground. There was no carpet in the room, and the floor was too hard. However, Jiang Minhan’s legs were soft, and he couldn’t stand anymore, so he ended up on the floor.

“Ah… husband… go, go to the floor… aha…” Jiang Minhan looked back at Ren Chenxi with red eyes, “I can’t stand… aha… it’s too deep…”

Ren Chenxi saw that he couldn’t stand any longer, so he turned Jiang Minhan over. Because of this movement, Ren Chenxi’s penis reached Jiang Minhan’s deepest place and ran over his sensitive points. Jiang Minhan screamed and released a lot of sperm, which slid down and moistened the pubic hair of the two people.

“Ah… husband…”

Ren Chenxi gently kissed Jiang Minhan’s tears, and because the floor was too cold, he laid down and let Jiang Minhan sit on him, “Wife, be good and ride me.”

“No strength.” Jiang Minhan laid on Ren Chenxi’s chest and said in a coquettish way, “Next time. Husband, my legs are soft.”

“Baby, move, huh?”

Jiang Minhan unhappily bit Ren Chenxi’s chest. His legs were really soft, but he still sat up and supported himself on Ren Chenxi’s chest, “Ah… so deep…”

Ren Chenxi stretched out a hand and held Jiang Minhan’s penis, “Move, move, en?”

“Don’t touch it. I’ll ejaculate soon… aha…” Jiang Minhan regained some strength and began moving. He didn’t use any technique, he solely moved up and down, but this was enough to make the two people go crazy.

Ren Chenxi looked at Jiang Minhan, who was supporting himself on his chest and actively devouring his big dick with his small anus.  Jiang Minhan’s face was flushed, his eyes were red, and his appearance full of lust was all for Ren Chenxi.

“Husband… aha… I have no strength…” Jiang Minhan cried and said, “Husband…”

Seeing that he really had no strength, Ren Chenxi wasn’t willing to torture him any longer, “Wife is so good.” Ren Chenxi sat up and held Jiang Minhan’s waist, “Your husband will make you come soon, be good.” Then he elevated Jiang Minhan’s waist and pulled it down again, his penis thrusting in aggressively.

“Um… ah…my husband can fuck… aha… so good…” Jiang Minhan placed his hands on Ren Chenxi’s shoulders, “I’m going to come… aha… husband…”

“Shoot.” Ren Chenxi stuck out his tongue and licked the tears on Jiang Minhan’s face, which were a little salty.

“Ah… ah…” Jiang Minhan moaned and ejaculated, almost all of the sperm fell on Ren Chenxi’s body, but a few drops fell in the place where the two were connected.

However, Ren Chenxi hadn’t ejaculated yet. His endurance was always astounding. As long as he wanted, he could last for a long time. The time before, he shot so fast to accompany Jiang Minhan.

Ren Chenxi let Jiang Minhan recover. He stayed inside Jiang Minhan but didn’t move. Instead, he massaged Jiang Minhan’s back to calm him down after the intense climax.

“Husband,” Jiang Minhan held Ren Chenxi’s neck and softly said, “move, you haven’t shot yet.”

“Change position?” Ren Chenxi asked for his opinion.

Jiang Minhan nodded, “Ok.” Learning from Ren Chenxi’s actions, Jiang Minhan moved over and kissed Ren Chenxi’s earlobe, “I’ll lay on the floor, it’s ok.”

Ren Chenxi gently placed him on the floor, and then let him lay on his side, he didn’t even pull out his penis. Ren Chenxi raised one of Jiang Minhan’s legs and put it on his shoulder. Ren Chenxi was stuck between Jiang Minhan’s legs.

This position was a test for Jiang Minhan’s flexibility. Fortunately, Jiang Minhan had a healthy physical condition, so he wasn’t uncomfortable and let Ren Chenxi play with him.

Ren Chenxi held Jiang Minhan’s leg and kissed the inside of his thigh, “Your husband is about to move.”

“Good.” Jiang Minhan reached out a hand to him.

Ren Chenxi stretched out his left hand and intertwined their hands, then he began to move. Ren Chenxi had excellent waist strength. After doing it for so long, he didn’t look tired at all. He penetrated Jiang Minhan quickly and ruthlessly.

“Aha…” Jiang Minhan held Ren Chenxi’s hand tightly, “Husband… Um…”

Because of the posture, Ren Chenxi couldn’t kiss Jiang Minhan, so he had to keep talking to reassure him, “Wife, I’m here.” When they had sex, Ren Chenxi had to make sure that Jiang Minhan could look at him, kiss him or hold hands with him. Otherwise, he would feel insecure. Ren Chenxi knew Jiang Minhan’s little habits.

“Hurry up… aha…” Jiang Minhan wanted to hug and kiss Ren Chenxi, “I want to hug… ah… yes…”

Ren Chenxi’s heart was full of warmth. Although the new posture was great, he quickly gave up. He put down Jiang Minhan’s leg, let him lie on his back, put Jiang Minhan’s legs around his waist, and finally bent down to hold him, “Here’s your hug, be good.”

“Aha…” Jiang Minhan embraced Ren Chenxi as he wanted, then he looked up and asked for a kiss, “Husband…”

Ren Chenxi kissed him and began to move faster. After a long time, he finally shot out, and Jiang Minhan ejaculated once again. It was an unusually difficult thing to rely on the pleasure of the anus to ejaculate, as it depended on the skills of the top, the physical condition of the two parts, and the fit of their bodies.   Jiang Minhan and Ren Chenxi were unmistakably suitable for each other and fulfilled the three requirements. Except for the first time, Jiang Minhan next ejaculations were just from the pleasure on his back hole.

Before Jiang Minhan could complain, Ren Chenxi had already turned around with a person in his arms. Ren Chenxi laid on the floor and placed Jiang Minhan on top of him. Because Ren Chenxi’s penis was still inside Jiang Minhan’s anus, a bit of semen flowed out from the little gap and fell on the floor when they moved.

Ren Chenxi moved his lower body, and more semen leaked out, “Is my wife’s back hole full? huh?”

“Full.” Jiang Minhan leaned on Ren Chenxi and said lazily, “My husband is so fierce, my legs are soft.”

What a straightforward and lovely guy, Ren Chenxi thought as he let out his breath on Jiang Minhan’s head. Jiang Minhan placed his chin on Ren Chenxi’s chest, looked at him, and said, “Is my husband full?”

“Not yet,” Ren Chenxi looked at him and smiled. “No matter how many times I have you, it’s not enough.”

Jiang Minhan grinned and bit Ren Chenxi’s chin gently, “Let’s take a break and do it again in the evening, okay? I want my husband too.”

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