FLWY – Chapter 44

This chapter is slightly NSFW (18+)

“Aren’t you afraid of not being able to shoot?” Ren Chenxi stretched out his hand and pinched someone’s weak rod.

Jiang Minhan licked his lips, “I’m not afraid. Let’s take a rest and then do it again. “Besides,” he suddenly bowed his head and whispered in Ren Chenxi’s ear, “without sperm, can’t my husband fuck me until I pee?”

In the end, Ren Chenxi looked helplessly at the sky. Well, there’s nothing wrong with that.

Ren Chenxi sat up with Jiang Minhan on top of him, stretched out his arms, took off his shirt and threw it aside. Jiang Minhan looked at Ren Chenxi’s good figure and started to salivate. Ren Chenxi patted his ass, “Clamp, your husband will take you to dinner.”

Jiang Minhan clamped his legs obediently and then hugged Ren Chenxi’s neck.

Although Ren Chenxi had to carry Jiang Minhan, he didn’t seem to struggle at all and stood up with his hands on the ground.

“Ah…” With this movement, although Ren Chenxi’s member didn’t slide out, the fluids inside Jiang Minhan’s back door fell on the floor because of gravity, “My husband’s semen flowed out, you didn’t block it.”

Ren Chenxi calmly hugged Jiang Minhan and walked out of the room, “You can choose to let it flow or block it yourself.”

“Ah-ha…” Jiang Minhan hurriedly tightened his small hole. Just thinking about the appearance of sperm flowing all over, Jiang Minhan felt his body become hot and rubbed Ren Chenxi’s chest uneasily.

Ren Chenxi mercilessly slapped Jiang Minhan’s butt, which squeezed out more white liquid. “Don’t provoke me.”

“Who is provoking you?” Jiang Minhan mumbled and relaxed his small cave, letting the sperm flow down the gap slowly.

The two people walked all the way to the bedroom, leaving behind an obscene trail made of white little drops. However, the two of them didn’t care, and they were still happy about having sex.

“What are you doing?” Jiang Minhan looked at Ren Chenxi’s hand that was opening the wardrobe. He asked a little puzzled, “Won’t we do it again?”

“Feed the mouth on your face first.” Ren Chenxi took out a nightgown and sat on the bed, “Stretch out your arms.” Ren Chenxi was afraid of Jiang Minhan catching a cold after being naked for a long time.

“No.” Jiang Minhan hugged Ren Chenxi tightly and refused to let go. “I don’t feel cold in your arms. I don’t want to wear clothes, they hurt when they rub against my nipples.”

Ren Chenxi looked at him and didn’t speak. At last, Jiang Minhan could only stretch out his arms and let Ren Chenxi put on a loose nightgown for him, the kind with a waist tie. Ren Chenxi helped him and made a knot on his waist. The long hem concealed the place where the two bodies were connected, but it wasn’t able to cover the scenery in the front.  Even if Jiang Minhan’s stick was hidden, a little movement would be enough to expose it.

Jiang Minhan pouted his mouth. Ren Chenxi must be intentional, isn’t this even more erotic?

Ren Chenxi suddenly stood up. Jiang Minhan hugged his neck, “Won’t you wear anything?”

“I have you.” Ren Chenxi pinched Jiang Minhan’s ass erotically, “Go, let’s eat. When we are done, your husband will feed your little mouth behind.”

“Ah…” Jiang Minhan yelled, and the unfair treatment made him bow his head to bite on Ren Chenxi’s shoulder, “Smelly rogue.”

Ren Chenxi smiled and didn’t speak. He began walking to the dining area with Jiang Minhan in his arms, and when he looked down at the white trail left behind, his penis got hard again inside Jiang Minhan’s small hole.

“Aha… didn’t you say dinner?” Jiang Minhan moaned with a hot voice, “Don’t get hard.”

“Your husband can’t control it, you have to bear it.” Ren Chenxi lowered his head and kissed Jiang Minhan’s head. “Your husband will do you after dinner.”

“Ah…” Since Ren Chenxi’s member was hard, on the way to the dining room, it moved in and out in a small way. In the end, Jiang Minhan couldn’t help shouting, “Husband… aha… it’s rubbing… uh…”

Ren Chenxi couldn’t help it anymore, so when he arrived at the dining room, he directly pressed Jiang Minhan on the table a few times. Then he bowed his head and kissed him, “Stop seducing me.”

“Woo-hoo-hoo,” Jiang Minhan pretended to cry, “Who told you to be hard. It feels good, I can’t help it.”

“Want to eat,” Ren Chenxi looked at him, “or do I eat you?”

“Eat, eat.” Jiang Minhan kissed him fondly. “Take a break. Otherwise, how will I be able to spend the night with my husband?”

Shit, see if I’m not capable of fucking you dry tonight.

Ren Chenxi picked up the man again and sat down on the other side of the table. There was a takeaway he had brought when he returned from work. It was from a restaurant Jiang Minhan liked very much. Originally, Ren Chenxi wanted to heat up the food and then eat. However, seeing Jiang Minhan’s seductive appearance, he decided to hurry up and finish it quickly.

Jiang Minhan didn’t care, but he was sitting on Ren Chenxi’s lap with his back facing the table, how would he eat? “Husband, are you going to feed me?”

“En.” Ren Chenxi stretched out his hand and grabbed a bowl of rice, and then he placed some vegetables in the container. After that, he put the bowl in front of him and began to feed Jiang Minhan.

Ren Chenxi’s hard rod was still inside Jiang Minhan’s small cave. Jiang Minhan didn’t know how he was able to bear it. Every time Ren Chenxi moved, his member would move inside him, and sometimes it would touch his sensitive points, which made Jiang Minhan want to moan several times.

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FLWY – Chapter 43

This chapter is NSFW(18+)

There was nothing in the piano room. Ren Chenxi was afraid that Jiang Minhan would be too tired as he didn’t want him to lay on the ground. There was no carpet in the room, and the floor was too hard. However, Jiang Minhan’s legs were soft, and he couldn’t stand anymore, so he ended up on the floor.

“Ah… husband… go, go to the floor… aha…” Jiang Minhan looked back at Ren Chenxi with red eyes, “I can’t stand… aha… it’s too deep…”

Ren Chenxi saw that he couldn’t stand any longer, so he turned Jiang Minhan over. Because of this movement, Ren Chenxi’s penis reached Jiang Minhan’s deepest place and ran over his sensitive points. Jiang Minhan screamed and released a lot of sperm, which slid down and moistened the pubic hair of the two people.

“Ah… husband…”

Ren Chenxi gently kissed Jiang Minhan’s tears, and because the floor was too cold, he laid down and let Jiang Minhan sit on him, “Wife, be good and ride me.”

“No strength.” Jiang Minhan laid on Ren Chenxi’s chest and said in a coquettish way, “Next time. Husband, my legs are soft.”

“Baby, move, huh?”

Jiang Minhan unhappily bit Ren Chenxi’s chest. His legs were really soft, but he still sat up and supported himself on Ren Chenxi’s chest, “Ah… so deep…”

Ren Chenxi stretched out a hand and held Jiang Minhan’s penis, “Move, move, en?”

“Don’t touch it. I’ll ejaculate soon… aha…” Jiang Minhan regained some strength and began moving. He didn’t use any technique, he solely moved up and down, but this was enough to make the two people go crazy.

Ren Chenxi looked at Jiang Minhan, who was supporting himself on his chest and actively devouring his big dick with his small anus.  Jiang Minhan’s face was flushed, his eyes were red, and his appearance full of lust was all for Ren Chenxi.

“Husband… aha… I have no strength…” Jiang Minhan cried and said, “Husband…”

Seeing that he really had no strength, Ren Chenxi wasn’t willing to torture him any longer, “Wife is so good.” Ren Chenxi sat up and held Jiang Minhan’s waist, “Your husband will make you come soon, be good.” Then he elevated Jiang Minhan’s waist and pulled it down again, his penis thrusting in aggressively.

“Um… ah…my husband can fuck… aha… so good…” Jiang Minhan placed his hands on Ren Chenxi’s shoulders, “I’m going to come… aha… husband…”

“Shoot.” Ren Chenxi stuck out his tongue and licked the tears on Jiang Minhan’s face, which were a little salty.

“Ah… ah…” Jiang Minhan moaned and ejaculated, almost all of the sperm fell on Ren Chenxi’s body, but a few drops fell in the place where the two were connected.

However, Ren Chenxi hadn’t ejaculated yet. His endurance was always astounding. As long as he wanted, he could last for a long time. The time before, he shot so fast to accompany Jiang Minhan.

Ren Chenxi let Jiang Minhan recover. He stayed inside Jiang Minhan but didn’t move. Instead, he massaged Jiang Minhan’s back to calm him down after the intense climax.

“Husband,” Jiang Minhan held Ren Chenxi’s neck and softly said, “move, you haven’t shot yet.”

“Change position?” Ren Chenxi asked for his opinion.

Jiang Minhan nodded, “Ok.” Learning from Ren Chenxi’s actions, Jiang Minhan moved over and kissed Ren Chenxi’s earlobe, “I’ll lay on the floor, it’s ok.”

Ren Chenxi gently placed him on the floor, and then let him lay on his side, he didn’t even pull out his penis. Ren Chenxi raised one of Jiang Minhan’s legs and put it on his shoulder. Ren Chenxi was stuck between Jiang Minhan’s legs.

This position was a test for Jiang Minhan’s flexibility. Fortunately, Jiang Minhan had a healthy physical condition, so he wasn’t uncomfortable and let Ren Chenxi play with him.

Ren Chenxi held Jiang Minhan’s leg and kissed the inside of his thigh, “Your husband is about to move.”

“Good.” Jiang Minhan reached out a hand to him.

Ren Chenxi stretched out his left hand and intertwined their hands, then he began to move. Ren Chenxi had excellent waist strength. After doing it for so long, he didn’t look tired at all. He penetrated Jiang Minhan quickly and ruthlessly.

“Aha…” Jiang Minhan held Ren Chenxi’s hand tightly, “Husband… Um…”

Because of the posture, Ren Chenxi couldn’t kiss Jiang Minhan, so he had to keep talking to reassure him, “Wife, I’m here.” When they had sex, Ren Chenxi had to make sure that Jiang Minhan could look at him, kiss him or hold hands with him. Otherwise, he would feel insecure. Ren Chenxi knew Jiang Minhan’s little habits.

“Hurry up… aha…” Jiang Minhan wanted to hug and kiss Ren Chenxi, “I want to hug… ah… yes…”

Ren Chenxi’s heart was full of warmth. Although the new posture was great, he quickly gave up. He put down Jiang Minhan’s leg, let him lie on his back, put Jiang Minhan’s legs around his waist, and finally bent down to hold him, “Here’s your hug, be good.”

“Aha…” Jiang Minhan embraced Ren Chenxi as he wanted, then he looked up and asked for a kiss, “Husband…”

Ren Chenxi kissed him and began to move faster. After a long time, he finally shot out, and Jiang Minhan ejaculated once again. It was an unusually difficult thing to rely on the pleasure of the anus to ejaculate, as it depended on the skills of the top, the physical condition of the two parts, and the fit of their bodies.   Jiang Minhan and Ren Chenxi were unmistakably suitable for each other and fulfilled the three requirements. Except for the first time, Jiang Minhan next ejaculations were just from the pleasure on his back hole.

Before Jiang Minhan could complain, Ren Chenxi had already turned around with a person in his arms. Ren Chenxi laid on the floor and placed Jiang Minhan on top of him. Because Ren Chenxi’s penis was still inside Jiang Minhan’s anus, a bit of semen flowed out from the little gap and fell on the floor when they moved.

Ren Chenxi moved his lower body, and more semen leaked out, “Is my wife’s back hole full? huh?”

“Full.” Jiang Minhan leaned on Ren Chenxi and said lazily, “My husband is so fierce, my legs are soft.”

What a straightforward and lovely guy, Ren Chenxi thought as he let out his breath on Jiang Minhan’s head. Jiang Minhan placed his chin on Ren Chenxi’s chest, looked at him, and said, “Is my husband full?”

“Not yet,” Ren Chenxi looked at him and smiled. “No matter how many times I have you, it’s not enough.”

Jiang Minhan grinned and bit Ren Chenxi’s chin gently, “Let’s take a break and do it again in the evening, okay? I want my husband too.”

FLWY – Chapter 42

This chapter is NSFW (18+)

“Be good, now.” Ren Chenxi let go of the two red and swollen nipples and straightened up to kiss Jiang Minhan, “Can you stand still?” The two people were standing in the middle of the piano room. Ren Chenxi was afraid that Jiang Minhan’s legs were soft.

Jiang Minhan muttered in response, “Can’t stand, you have to hold me.”

Ren Chenxi touched his thigh, “Do you like this posture so much?”

“I like it.” Jiang Minhan took the initiative to lift a leg and hook it around Ren Chenxi’s waist. Ren Chenxi pulled out the fingers inside Jiang Minhan’s anus and grabbed his penis, “Your husband is going to fuck your small hole.”

Jiang Minhan subconsciously shrank his anus, and then a liquid slowly flowed out from the depth of his hole, “Aha… Husband come in…” Jiang Minhan said as he tried to place his foot on the floor to give Ren Chenxi better access to his cave.

Ren Chenxi held his penis and placed it on the entrance of Jiang Minhan’s anus, inserted the head slowly, and then stopped.  Before Jiang Minhan could complain, Ren Chenxi suddenly held his other leg. Jiang Minhan screamed and reached out to hug Ren Chenxi’s neck, and his legs were tightly clamped. Because of this action, Ren Chenxi’s dick reached Jiang Minhan’s deepest point at once.

“Ah… so deep… aha…” Jiang Minhan was like a man floating on the water, and he could only cling to Ren Chenxi’s driftwood, “Ah-ha… husband…”

Ren Chenxi lowered his head and kissed him. He didn’t give him any breathing space and suddenly began to walk in the piano room. Every time he moved, Jiang Minhan would be lifted up by him, and then he would fall down again and again. Every time Jiang Minhan felt he was going to fall, Ren Chenxi’s penis would be deeply inserted into his little hole.

“Ah… husband… AHA… it’s so exciting… ah…” This was the first time that Ren Chenxi walked as he fucked him. Jiang Minhan was being tormented by this thrilling pleasure and was about to go mad, “Hmm… my husband is great… so deep… aha…”

“Good, baby.” Ren Chenxi walked around the piano room with him, “Did your husband fuck you where you were itchy?”

“Fuck… aha… husband…” Jiang Minhan arched his back in pleasure, but he still insisted on moving over to kiss Ren Chenxi, “Husband… husband…”

“I’m here.” Ren Chenxi kissed his lips and said, “Your husband is here, don’t be afraid.” This kind of posture would make the receiving party feel insecure.

“Uh-huh…” Having been assured, Jiang Minhan suddenly called out louder, “So good… huh… my husband knows how to fuck… aha…”

Ren Chenxi didn’t want him to ejaculate too fast. After walking two laps, he walked over to the piano, closed the cover, and put Jiang Minhan on it. When the hot body touched the cold piano cover, Jiang Minhan subconsciously shrank into Ren Chenxi’s arms, “Husband… cold…”

“It’ll be hot soon.” Ren Chenxi whispered to Jiang Minhan’s ear and then bit and licked his earlobe, which made Jiang Minhan forget about the cold.

“Aha… husband… harder…” Jiang Minhan put his hands on the black cover of the piano, tilted his head back, and revealed his beautiful neck, “I want to come… ah… husband… fuck me…”

Ren Chenxi let go of Jiang Minhan’s poor earlobe and licked his neck. The breath of Ren Chenxi talking was sprayed on Jiang Minhan’s fragile neck, “Okay, should your husband shoot inside you right away?”

“Good…ah… good… I want my husband… aha… I want my husband to shoot in…”

Ren Chenxi bit his lips and said in a low voice, “You love eating my sperm so much, do you want to give your husband a baby?”

“Hah…” The pleasure in Jiang Minhan’s lower body became stronger. “Well, if you can… aha… transform my body… ah… give you a baby… aha…”

“Good wife.” Ren Chenxi looked at him, “How can I make you bear the pain?”

“Uh-huh… I’m going to come… ah…”

“Do it, your husband will accompany you.” Ren Chenxi kissed him, and at the same time, his lower body moved in and out more than a dozen times. When Jiang Minhan ejaculated, Ren Chenxi did too.

When the aftermath of the climax ended, Jiang Minhan said, “It was good, but husband, my back hurts.”

Ren Chenxi picked up the man and sat on the piano stool. He touched Jiang Minhan’s back, which had some traces caused by the piano cover. Ren Chenxi kissed the corner of Jiang Minhan’s mouth and said with some heartache, “Baby, I’m sorry.”

“Actually, it’s ok.” Jiang Minhan hugged Ren Chenxi’s neck and rubbed his cheek against it. “It doesn’t hurt very much. Moreover, I like it when my husband fucks me.”

Ren Chenxi smiled and pinched Jiang Minhan’s nose. He looked over the piano and noticed that the two men’s semen were on the cover, “Can you play the piano in the future?”

Jiang Minhan followed his gaze and looked back, then he sighed and said, “I’m afraid I can’t. When I sit here and play the piano, I’ll think of my husband. What can I do? If I can’t write songs, I’ll die of poverty.”

Ren Chenxi said, “Your husband will keep you.”

Jiang Minhan moved his buttocks, “I don’t think I can repay you, so I have to commit myself to you. Officer, should I serve you again?”

“I’m obviously waiting for you.” Ren Chenxi turned Jiang Minhan over and let him lay on the piano to enter him from behind, “Your husband will fuck you a little more.”

“Aha…” Jiang Minhan felt that Ren Chenxi’s penis inside his back hole was getting bigger and bigger. The hot temperature of Ren Chenxi’s dick was burning his little hole, “Aha… hot…”

Jiang Minhan raised his buttocks, allowing Ren Chenxi to thrust in better, “aha… Husband…”

“I don’t understand, tell me.” Ren Chenxi held his waist and no longer made big moves but began to use some techniques, thrusting in deeply and touching several sensitive points when pulling out.

“Um… Husband… Itchy… aha…” Jiang Minhan was used to Ren Chenxi’s rough sex, where every deep insertion would reach his most sensitive spot. Now that Ren Chenxi was being so gentle, he wasn’t satisfied.

“Not feeling good?” Ren Chenxi stretched out his hand to touch Jiang Minhan’s nipple.

“Feeling good… aha… but not enough…” Jiang Minhan looked at Ren Chenxi, his eyes full of charm, “I want my husband to fuck me hard… ha… get to the deepest part of my anus… aha… husband…”

“Since my baby likes it so much, your husband will satisfy you.” Ren Chenxi stopped playing tricks. Anyway, both of them liked it rough,  so go straight to it.

FLWY – Chapter 41

This chapter is NSFW (18+)

Jiang Minhan found that his uncle really wouldn’t give him any advice. He still needed to discuss this with his husband, so he ran to ask Ren Chenxi.

[Jiang Xiaohan: Husband, do you think we should do it once a day or several times a day?]

Jiang Minhan knew that Ren Chenxi had to perform an operation today, so he simply made several comments and expressed his opinion, he didn’t need to wait for Ren Chenxi to come back to do that. However, Jiang Minhan thought that it was particularly fun to flirt with Ren Chenxi via WeChat.

[Jiang Xiaohan: I think once a day isn’t enough, we won’t enjoy ourselves, or should we extend our time and do it slowly? It won’t do, I like my husband to fuck me to tears, or is it better several times a day? Anyway, we are young and healthy now, we won’t be able to do it when we are old.]

[Jiang Xiaohan: Husband, please think about it. I’ll listen to you. I’m going to write a song.]

When Jiang Minhan imagined Ren Chenxi looking at his phone after the operation, he laughed and then went to the piano room to write a song. Jiang Minhan’s house had three bedrooms and one living room. The master bedroom had a music studio, which was equipped with Jiang Minhan’s piano and guitar. Jiang Minhan’s songs were written there, and because it was a piano room, the soundproof of the room was particularly good.

Jiang Minhan was usually noisy and expressive, so he could easily evoke his emotions and get into the mood when he worked. As long as he entered the piano room and was inspired, he could stay there for several hours.

When Ren Chenxi opened the door, he didn’t see Jiang Minhan in the living room. The door of the master bedroom was open, so he guessed that the guy was still in the piano room.

Ren Chenxi changed his shoes, took off his coat, and turned on the warm floor at home. He hung up his coat, took out his phone from his pocket, and opened WeChat.

This guy had tried to kill him while he was performing the surgery. Those words, matched with the background picture set by Ren Chenxi, doubled the effect, which made Ren Chenxi leave work early for the first time. However, because he had been on the night shift the day before, no one thought there was anything wrong with going home earlier. 

It just happened that they hadn’t done anything in the past two days. It’s time to educate this guy tonight.

Jiang Minhan finished writing a piece of music and felt his neck was a little tired, so he put down his guitar and massaged his neck. While he was at it, the door of the piano room was opened, and his husband came in. Jiang Mihan immediately smiled, “Husband ~ why are you back? Is the surgery done?”

“En,” Ren Chenxi walked over, Jiang Minhan stood up and hugged him, “Did you spend the afternoon in the piano room?”

Jiang Minhan nodded, “I think so, I didn’t pay attention to the time.”

“Did you have lunch?” Ren Chenxi stretched out his hand, squeezed Jiang Minhan’s neck, and looked at him.

Jiang Minhan wanted to say that he was full, but when he was about to speak, his mind suddenly guessed the meaning of Ren Chenxi’s words, so he looked at him, stretched out his tongue and licked his dry lips, “The stomach is full, but… my behind is still hungry.”

The next second, Ren Chenxi’s lips were pressed on Jiang Minhan’s. Jiang Minhan opened his mouth and let Ren Chenxi’s tongue in. Ren Chenxi’s kissing skill was as good as ever. When the two people separated, Jiang Minhan was hard, and Ren Chenxi was no exception.

“En, husband, my nipples are itchy.” Jiang Minhan said with a smile, grabbing Ren Chenxi’s hand and placing it on his chest, “Kiss them.”

“Take off your clothes.”

Jiang Minhan wore loose clothes at home. Hearing Ren Chenxi’s words, he put his hands on the hem and took off his coat. Then he moved his chest and put his nipple in front of Ren Chenxi’s mouth, “Husband ~.”

Ren Chenxi covered the nipple on the left and touched Jiang Minhan’s shoulder blade at the same time. His touch was extremely sensual. Jiang Minhan couldn’t stand it, “Aha… Husband… Pants…”

Ren Chenxi knew what he was talking about, so he slipped his hand onto his pants. Ren Chenxi didn’t torture him and pulled Jiang Minhan’s pants down. Ren Chenxi’s hand touched Jiang Minhan’s smooth ass. Ren Chenxi thought at first that he had taken Jiang Minhan’s underwear together with his pants. He loosened his hold on Jiang Minhan’s hard nipples and lowered his head. When he looked down, his penis hardened even more.

Damn, this goblin didn’t even wear underwear!

Ren Chenxi held Jiang Minhan’s hard penis full of precum and kissed him, “Wife, why don’t you wear underwear, huh? Are you waiting for your husband to come back and fuck you?”

“Ha… Yes…” Jiang Minhan raised his feet and kicked off the pants hanging on his legs, then he bent his knees and rubbed his body against Ren Chenxi’s crotch, “Husband, there is no… aha… lubricant… in the piano room…”

Ren Chenxi extended his finger and put it in front of Jiang Minhan’s mouth, “Lick.”

Jiang Minhan opened his mouth and took in Ren Chenxi’s fingers. He stretched out his little tongue and licked Ren Chenxi’s fingers one by one.

Ren Chenxi’s hardness was noticeable, so he grabbed Jiang Minhan’s hand and placed it on his belt, “Help your husband take off his pants.”

“Uh…” Jiang Minhan still had Ren Chenxi’s fingers inside his mouth.  Hearing this, he wrapped Ren Chenxi’s next finger with his tongue and then reached out to loosen Ren Chenxi’s belt.

Jiang Minhan skillfully unfastened Ren Chenxi’s belt and pulled down the zipper. The loose suit pants suddenly fell on the floor, and a great bulge could be seen under Ren Chenxi’s underwear. Ren Chenxi’s penis pierced through the underwear and revealed its head.

Jiang Minhan reached out, placed his hand on the bulge, and touched it skillfully. Before Ren Chenxi urged him, Jiang Minhan pulled down Ren Chenxi’s underwear. Ren Chenxi’s hard dick jumped out and hit the back of  Jiang Minhan’s hand.

Jiang Minhan spat out Ren Chenxi’s fingers, “Aha… Husband… the back is itchy…”

Ren Chenxi lowered his head and held Jiang Minhan’s other nipple. After touching him for a while, he placed his wet hand on Jiang Minhan’s anus and slowly inserted a finger. No matter how many times they have done it, Jiang Minhan’s back hole was still as tight as before, but as long as there was enough foreplay, it would be able to accommodate his cock, and it would even lubricate itself, so lewd.

“Ah… Husband… Hurry up… aha… I want your… big cock… ah-ha…” Jiang Minhan pressed Ren Chenxi’s head and enjoyed the pleasure of having his nipple licked, but even if Ren Chenxi’s fingers were inside his anus, he still didn’t think it was enough. He wanted Ren Chenxi to come in.

FLWY – Chapter 40

Hahaha I love Ying Kai’s WeChat nickname! Enjoy the chapter.


Little bastard. Ren Chenxi squatted down in front of him, and Jiang Minhan jumped up happily. Ren Chenxi grabbed his two legs. “Hold tight.”

“Holding tight!”

Ren Chenxi stood up and walked to the stairs. It was only dozens of steps, but Ren Chenxi walked slowly one by one, Jiang Minhan obediently laid on Ren Chenxi’s back and didn’t speak.


Ren Chenxi opened the door with one hand, and Jiang Minhan consciously tightened his legs around Ren Chenxi’s waist, “Huh?”

The door opened, and Ren Chenxi went inside carrying Jiang Minhan on his back.

“I love you.”

Ren Chenxi closed the door, put Jiang Minhan down, and pressed him on the door, “I know.”

The two exchanged a sweet kiss at the door and then walked to the bedroom hand in hand. Although Ren Chenxi’s heart was teased by Jiang Minhan today, they overdid it last night, so he just took Jiang Minhan for a bath.

Jiang Minhan had teased his husband in the daytime, so he was well-behaved in the evening. Cough, he and Ren Chenxi would be together for a long time, there was no need to hurry.

The next day Ren Chenxi went to work as usual. In the morning, when Jiang Minhan opened his eyes in a daze, Ren Chenxi had to kiss him before he went back to sleep. After Ren Chenxi had kissed Jiang Minhan several times, he put on his clothes and went out to cook for the ancestor.

The two people lived together in this way. Everyone in the hospital had discovered that recently Dr. Ren was a lot gentler. Although he still spoke little and didn’t like to laugh, he wasn’t as cold as before. The little nurses were curious to death about Dr. Ren’s wife, but the handsome boy hadn’t visited again. If it wasn’t because Ren Chenxi looked so sweet, and the occasional dog food in the circle of friends, the little nurses would think that the two had broken up.

Jiang Minhan and Ren Chenxi had a good time in their home, but they still haven’t gone to Jiang’s house to have a meal. They hadn’t gone there yet because of some circumstances in the hospital. Ren Chenxi couldn’t get out of work, and he often was in the night shift. They only had time to make love every few days, let alone go home for dinner. Because of this, Lin Zeyue had called several times, but she also knew that the hospital was busy and didn’t say much.

Half a month later, Ren Chenxi was finally free. After two days of work, he could rest for two days. So he and Jiang Minhan made an appointment to go home for dinner. Lin Zeyue was very happy when she knew about it.

The day before the holidays, Ren Chenxi had to perform an operation, which lasted from three to four hours. Jiang Minhan had nothing to do, so he watched TV boringly. When he was halfway through the program, he suddenly received a message from Ying Kai.

[Uncle poisonous tongue: Did you watch the news?]

Jiang Minhan asked confusedly, [What news?]

[Uncle poisonous tongue: Linna is going to release a new album.]

[Jiang Xiaohan: Huh? So what?]

[Uncle poisonous tongue: You wrote three songs of her new album.]

Jiang Minhan replied coldly, [Oh, she has vision~.]

Ying Kai was probably annoyed by Jiang Minhan’s attitude because he didn’t say anything else for a long time. When Jiang Minhan was about to admit his mistake, he received Ying Kai’s message.

[Uncle poisonous tongue: Now the level of music is uneven, the reason why Linna didn’t release her album before is that she couldn’t find any songs she liked. Later, when I showed her your songs, she liked them very much and bought them directly. However, she didn’t buy the signature right and said that your name would appear as the composer of the songs. Jiang Xiaohan, do you know what this means? I hope you are ready for the next step. Although you’ll stay behind the scenes, you can’t slack off. I believe in your ability. Since you have said that you want to create good music, I hope you don’t let yourself, let me, let your uncle and your family down. Do you understand?]

Ying Kai often scolded him, criticized everything, his shortcomings, his lack of heart, but Jiang Minhan had never been angry because he knew that he was so strict with him for his own good, and he worried about him because he was Lin Zedong’s nephew. Ying Kai had never talked to him so gently about his work, Jiang Minhan almost cried.

[Jiang Xiaohan: Uncle, I will work hard, and I won’t dishonor you. I’ll stick with the music I love.]

[Uncle poisonous tongue: Well, you can do it.]

[Uncle poisonous tongue: By the way, the drama that you filmed before cut off all of your parts because of the plot.]

[Jiang Xiaohan: …]

[Jiang Xiaohan: What the hell?!!!!]

[Uncle poisonous tongue: Anyway, you don’t want to be on the stage, they can cut it off, and you don’t have to feel bad about it. The drama was originally scheduled to broadcast during the prime time of the Fruit Television Network, but your uncle bought that time spot [smile].]

Jiang Minhan laughed, [Uncle, GJ!]

Director, dare to bully the Lin family. I don’t think you want to live, hahaha.

When the talk about business was over, Jiang Minhan suddenly remembered a private matter, [Uncle, I need to ask you a question ~.]

[Uncle poisonous tongue: You ask.]

[Jiang Xiaohan: How do you and my uncle balance your sex life? I tell you, my husband and I often do it several times a night. However, the next day, I can’t get out of bed. I still want to do it, but my husband won’t do it for fear of hurting me. But I want it very much. Uncle, do you and my uncle do it once a day or several times a day and then every few days?]

Jiang Minhan had sent the message long ago, but Ying Kai hadn’t replied. After waiting for a long time, Jiang Minhan was about to send another message when Ying Kai responded.

[Uncle poisonous tongue: Young people should be restrained and be careful not to kill others.]

[Jiang Xiaohan: …]

FLWY – Chapter 39

Jiang Minhan yielded, “I’m sorry. Husband, I miss you so much.”

Ren Chenxi was going crazy, “Still flirting!”

Jiang Minhan said unhappily, “Who’s flirting with you? I really miss you, asshole!”

“…” This is killing me, Ren Chenxi sighed, “Well, I miss you too. Have a good rest at home. I’ll go back after work.”

“Uh-huh.” Jiang Minhan sat on the chair and shook his legs, “Husband, I won’t disturb your work, just hang up after one kiss.”

Ren Chenxi kissed his mobile phone, and Jiang Minhan did the same. After a long time, no one hung up the phone. At last, Jiang Minhan said he wanted to eat and hung up.

Ren Chenxi couldn’t help but open WeChat to look at the picture sent by Jiang Minhan. The call he made was to verbally educate Jiang Minhan. However, he didn’t expect to burn himself instead. Now he wanted to go home immediately.

Ren Chenxi saved the two pictures and set the first one as Jiang Minhan’s call display icon. Because of the format problem, he could only capture the upper part of the picture, which was just right; For the other photo, Ren Chenxi wanted to set it as his main screen, but later he thought it wasn’t proper. Ultimately, he arranged the picture as the background in the WeChat’s conversation between him and Jiang Minhan.

When opening the photo album, Ren Chenxi saw the picture of the two people’s kissing. Ren Chenxi thought about it and set it as the main screen. On the screen, the two people’s kiss was slightly enlarged. If he looked carefully, he could see the two people’s intertwines tongues. Ren Chenxi locked the screen with satisfaction.

This was probably the first time that Dr. Ren drove home in a hurry after being off work. He had been teased on WeChat for a long time. It’s a waste of time for him not to go back and make Jiang Minhan cry.

Jiang Minhan gave Ren Chenxi a key yesterday. As a result, when he opened the door, he saw a neatly dressed Jiang Xiaohan walking towards the bedroom.

When Jiang Minhand heard the sound of the door opening, he turned around. Before he could react, he was held in Ren Chenxi’s arms. Jiang Minhan embraced the other person, “My husband, welcome back.”

Ren Chenxi bowed his head and gave him a fierce kiss, “You have been teasing me all day, and now you’re dressed so neatly, huh?”

Jiang Minhan was shocked as Ren Chenxi hugged him tightly and let him feel his hardness.  Jiang Minhan couldn’t hold for long and laughed, “Husband, I really didn’t mean to. I wanted to welcome you home like that, but my uncle just came down and called us up for dinner, hahahahaha.”

Ren Chenxi just wanted to press the bunny in front of him, but his uncle was waiting for them upstairs. He could only release Jiang Minhan with anger, “Let’s go.”

Jiang Minhan looked at his crotch and asked, “Are you sure?”

Ren Chenxi finally couldn’t help it. He restrained himself and patted Jiang Minhan’s head, “Are you teasing me again?”

“Actually,” Jiang Minhan licked his lips innocently, “I can tell my uncle that I want to eat with you at home,” Jiang Minhan made particular emphasis on the ‘eat’ word.

Ren Chenxi told himself to calm down. He took several deep breaths in his heart before he grabbed Jiang Minhan’s shoulder and said, “Let’s go have a meal.”

Jiang Minhan obediently followed Ren Chenxi out of the house. He wanted to use the stairs, but Ren Chenxi was afraid that Jiang Minhan would be uncomfortable and insisted on waiting for the elevator.

Jiang Minhan’s smile didn’t disappear until he entered Lin Zedong’s house.

Ying Kai, who opened the door, looked at them and said, “Obscene, not looking.” Then he turned around and went in.

Jiang Minhan looked down at himself. He was afraid that if he wore tight clothes, his nipples would be uncomfortable, so he chose to wear a loose low collar shirt and a thick coat without buttons. Ying Kai probably saw the hickey near his clavicle.

Jiang Minhan blushed. It didn’t matter if Ren Chenxi saw it, but he was rather ashamed to let his relatives see it. Ren Chenxi was suddenly happy, and he stopped caring about Jiang Minhan’s teasing. He hugged Jiang Minhan and walked in.

After entering the apartment, Ren Chenxi wanted to give Jiang Minhan a cushion, but he noticed that there were already two chairs with pillows on them. Ren Chenxi walked over to the dining area with Jiang Minhan.

Jiang Minhan consciously chose to sit on a chair with a cushion and saw Ying Kai sitting on another chair with cushion.  After that, he looked at Lin Zedong and raised his eyebrows. Lin Zedong glanced back at him and gave him a warning look. Jiang Minhan immediately shut up. Although his uncle was good to him, he would be mercilessly killed once Ying Kai was involved.

The meal was surprisingly harmonious. Jiang Minhan looked at Ying Kai, his fierce uncle with a venomous tongue, who didn’t attack him during the meal and just told him not to be lazy at home. Jiang Minhan responded in a good way.

Lin Zedong had the heart to say a few words, but when he looked at Ren Chenxi serving dishes to Jiang Minhan, he swallowed the words. The feelings of the couple seemed very good, outsiders shouldn’t interfere.

After having dinner and sitting in the living room for a while, Jiang Minhan led Ren Chenxi away. Lin Zedong took them to the door and said to Ren Chenxi, “Follow Jiang Xiaohan to have dinner when you are free.”

“Good.” Ren Chenxi said, “Thank you, uncle.”

Jiang Minhan interrupted, “Uncle, now he takes care of me. You don’t have to worry about me starving to death. My husband’s cooking is delicious.”

Ren Chenxi smiled and didn’t speak.

Lin Zedong was speechless for a few seconds, then he angrily said, “Get out of here.” After that, he left the door directly. Jiang Xiaohan was really going to spit out all the dog food he had eaten before. It’s too much!

Ren Chenxi looked at the closed door and turned to see Jiang Minhan. Jiang Minhan smiled and opened his arms, “Husband, please carry me back.”

FLWY – Chapter 38

“It must be a prank!”

“But, the handsome boy came to see the doctor several times!”

Ren Chenxi said in a clear loud voice, “My wife sent it.” After that, no matter how shocked the group of old and young men and girls was, Ren Chenxi went straight to his office.

“Ah, ah, ah, ah!”

Listening to the screams behind him, Ren Chenxi smiled.

When Ren Chenxi arrived at his office, he decisively locked the door to prevent the busybodies from rushing in again. Ren Chenxi took off his coat and put on his medical coat. When he was going to patrol the ward, he took out his phone and opened WeChat. There were dozens of messages in the circle of friends. Ren Chenxi clicked in to see all the likes and comments on the post from last night.

Since he was already there, Ren Chenxi also took the opportunity to check what Jiang Minhan had posted last night, and then he saw Ying Kai’s and Lin Zedong’s likes and comments.

[Lin Zedong: Tut tut, showing off your love.]

[Ying Kai: Jiang Xiaohan, you stinky boy, delete it for me!]

What Ren Chenxi didn’t know was that Lin Zeyue had also replied to Ying Kai, saying that what to delete, how nice and handsome it was, and that he should also send a picture with Dong Dong. In the end, Ying Kai hid decisively.

Ren Chenxi commented on the post, but no one answered back. A short moment later, there was Jiang Minhan’s reply at six o’clock in the morning, his reply was ‘Mwah, husband’; Ren Chenxi response was ‘Mwah, darling’.  Then he went to Jiang Minhan’s chat and sent him a voice message, “Sleep well, when you wake up, heat up the breakfast. Your husband is going to patrol the ward, be obedient at home.”

Jiang Minhan wasn’t sleeping as expected and soon replied to the message.

“Go to work, husband, fighting ~. I’ll be obedient. I’m sleeping, mwah.”

Ren Chenxi smiled, put the phone on the desk, turned around, and left the office. When he closed the door, he met the head nurse who wanted to gossip. He directly shook the patrol book and asked, “Where’s the intern, isn’t he coming?” 

Ga? The head nurse swallowed the gossip and answered, “He is, he is waiting on the 5th floor for you.”


Ren Chenxi left without looking back, leaving behind the head nurse and the little nurse in the corner staring at each other. The handsome young man was abducted by Dr. Ren, and no gossip was given. Next time she must catch the handsome young man and ask for the news.

Jiang Minhan replied to Ren Chenxi’s WeChat and soon fell asleep. It was already eleven o’clock when he woke up. Jiang Minhan held his aching waist and went to the master bedroom to shower.  He looked at himself covered with marks in the mirror, he felt shy and happy and ignored a lot of aches and pains.

When Jiang Minhan was brushing his teeth, he thought again, ah, if only my husband was here, I wouldn’t be so tired if I could lean on him and have him hold me.

After showering, Jiang Minhan was too lazy to pick out clothes. He opened the closet intending to grab something random to wear. As a result, he saw the clothes Ren Chenxi brought home yesterday. Jiang Minhan pondered for a bit and decisively grabbed a big sweater. Ren Chenxi was taller than Jiang Minhan, so when Jiang Minhan put on the sweater, it reached his thighs and covered his buttocks and pink back hole.

It was very good. Jiang Minhan was too lazy to wear underwear, so after putting on the sweater, he walked to the kitchen to give himself a hot meal. Although his cooking skills were negative, a hot meal could still be done. What Ren Chenxi prepared for him was a simple and convenient sandwich. Jiang Minhan put the plate in the microwave and set it for a minute.

As he waited for the microwave to finish, Jiang Minhan suddenly ran to the master bedroom. His room didn’t have a full-length mirror beside the wardrobe like Ren Chenxi’s, but there was one in the bathroom.

Five minutes later, Ren Chenxi, who was eating in the cafeteria, almost choked on his own food and swallowed without chewing. Ren Chenxi’s face turned red from coughing. The doctors and nurses sitting nearby looked at him several times and wondered what the doctor was doing.

Ren Chenxi managed to stop coughing. He took a few mouthfuls of water and then stopped eating. After cleaning up, he went to his office and locked the door directly. Ren Chenxi sat down, opened his WeChat, and clicked on the picture sent by Jiang Minhan.

Jiang Minhan had sent two photos in a row. In the first picture, he was wearing his black sweater, which was long enough to cover his thighs. Jiang Minhan had pinched his waist and lifted the clothes slightly, but his pink and tender penis wasn’t exposed. The collar of the sweater was large, and one side had slipped down, which exposed some of Jiang Minhan’s chest. Ren Chenxi could see Jiang Minhan’s red nipple and some love marks that he left last night.

The second picture was even more overwhelming. In the photo, Jiang Minhan turned his back and lifted his clothes slightly. In the mirror, Jiang Minhan’s elevated ass and red anus could be seen. There were love traces left by Ren Chenxi on his buttocks and legs. The red and purple marks on Jiang Minhan’s body stimulated Ren Chenxi’s penis.

[Jiang Xiaohan: I got up, my husband. I didn’t want to wear underwear, so I wore your clothes~.”]

[Jiang Xiaohan: It’s all your fault. You were too fierce last night. My nipples and small hole are still hurting. There are so many marks on my body. I can’t go out today. QAQ]

[Jiang Xiaohan: I’m going to eat my husband’s love breakfast. Have you had lunch?]

Ren Chenxi just wanted to roar. He was eating! Being stirred by you, how could I still have the mind to eat ah! Ren Chenxi wanted to make a phone call, but Jiang Minhan was probably eating, thinking about it, he sent a voice message.

“I don’t know who was pestering me to do it one more time last night, I was also peed by my wife. Baby, you have to pay the price for seducing me like this, you know?”

When Jiang Minhan received Ren Chenxi’s message, he had already finished eating the sandwich. When he heard Ren Chenxi’s gnashing words, he couldn’t help but cover his stomach and laugh.

Jiang Minhan laughed for a long time, then coughed twice to calm his emotions, and he sent Ren Chenxi a voice message, “It’s me. Who makes my husband so good? I can’t help it ~.”

After sending it out, Jiang Minhan sent a second message, “Where am I seducing you? It really hurts. My nipples are still red now. It’s all your fault.  Besides, aren’t the marks on my body made by you? I’m just stating the facts, ok?”

Thirty seconds later, Jiang Minhan’s phone rang. As soon as Jiang Minhan saw the ID of the caller, he quickly adjusted his mood, answered the call, and at the same time, he said in a soft and waxy voice, “Husband.”

“…” Ren Chenxi felt that his desire was even stronger. He took a deep breath and said, “Baby, do you believe that tonight your husband will make that you can’t get out of bed tomorrow?”

Jiang Minhan listened to Ren Chenxi’s voice and screamed at the bottom of his heart, ah, my husband’s voice is so pleasant, but his words seemed to prove his innocence, “Oh, I was wrong ~. But if my husband wants to fuck me, I’ll let him do it. Who let me love you?”

“Fuck.” Jiang Minhan heard Ren Chenxi curse in a low voice, “Jiang Xiaohan, if you tease me, you’ll stir me up. Ah, I hope you are ready to cry again tonight.”

The author said: I really like the way Jiang Xiaohan flirts with doctor Ren hahahaha

FLWY – Chapter 37

There were some issues with my computer, which is why I couldn’t update the chapter earlier 😦 . Fortunately, everything is alright now.
Please enjoy!


“Call me.” Jiang Minhan frowned.

Ren Chenxi froze for a moment, and then he smiled, “What do you want to hear?  Goblin? Wife? Baby? Darling?”

“Call me wife!” Jiang Minhan quickly interrupted him, “Hurry up, call your wife.” Jiang Minhan didn’t know how other gay couples addressed each other, but he liked to hear Ren Chenxi calling him ‘wife’, and whenever Ren Chenxi did, Jiang Minhan didn’t feel like a woman at all. Instead, he felt that he loved Ren Chenxi more every time he called him that.

Ren Chenxi no longer teased him, “Wife, wife, wife, you want to hear…”

Jiang Minhan’s tongue reached into Ren Chenxi’s mouth. Jiang Minhan was a guy who didn’t know how to kiss before, but now he could easily arouse Ren Chenxi’s desire with his green skills. The two tongues entangled with each other. Ren Chenxi took the chance to bit the tip of Jiang Minhan’s tongue. Jiang Minhan was scared and shrunk his tongue a bit, but soon it moved it back to tangle with Ren Chenxi’s tongue.

Jiang Minhan opened his eyes, and Ren Chenxi could see that they were full of grievances. He smiled his heart and then licked the tip of Jiang Minhan’s tongue as compensation.

The two people’s breathing was getting heavier and heavier, but none of them wanted to retreat. Finally, saliva fell on the place where the two people were connected, and Jiang Minhan couldn’t help but turn away.

Although they were reluctant to part with each other, they stopped. Jiang Minhan was still young and had a strong sexual desire, but he understood. However, Ren Chenxi thought that if he didn’t restrain himself, he would die young.

This time Jiang Minhan was really tired. Ren Chenxi took him to clean up, and halfway through it, Jiang Minhan had already fallen asleep in Ren Chenxi’s arms.

When Jiang Minhan was sleeping in the guest room, Ren Chenxi was cleaning up the master bedroom, he had to bear the consequences of his own sins. He changed the sheets and quilt, cleaned the floor, and threw the dirty linen into the washing machine for washing. Thirty minutes had already passed when he finished.

Ren Chenxi saw that the single-seat sofa that didn’t have a sofa cover and wiped it with a wet cloth. At first glance, the stain was gone, but it was estimated that it would be there again in the morning, but there was no way to dismantle the couch. Forget it, Ren Chenxi thought, keep it. Anyway, it’s fun to put it in the room.

Ren Chenxi finally glanced at the bay window, walked over, looked at the blanket on it, and noticed that it wasn’t dirty. After that, he turned his attention to the curtains on the floor, they were really muddy. Ren Chenxi was too lazy to clean them, so he decided to replace them. In this way, Ren Chenxi picked up the curtains and threw them to the porch, thinking that he would take them down when he leaves for work tomorrow.

After making sure that everything was ready, Ren Chenxi went to the guest room. He had stayed outside for a long time, and his body was cold. He thought he would lay down for a while before holding Jiang Minhan in his arms. However, Jiang Minhan rolled into his arms just as he laid in bed.

It was probably a little cold. Jiang Minhan opened his mouth twice and mumbled, “Cold, I want my husband to hug me.”

Damn, he’s so cute.

Ren Chenxi hugged him, “Good night, sweetie.”

Ren Chenxi was in the morning shift the next day, so he had to get up at six o’clock.  He was afraid of waking up Jiang Minhan. His wife had always been very light, but after all, Ren Chenxi was holding him. When Ren Chenxi moved, Jiang Minhan opened his eyes, his voice hoarse as he called, “Husband?”

The head of messy hair, coupled with a soft but husky and sexy voice after the affair, made Ren Chenxi not want to get up. But as a dedicated doctor, Ren Chenxi still had to get out of bed. When he did, he leaned over and kissed Jiang Minhan, “My dear, I’m going to the hospital, you sleep a little longer. I’ll make breakfast for you, heat it up when you wake up, okay?”

Jiang Minhan rubbed his eyes and yawned, “I’ll take you there.”

“All right,” Ren Chenxi said, pulling down his hand with amusement. “Are you sure you can afford it? Darling, sleep more. I’ll come back at night to cook delicious food for you.”

These two past days the two people had spent all their time together, with Ren Chenxi suddenly having to go to work, Jiang Minhan wasn’t used to it, but he also knew that Ren Chenxi helped many people, so he couldn’t be willful. He said softly, “Then kiss again and go.”

Ren Chenxi thought that he hadn’t brushed his teeth, but he still leaned down and gave him a french kiss.

“Well, I’ll go out and make breakfast. You must eat it when you wake up.” Ren Chenxi rubbed his head, “Baby, go back to sleep.”

“En.” Jiang Minhan cutely closed his eyes. “Goodbye, husband.”


Jiang Minhan’s cute appearance almost made Ren Chenxi stay at home. Until he got into his car, Ren Chenxi was still a bit slow. Alas, people shouldn’t be too indulgent, or they wouldn’t be able to adapt to life.

Ren Chenxi thought so, but he still started his car and drove to the hospital.

As soon as Ren Chenxi entered the hospital, a crowd of people rushed towards him. Ren Chenxi thought that a major accident had occurred, and the doctors weren’t enough, so when he was surrounded by doctors and nurses, he intuitively asked, “What happened?”

“Great event! Big deal!” The director of the Department of Cardiology was said solemnly, and the nurses beside him nodded.

Ren Chenxi frowned, “It seems to be ok.” After speaking, he moved away from the crowd.

The head nurse accurately blocked the way, “Dr. Ren, it’s really a big deal!”

Ren Chenxi looked and her and signaled her to speak, so the head nurse asked under the eager eyes of the public, “Dr. Ren, did you share that post in the friends’ circle yesterday?”

“No.” As soon as Ren Chenxi finished speaking, a group of people began chattering.

“I’ll tell you!”

FLWY – Chapter 36

This chapter is NSFW (18+)

Ren Chenxi didn’t say anything. He just sat there, holding the person in his arms. Jiang Minhan’s anus had been shrinking and sucking on his penis. Not being hard would be strange.

Jiang Minhan bit his lips and softly said, “Although I’m tired, I can do it one more time.”

Ren Chenxi felt that he was going to be dried out by Jiang Minhan.

Jiang Minhan placed his legs on the armrest of the sofa and opened them widely. Ren Chenxi put his hands on Jiang Minhan’s legs and slowly began to penetrate him fiercely. The couch wasn’t very heavy, so it kept grinding against the floor as the two people moved.

“Ah… Fuck… Aha… So good…” Jiang Minhan didn’t know where to put his hands, so they could only hang powerlessly on the side.

Ren Chenxi saw it and said to him in a low voice, “Darling, hold your husband’s neck.”

“Husband…” Jiang Minhan didn’t know where the strength came from, but he reached out and hugged Ren Chenxi’s neck. After that, he raised his chest and rubbed it against Ren Chenxi, “Ah… my nipples are itchy… husband.. aha… kiss…”

“Good.” Ren Chenxi lowered his head and began to lick and nibble the closest nipple, making Jiang Minhan moan louder.

“So good… aha… husband, it feels so good… uh, uh…”  Jiang Minhan hugged Ren Chenxi’s neck tightly, bringing Ren Chenxi’s head closer to his chest, “Ah… husband…”

“Darling,” Ren Chenxi let go of his nipple and bit Jiang Minhan’s collarbone, “Your husband is here, darling.”

“Ah… ah…”

When he was about to climax, Jiang Minhan suddenly felt that something was wrong. An orgasm didn’t feel this way, “Oh, husband… stop… ah…”

“What?” Ren Chenxi didn’t stop at all but worked harder.

“Ah… Husband… aha… pee… aha… stop…” Jiang Minhan was tortured by the dual sensations of wanting to pee and ejaculate, and couldn’t say complete sentences at all.

Ren Chenxi heard his words and stopped moving. Just when Jiang Minhan thought that he was going to let him go, Ren Chenxi suddenly moved again, his movements even more aggressive than before, “What a good wife, shooting his pee on his husband, darling, pee, en?”

“Ah… Don’t… AHA… “

However, Ren Chenxi didn’t intend to let him go. Jiang Minhan couldn’t help peeing out, “Ah, no way… husband… aha… I’m peeing…”

Ren Chenxi lowered his head and kissed him, “Pee, baby.”

Almost at the same time that Ren Chenxi finished speaking, Jiang Minhan was done peeing, and the urine was splattered on Ren Chenxi’s chest while some of it fell on the floor.

Ren Chenxi couldn’t endure it anymore when Jiang Minhan subconsciously shrank his anus. Ren Chenxi released all his sperm inside Jiang Minhan’s anus, which stimulated Jiang Minhan’s penis and made it release a few drops of sperm mixed with pale yellow urine.

“Ah, ahhh!” Jiang Minhan covered his face. This time he was really embarrassed.

Ren Chenxi smiled and kissed the hand covering Jiang Minhan’s face, “What’s wrong, baby?”

“Ah, it’s all your fault!” Jiang Minhan covered his face and refused to let go. “You are the one who fucked me…  I want to die, boo hoo.” This was the first time he had peed himself, he was extremely embarrassed, okay?

Jiang Minhan didn’t let go, no matter how Ren Chenxi kissed him. In the end, Ren Chenxi had to reach out to pull down Jiang Minhan’s hands. Then he kissed Jiang Minhan’s red eyes and ruddy mouth.  Finally, he pressed his lips against his and said, “Baby, you don’t know how much I love doing this with you. You are so seductive and unrestrained in bed. I’m so satisfied that I was able to fuck you until you couldn’t help but pee after you had ejaculated.  Your husband loves you, you know? Will you pee again next time? “

Jiang Minhan didn’t speak and blinked at him.

Ren Chenxi had no choice but to kiss him again, “I didn’t lie to you. You don’t know  how proud your husband is to be peed by you.”

“Humph! You are not the one who peed himself.” Jiang Minhan turned his head and did not look at him, but his ears were red.

“Okay, okay, then the next time your husband will fuck you till you pee, all right?” Jiang Minhan’s red ears were so cute that Ren Chenxi couldn’t help licking them, which made Jiang Minhan tremble uncontrollably.

“It depends on your performance.” Jiang Minhan murmured.

Ren Chenxi moved his lower body, and the semen inside Jiang Minhan’s anus leaked out with the movement, falling on the ground and mixing with the pale yellow liquid, “Your husband’s performance isn’t good?”

How could Jiang Minhan, his body, not feel it? When he thought of that, he blushed, “Okay, okay! I’m tired, take me to the shower.”

“No,” Ren Chenxi suddenly picked Jiang Minhan up and sat directly on the floor. “I like my wife’s lustful appearance so much that I want to watch it a little longer.”

When Jiang Minhan turned his head to scold Ren Chenxi for being a stinky rascal, he accidentally saw the stain on the floor and couldn’t utter any words. He turned his head abruptly and scolded, “Bad guy.”

“You like it.” Ren Chenxi didn’t let him escape. He gently held Jiang Minhan’s chin and made him turn his head to look at the stain, “Good wife, look, that’s what’s your husband made you do.”

Jiang Minhan closed his eyes and struggled for a while before he reluctantly accepted the setting of being fucked till he peed. He suddenly lowered his head and bit the back of Ren Chenxi’s hand,  “Look, take a look.” Then he hugged Ren Chenxi’s neck and put his forehead against his forehead, saying, “Hooligan, big bastard…” After he scolded for a long time, he still could help but call, “Husband.”

“En, I’m here.” Ren Chenxi put out his tongue and licked his lips.

Jiang Minhan was amused, he laughed for a while and called, “Husband, husband, husband.”

“En.” Ren Chenxi continued to respond without feeling bored.

FLWY – Chapter 35

This chapter is NSFW (18+)

Huh?” Ren Chenxi put a hand around Jiang Minhan’s waist and touched it for a while. 

“I love you so much,” Jiang Minhan said with a smile. “I want to be with you all the time.”

Ren Chenxi smiled and touched the place where the two were connected, “From a medical point of view, It’s not good. You’ll damage your anus.”

“Hey, hey!” Jiang Minhan laughed, “I’m talking love words, you’re destroying the atmosphere. What’s more, I’m not talking about that!”

Ren Chenxi smiled and kissed Jiang Minhan’s hair, “Fool.”

“You’re the fool one.” Jiang Minhan reached his hand and held Ren Chenxi’s mischievous hand, “Husband~, let’s do it again.”

“Do you want it?” Ren Chenxi pressed Jiang Minhan’s lower body to himself.

Jiang Minhan nodded, “I want my husband to fuck my little hole, my little hole is so itchy.”

“Wife, how about going to the window?” There was a bay window in Jiang Minhan’s room. When Ren Chenxi first came, he wanted to press him there.

“Okay.” How could Jiang Minhan refuse him? “Hug ~.”

Ren Chenxi walked to the window with a person in his arms. Jiang Minhan held the curtains with his hands, raised his buttocks, showing the red hole with semen, and then turned to look at Ren Chenxi, “Husband, come in…”

Ren Chenxi rushed almost immediately and inserted his hard dick to the end. He held Jiang Minhan’s waist with one hand, while his other hand played with Jiang Minhan’s nipples.

“Aha… Husband…” Jiang Minhan’s hand unconsciously caught the fluttering curtains and grabbed them tightly, “Huh… so big…”

“Big enough to satisfy my wife’s cave,” Ren Chenxi smiled and kissed Jiang Minhan from his neck to his waist. “How do you feel, wife? Is your husband good?”

“Yes… AHA… My husband is wonderful…” Jiang Minhan was constantly pulling the curtains with his hands, and the curtains were constantly making a sound, but neither of them cared, “Ah… Husband… aha… I’m so happy… Ahh…”

Later, Jiang Minhan didn’t know what he was saying but unconsciously cried out his feelings. However, the more he did, the more Ren Chenxi couldn’t stand it, and the more ferocious his movements became.

The curtains grabbed by Jiang Minhan couldn’t bear the pressure, so they ended up falling down.  When the curtains fell down and enveloped the two people, Jiang Minhan and Ren Chenxi ejaculated at the same time.

Sperm leaked out of Jiang Minhan’s anus and fell on the floor, while the semen shot out by Jiang Minhan stained the wall, but no one cared. Ren Chenxi didn’t care about the curtains that fell on his body. He asked Jiang Minhan to turn around and kissed him in the dark, “My wife is incredible, the curtains were pulled off by you.”

Jiang Minhan groaned as he kissed him, then he said, “Isn’t it all because of you? It doesn’t matter, repairs are made by you.”

“All right.”

Ren Chenxi smiled, moved the curtains away, and let them fall to the floor. The moonlight outside the window spilled into the room, illuminating the two people’s lustful bodies. Ren Chenxi looked at the marks he made on Jiang Minhan’s body, and suddenly reached up to leave a new kiss mark on Jiang Minhan’s back, “Wife, you are so beautiful.”

Jiang Minhan’s face was red, and he didn’t know whether he was shy or because of his unfulfilled lust, “Don’t love me too much!”

Ren Chenxi turned him around and kissed him on the bay window, “I love you.”

Ah, ah, foul! Jiang Minhan hugged Ren Chenxi and kissed him back earnestly. Jiang Minhan’s waist was pressed against the window. When Ren Chenxi found out, he hugged Jiang Minhan and turned around, resulting in Ren Chenxi leaning against the bay window.

“Ah-ha…” Jiang Minhan turned his head and took a deep breath. “My husband, I’m tired.”

Ren Chenxi reached out and rubbed his head, “Take you to clean up?”

Jiang Minhan shook his head, “Hold me for a while.”

“Go to bed and lay down for a while?” Although Ren Chenxi wanted to do it again, he couldn’t and wouldn’t make such a mess of Jiang Minhan.

“Good.” Jiang Minhan answered but didn’t move. “I can’t move my legs. Husband, carry me.”  Whenever the two people made love, Jiang Minhan would become a boneless person. He could still kneel, but if Ren Chenxi wanted him to move, he had to hold him.

Ren Chenxi didn’t refuse, he stretched his hand to hold Jiang Minhan’s thigh and lifted it slightly.

“Ah, it slid out!” Jiang Minhan desperately shrank his anus. “Don’t pull out, don’t pull out!” He liked the feeling of being connected with Ren Chenxi too much.

Ren Chenxi had to slow down his movements, then he bent close to Jiang Minhan and picked him up with difficulty. However, his dick didn’t slip out. “Now, stay inside for a while, I’ll let you clean up later. I like it.”

“Okay,” Ren Chenxi kissed him on the side of his face. “I like it too.”

Jiang Minhan didn’t restrain his smile and proudly asked, “Do you love me to death?”

“Yes, yes.” The proud look made Ren Chenxi smile, “I love you to death.”

The bed was a mess. In the end, Ren Chenxi could only envelop the two people with a thin quilt. After that, he sat on the single sofa beside the bay window. Jiang Minhan spread his legs apart and sat on Ren Chenxi’s lap.

“Husband, you are hard.” After sitting down, Jiang Minhan suddenly said with a smile.